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Monday, February 20, 2012

As an aside

I'd like to offer my congratulations to the creators of The Simpsons on the publication of their 500th episode. I'd also like to warn them to keep their eyes on their rear view mirror, 'cuz we're catching up fast!


Anonymous said...

And it'll only take half the amount of time. lol.

Also, do you have any more from Dre and Anabelle?



Anonymous said...

hey red what about the dare rather than slingshot swimsuit be a public run with a microkini which is basically a leaf and 2 pasties held together by a thing clear string. or also have them go to the beach with a disolvable bikini (if possible). have them reveal themselves and then get covered up by a towel.

DaM (PS still await more of those wonderful POVs)

Anonymous said...

I'm digging the microkini suggestion! Make it happen Red!


ForfeitFan said...

Hey Red,

How about next time there are more than 2 girls playing a game, have the first 2 girls to lose compete in an extra game to win some extra cash.

Maybe take turns spanking each other, first girl to quit loses and the winner gets the cash. Or a clothespin game. Each girl puts 2 clothespins on the other girl, then 1 girl chooses something quick for them both to do (pushup, jumping jack, hug, etc) Then repeat the process. The girl who lasts the longest gets the extra cash.

I'd really like to see another clothespin forfeit if you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old news but I really liked the Mallory Courtney series that appeared on B-Sides. Two girls who really seemed to hate losing. Randomly drawn soft core forfeit cards (Two public exposure, two physically natured ones) I would definitely enjoy seeing this format done again.


RS said...

I have a suggestion that I've made before, but now that LostBets is your fulltime gig (is that correct?), you might be in a place to pursue it.

I think you should pay to have a booth at the Folsom Street Fair. You can have a booth with some sort of large-scale stripping game. You could have contestants standing (or sitting) on a stage with a large-scale "Wheel of Fortune" type wheel. They each take turns spinning, with options like Remove an Item of Clothing, Choose an Opponent to Remove an Item, Remove an Item of the Emcee's Choice, Swat etc.

Bring a handful of models, female and male. The models play the game alongside volunteers you recruit from the crowd. Make them sign a release and the usual 2257 I.D. stuff. It's amazing how even shy people can get into the spirit and wind up completely naked! You'll get a lot of footage that could be used in a series of clips, or a montage, etc.

Also, make sure there's a huge LostBets.com banner behind it. People in the crowd will be taking photos, and that will be extra publicity for your site if they get posted.

Folsom's sister, the Up Your Alley Fair, is smaller and tends to have more hard-core fetishists. UYA also tends to have a higher percentage of gay attendees. Folsom, in contrast, is ten times larger, gets more straight people (though lots of gays, too), and gets lots of college kids having fun rather than more hard-core types. These kids -- male and female -- often get dared into doing something they normally wouldn't do, especially if it's light on pain. (I'm amazed how many college kids are more willing to get naked in public these days, especially with all the digital cameras and photo sharing sites out there!)

You can also film some more hard core games with regulars (or others you recruit at the fair) at your hotel later. And San Francisco allows complete and total nudity in the streets as long as its not sexual.

Red said...

@E-Male: Gaah, I hope it doesn't take half asd long. It took The Simpsons more than 20 years to reach 500 episodes.

Dre and Annabelle (and Britney S) will be returning in Epsiode 269. Unfortunately, it's all I have of them, but they're definitely on my list of "try to get them back."

@DaM: Got a link to the particular kind of bikini you'd like to see? Googling for "microkini" comes up with a large variety. If you point me to a specific model, I'll get some of them.

And there will be more POVs on the way. Actually, I'm working on something fairly big that's POV-related. More details later.

@ForfeitFan: I like the idea of having the two losers of a game compete in a second, harder game, and I've done things like that in the past. I haven't done the sort of "first one to say uncle loses" thing that a few people have suggested, but I think it's a great concept and will use it. But I do have a problem with making the second competition be for extra cash, because then it might tempt the players to want to lose the first game so they could be in the second game and have a shot at the prize. I've never given the players an incentive to lose and don't ever want to.

As for clothespins, yup, I'd like to do that again too. As you saw with what happened to poor Marie though, it takes a very brave soul to risk having dozens of clothespins pinching her in sensitive places. I'll keep looking for girls willing to take the chance.

@JB: I'm glad you liked that series. It was a fun one, and I really liked the girls, and I'm not sure how it managed to slip through the cracks and end up on the B-Sides.

@RS: Well, the Folson Street folks say that they'll start taking applications for booth space in April. I'm keeping an eye on their website and I'll go for it. I've got friends in the Bay that I haven't visited in way too long anyway :)