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Friday, February 24, 2012

Slurp slurp slurp...

Boys vs. girls again, with a harder forfeit. I mentioned awhile ago that LostBets.com's been a bit focused on the softcore side of things lately. Hopefully this game (and a few more that are to come) will help restore balance. Last time this foursome met for a battle of the sexes, the penalty was spankings. And we all know what comes after the spankings, right? (At least, if we're Monty Python fans, we do.)

Here's a peek at what's on deck.

Episode 266 is the second (and last, for now, sadly) game where I was able to take advantage of the rare Seattle snow. Lumen, Fern, and Julie play the new game Dice Section while Kyle, lucky bastard, gets to talk. The winners get warmly dressed while the loser stays stark naked, then all four go outside, and the winners plus Kyle pelt the loser with snowballs.

Episode 267 is also the second (and last, for now, sadly) game with professional models Nyssa and Ember playing with amateurs Jessie and Chelsea. Like I said with the last game with these four, a fan had requested some pros vs. amateurs stuff, and I'd told him I didn't think it was likely before realizing that I already had filmed exactly that. In this game, it's a free-for-all rather than a team game, but they play to two losers and the winners get to fuck them with strap-ons. By pure coincidence, the game ended with one professional and one amateur loser, and hte pro winner fucked the amateur loser and vice versa. I personally found it fascinating to see the different reactions all four girls had: how an amateur fucks vs. how a pro fucks, and how an amateur gets fucked vs. how a pro gets fucked.

Episode 268 brings back the game of Earth and Fire, as three girls battle to try to force each other to orgasm. If you think that's hot, wait until you hear who the players are. Ashley's one. Kandie, sporting her new boobies, is another. And sweet Julie's the third, and if you haven't seen her gasping and flushing on the couch as two other girls work on her pussy, let me assure you you that it's not at all unpleasant to watch.

Got some pretty exciting stuff planned for episodes 269+ too... but you'll have to wait to hear about that. Enjoy.


Jack said...

Hi Red,
as you say you are going to get the forfeits a little more hc again, may I suggest the ultimate hc-game I would like to see, please. May be for episode 300, as some willing girls and boys will be needed for that.
I call it orgasm race. Have four girls and four guys play. First the boys play a simple game with the winner to pick a girl first, then the second picks one and so on. Then it`s the girls` time. They play a hard-fighting game for just one winner.
The forfeit makes the main course of this one. The pairs that were selected by the boys before get into sexual action. The winning girl has the choice: Getting an oral orgasm by "her" guy or get a relaunch of the ballbusting-forfeit we saw some long time ago.
The three losing girls first use their hands to give their boys a decent orgasm. The first girl to make him cum is out. The other two go down to their knees to get their boys a decent blow-job. The faster one is out then and the ultimate losing girl is fucked by her boy.
In between the boys should get a cold shower to start things up from zero again :-)
After all I have of course wishes for the participants. Ashley of course is a must in this one. Let there be another dark haired one (I would love to have Addie or Raven back), a dark-skinned girl (e.g. the hot one from the 9-player-game) and a cute asian girl, so that there is one for everybodys interest.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Finally the game of Earth and Fire I've been waiting for!


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for microkinis, I'd suggest www.bikini-beach.com. Click on the "roma" link on the left side of the page. I'd suggest the "number zero top" http://www.bikini-beach.com/roma0.htm and the "teardrop g-string bottom". http://www.bikini-beach.com/roma_tear-drop.htm If you do an exhibitionism forfeit with these bikinis, please make sure to have it be with a naturally busty model! These bikinis, although small, actually provide a fair amount of coverage on petIte girl that's flat. But if you put one of these suits on a girl like RyAnne... Watch out!!! :-). I don't even care if you have to rig the game to get a girl who's slim and naturally stacked into one of these suits. Being able to force a girl to be humiliated in public by being "naked" in public is HOT! With the slingshot bikinis we saw fake boobs, tiny boobs, preggo boobs... It's time for some big naturals on a girl that's slim and stacked!


Anonymous said...

Hi red, just watched the julie-fern-lumen in the snow episode 1 - all I can say is good job and WOW

and when I say wow - I mean - very rarely to you see perfect breasts so to get three girl with 10+ racks on the same shot is great.

Loved the episode!!


Red said...

@Jack: I gotta be honest, while your idea has a lot going for it and it's clear you put some thoguht into it, there are a few reasons why it'd be just impractical. Here are a few.

First, Clips4Sale's 1GB limit. This bit me in the ass for Episode 200, and it'd be sure to do it again with an episode as involved and long as yours promises to be. Also, if the episodes are too complicated, they invariably get screwed up. Not all of the talent are rocket scientists. Also, this game would require four male players, all of whom would be willing to get kicked in the balls if they lose. Hard to find, and likely to be expensive even if I can find them. I'm planning to spend more than average on #300, of course, but there gotta be limits. Ballbusting also has limited appeal. I've done it before and will do it again, but I'd really like the big milestone episodes to be ones that will appeal to everybody (or as near everybody as possible) rather than a niche.

But I'm sure there are parts of it that can be used. There have been a lot of great suggestions for Episode 300. I still haven't decided what I'll do, and time is getting short.

@Len: Sorry to make you wait so long. There's a reason why this one's publication has been so delayed, which I'll talk about in the next blog post. Hope you like it when you see it.

@Dave: Thank you, sir, I will order some. But while she would look ultra-hot in that number zero top, I think RyAnne would be indecent in the teardrop bottom. She's got quite a thatch to keep covered.

@Yoyoma: Glad you loved it. Like I said, it's one of my personal favorites too, thanks in big part to the A++ talent. More to come with all of them. (And I'll have more to say about Julie's fantastic breasts in the next blog post as well.)

Anonymous said...

If a girl has too much down-there-hair to fit in a microkini teardrop bottom, like Ryanne, then obviously, she or any other girl like her would have to shave completely! Something I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her or another equally slim-and-naturally-stacked girl do as part of the forfeit.


Jack said...

The ballbusting thing was just one way to get some punishment for the guys in (I don't need to see THAT, but anything that makes the game competitive what needs to see at least one girl win and one guy lose). With the male loser bringing the female winner to orgasm by tongue or hands, that might get easier. The 1GB-limit is a problem, I see. But why not making it two videos for a bargain price if they will sell good?
Don't want to talk you into something (which in fact I couldn't anyway) but I like that simultaneous orgasm-hunt idea pretty much.
By the way: Is it top secret what you pay the girls and guys for a game? Just would like to get an idea how much cost it. And maybe to know how much lottery-win I need to make my private lostbets-Europe thing ;-)
By the way: Have to catch up with your latest stuff and add some vids to my collection (Will I celebrate 200 before you get the 300?) after having been some time in countries where it wasn't easy to get private broadband connections for reasonable pricing...
And, of course, as said often, but not often enough: Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Red: I'd like to see your blog include comments about what's coming in LostBetsGame site. I subscribed for 16 weeks and enjoyed it. After you load a few more weeks worth of material, I'll sign up again. Any chance of a yearly membership rate?

My favorite episodes are Kandie doing a 69 and her performing a 3-way (with a strong orgasm on her part). And the forced orgasm episode with Lily and Auarianna is really hot (I'd love to see Lily lose and be totally abused by a black woman or a well hung male. I like Lily's hairy look - really hot).
SB Boy

RAJ said...

I love youtube. Did not get the Monthy Python reference. Checked it out on youtube. From one spanko to another, keep these spanking forfeits coming. You could have a game with 4 babes. The first loser
gets spanked. The second loser gives oral. The third paddled. No guys.

Anonymous said...

Dang, wish I didn't have to wait three weeks for the awesome Earth and Fire show. Oh well, things you have to do sometimes.


Anonymous said...

here's my suggestion for game 300.

it's vanilla. but it's really good vanilla. there's no sprinkles or syrup. it's just a bowl of fresh, dense vanilla bean ice cream.

4 guys, 4 girls.

the girls play a quick game of skill to pick a guy. they know there's a punishment for losing but it's a secret.

then you reveal the actions. the first girl gets pleasured. the second girl does mutual pleasure. the third girl takes it in the pussy. the fourth girl takes it in the ass. the first girl doesn't end up with a close up facial for winning. maybe the last two girls make out after the facials. i love that.

have an HD cam per couple but move them around to get different shots.

we wanna watch girls getting fucked. the end.

vanilla. fucking. ice cream. -D.O.M.

RS said...

I'm excited to read (in a comment on a previous thread) that you're investigating coming to Folsom Street Fair. I'm up to my eyeballs in OT work but next week I'll shoot you an email with advice and recommendations on what you can and cannot get away with in SF and at FSF.

Red said...

@Dave: Believe me, that would be my ideal: to have a girl too hairy to wear a micro-kini lose that hair first. But not all of 'em would be up for that. RyAnne in particular is quite attached to her bush (literally as well as figuratively) and it'd be hard to talk her into risking it.

By the way, I was bemoaning the atrocious online order form of that Bikini Beach site, when I noticed that they're actually in my neck of the woods. I'm going to go down there in person and do some shopping.

@Jack: Well, like I said, I think I can use at least parts of your ideas. I will keep you posted. I'd rather not disclose what the players get paid, which they'd probably consider personal and private, but I like to think that I compensate them generously. Compensation depends on a number of factors, such as limits and experience, and also what will make them happy. Guys get paid a lot less than girls... but several of the guys (hi, Kyle!) have been surprised and thrilled to be paid anything at all.

Welcome back to the civilized world, with inexpensive broadband, and I hope your time abroad was pleasant even without access to LostBets.com :)

@SB Boy: Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog about what's coming to the membership site, but the reason is that LostBetsGames isn't mine. (I really need a FAQ about this.) I make the videos and publish them in the clip store, then I license them to the folks who run LBG to publish there. I send them clips in batches of 20 or so, but it's entirely up to them what order they publish them in. I'll talk to them about maybe letting people know what's coming.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the forced orgasms. To me, there's a strong element of "loss of control" running through this whole genre: things happening to the losers that they're powerless to prevent. And there are few greater losses of control than having one's body brought to orgasm by gleeful onlookers while the poor loser can do nothing about it. More of those on tap. Also, I think Lily has mostly retired from modeling but I think she'd do it for me. And I know a few black women who'd be happy to abuse her. (Bringing in a well-hung male might be too much for her.)

Thanks for writing, and I'm glad you like what you've seen so far. By the way, if/when you decide to subscribe again, if you do it after clicking through the "sister site" link at the top of this page, I get a bigger cut of the subscription fee, which I'd appreciate. Just FYI :-)

@RAJ: Yep, hooray for YouTube. For anyone else who didn't get the reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtcSYPjJbgg

To be honest, I've always been a bit uneasy about the quality of the spanking videos I've done. I think some are good, but several are disappointing. The problem is that most of the players are nice, and many of them don't know each other, and it's hard to get nice people to deliver a really good spanking, especially to somebody they don't know. But I'll keep trying. And next time I've got four girls, I'll give your suggestion a whirl. Although the oral in the middle seems a bit out of place, and also potentially a problem: a lot more girls are willing to give/receive a spanking on camera than are willing to give/receive oral. How about instead of spanking, oral, paddling, something like spanking, paddling, riding crop/flogger/whip?

@Reno: Yeah, sorry for the wait. Like I said in today's blog post, the publication of this one was already delayed while I hemmed and hawed over 258. But it'll get here soon, and hopefully you'll find it worth the wait.

@D.O.M.: Believe me, you're not the first to ask for more hardcore, and specifically more good ol' fucking. There will be more, I swear it.

Red said...

@RS: Great, I look forward to hearing your input. Judging from photos I've seen of the Folsom Street Fair, and judging from some of the things I've seen Kink.com do on the streets of San Francisco, I'm assuming I'll have pretty wide latitude. Which will be great.

RAJ said...

Yes the spanking between strangers can be awkward but that can be good.
Julie was spanked once and that was hot. Being spanked for losing a game? Yes it is hot.