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Friday, April 13, 2012


Still way behind in blog comment replies, guys, and falling further back. Sorry, guys. I'll catch up, dammit.

This weekend is a doozy of a double-update, featuring two highly unusual episodes. First (and already published) is the first game from the party I've been blabbing about. Actually, the party hadn't started yet (we eventually had around 30 people) but the game is a good one, the players are boisterous, and the forfeit is hardcore. Enjoy.

Tomorrow we'll see the one and only game I've filmed with Bob and JC. As I said, it's an unusual one. I don't expect it'll appeal to everyone, but some will be very glad to see it.


Anonymous said...

The ten second preview at clips4sale is well worth looking at - great looking girls!

I saw a video lately where a girl lost a bet and had to wipe the snow off the railing of her patio deck with her bare chest. Excellent idea for a forfeit when it snows again. Hate to think how the guy had to wipe the snow off if he lost the bet!


Anonymous said...

Betty and Veronica what no Archie and Jughead. lol. Jack.

realnot said...

That shoot absolutely lived up to all the hype! Easily the best one yet, and I can't wait to see more. Seems like some of the spectators were getting a little excited too...

dac99 said...

Amazing episode, Red. Great job.

I find good, fun banter between the players is what makes for good episodes, and the banter here was great. The women are gorgeous and game, which of course is also important. Cherry is very strikingly pretty. Can't wait to see the rest of the games.

Anonymous said...

That was a good one! I really dig the girl with the short hair, hope she gets into some more action if you know what I mean.

I'd also be interested to know since it sounds like this is the first time being nude on camera for some of these girls...how the heck did this happen, where they'd just be like yeah sure, I'll risk getting fucked on camera, why not?

-Guy Who Knows Everything

Anonymous said...

Oh, but I don't mean to downplay the actual video, it was hot. The girl who lost seemed to really be into it, and everyone was just acting nuts. It was fun!

Red said...

Okay, so I'm still way behind on blog comment replies, but I'm going to start staying current right here in this thread. I still hope to get back to the dozens of old comments I haven't replied to. For now, though, I want people who post new comments to be confident of a reply.

@Gordon: Well, I hope the whole episode itslef was worth a look, not just the preview :) (were you Anon 4/14 1:55?) I'll try to do a "wipe the snow off with your tits" forfeit, which sounds hot (I bet her nipples were as hard and as red as rubies) but snow is pretty infrequent here, and snow that sticks long enough to do anything with is downright rare. Episodes 263 and 266 were flukes, which I hope I can repeat but don't have much confidence that I will. I grew up in Michigan and I have to say I don't really miss the screaming blizzards, but it does limit my ability to plan shoots with snow.

@Jack: Their names are purely a coincidence, I assure you, and should not be confused with any copyrighted fictional characters :)

@realnot: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and believe me, there is better to come. As for the spectators getting excited, you're right. Future games featured winners who, while watching the losers do what they had to do, got excited enough that they joined in. You'll see.

@dac99: Glad you liked it, too. And the banter was great and stayed great all day. This was an outgoing, fun-loving bunch. As for Cherry, I hope she took my suggestion that she read the blog and sees your compliment, I think it'd make her feel nice to read it.

@GWKE: Which girl with short hair? Cherry and Aubrey both keep it pretty short. But it doesn't really matter, because whicher one you like, there's more of her to come.

As for how this happened, you can give all the credit to Julie, who's friends with all of these girls and rounded them all up. My good childhood friend Mark was coming up from the Bay Area to celebrate his birthday. He'd never seen one of my shoots, and in a sense he's responsible for the existence of LostBets.com (more about that when Episode 279 is published) so it seemed wrong that he'd never gotten to be a part of it. I asked Julie if she could round up some folks to play games, she asked how many, I said, "as many as you can get." I actually had to tell her, "whoa, that's enough, stop" when she told me she'd lined up ten. As you can see, she gathered a great bunch. And it turns out it wasn't just Mark's birthday, it was Julie's also. So I'm glad I was able to make her birthday as well as Mark's special and memorable. (Johannes's birthday had been the day before. Everybody had been up nearly all night partying. Does it show?)

Anonymous said...

how many of this group had appeared naked on camera before, besides the veterans?


Red said...

@Shredder, I honestly couldn't say for sure, but I believe about half of the new players had some sort of experience in nude modeling before. Julie of course has had a long and glorious career at LostBets.com. Troy has appeared before, but never as a player, never sans any of his clothing. That didn't change in this game, and it won't in the next, but it will in the future.

Red said...

I've posted responses to everyone who was waiting for a response in the last blog post ("Falling behind"). I'll keep working my way backward until I catch up.

Anonymous said...

Julie always looks to me as an amateur amongst pros but a pro amongst amateurs, which makes her a great player in any game (even if not my favorite loser). In this game I had this feeling with her friends too. Clearly not inexperienced, but also not strictly pro. Did the loser have tears?

All girls are pretty in their own way and some strong peronalties too. Also , it was a winning combination of hard core and a group of spectators. It will be a great series.

Any chance of doing a softcore version with more girls like Lumen and Fern in a group and spectators?


Red said...

@AV: Yeah, Julie is really one-of-a-kind. As far as a softcore version, that's a definite possibility. Might be some time in the future, but it's a good bet to happen eventually.

Also posted responses in the blog thread two posts ago, "Meet the party guests." Slowly but surely...

Anonymous said...

Red, I was the guy who posted at 1:55, looks like it had gotten held up or something and posted way later than I hit the send button or whatever. The girl I was meaning was Cherry, I liked her a lot...but I had just wanted to clarify that while she was my preference, I liked Aubrey too. She did not get fucked for nothing! Well, as far as I'm concerned, I guess.

Anyway, all four of the players were cute and funny. Belle was RAELLY into the camerawork, I was laughing when they're all screaming at the people doing the screwing.

You know, that's what I like about this site. You don't really get good natured, funny porn. It's always trying to be more extreme than the others, or nasty or whatever. But it's fun seeing people getting fucked and having a laugh about it.

-Guy Who Knows Everything

Anonymous said...


can you get on of those. Im sure that would bring embarrassment up :). also hows the PoV games going?



would this count as a naked forfeit or a bikini ;)

hope my ideas help

(old post without a reply but my questions still stand) :)) PS great work as always red

Chicago K said...

I missed the window for group games, but here are a couple new picks for the future.

For a future group game, consider modifying the classic Survivor challenge where players guess the group's top response to a question about the group.

Of course instead of correct answers picking someones rope to chops, it's who removes an article of clothing. Each round gets 2-7 articles off so it will go quickly.

A similar format could come from this survivor challenge.

Instead of tiles broken, they could be darts at balloons (different colors for each player), or pitching pennies at cards for different garments like strip memory. As you see, unintended consequences happen if you miss your target.

The first works for 6-10 people who know each other already - and it can get personal. The second can go from 3 to 10 people depending on targets.

realnot said...

You know, one way to try to get some of the softcore performers to participate in some hardcore forfeits might be to invite them as spectators for a game such as this. They're not required to participate, but maybe after a few hot forfeits they won't be able to help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, ya that wasn't me. If you have a glass table maybe you could crush ice or make small ice cubes. Put the ice on one side of the table and mark a line in the center. The lady has to get all the ice on the other side of the line without using arms, hands, legs, etc. With a glass table you could film from underneath.

Hope you have an unfinished basement or a garage with your new house to film some wet and messy forfeits in.

As for the fucking machine you have, the bolt that works as an eccentric looks like it's made to have all four arms attached to it. In the film I saw you only had two arms attached and there was alot of space on that bolt - the two attached arms were really clanking away b/c of all that extra space. Maybe get some washers to shim up that space and then it could run smoother. If you're planning on buying another machine my vote is for a sybian!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see some F2m strapon work with Bob and JC. Hopefully there will be more risk of this as a penalty in future.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

Bought it. Lurved it. Red, you're so great to us. This is how a sex party should look. The only material I can cite is the shit in my own head, but you have a template fit and it's fantastic work. So frustrating that only 2/3 of the resources were allocated by the end of the video. I need to find out where that last 1/3 gets spent.

There's a brunette who shows up halfway through, when they're at the couches... I will pee my pants [or something like that] if she ends up playing in a coming game [I play those while I watch] -DOM

RS said...

Just downloaded "Battlestrip with Bob and JC." Haven't had a chance to watch it all the way through, but I've skipped through portions of it. There's a strange problem in portions of the earlier part where an unrelated video of Julie and two others superimposes over portions of the beginning. (Haven't noticed that happening later in the video, but as I said, I've only had a chance to watch bits of it.) Has anyone else experienced that?

Anonymous said...

i loved the updated with JC and Bob. More like that. Risky. I look forward a lot to the game with the 2 dommes.


Red said...

@GWKE: Yeah, Belle really got into it, and she was one of the best player/cameramen I've seen. Also you may have noticed that she says, "Sup? Sup? Sup?" a lot. She did that all day. I'm assembling a sup-reel that I'll publish after the series is complete.

@DAM, sorry I didn't get back to you on that sooner. The second one would certainly open the wearer to charges of indecent exposure if worn in public, and I have my doubts about the first one. But I did acquire seven incredibly tiny bikinis which I plan to use. Unfortunately, most of them were stolen by the girls in this very shoot. Game 2 was going to be fast-paced, so I invited the girls to wear as much as they wanted, and offered them the bikinis to add layers. Five never came back and probably ended up in the girls' bags. I don't really mind, the bikinis suited them well. And I still have two left.

@Chicago K, thanks for the ideas. I haven't seen Survivor in years. I'm definitely going to try to do another group shoot at some point. For one thing, we didn't get to Mafia/Witch, which I think has a lot of potential, or a couple of other games. I'll see about using these too.

@realnot, I know, and I've done it before. Seeing other people do something hot is what led Lily to risk girl/girl, and she's not the only one.

@Gordon: The ice-pushing idea sounds good, and I do have a glass table. I also have both an unfinished basement and a garage, either one of which might work for wet-and-messy. I've done one wet-and-messy forfeit in the new house (episode 271), but we did it in a bathtub rather than on a concrete floor. Finally, I'll try to tinker with the fucking machine, but I really think that the rotary action is just artificial. A piston-powered one will work better, I think.

@Rotten Rope, maybe. For one thing, it's tough to find a guy willing to literally put his ass on the line like that, for another, this is another area with niche appeal. But we'll see.

@DOM, glad you liked it... although "you're so great to us" says the guy who just shelled out $16.99. Thank you very much, as well as the rest of you, who rocketed this episode to #1 on C4S's hotlist. If I'm great to you, it's because you're great to me.

By process of elimination, the brunette you saw must have been either Starli or Violet, and either way, you'll be seeing quite a lot more of her. And don't worry, the remaining 1/3 was well-spent :)

@RS: It's not a glitch. The footage of the unrelated video is supposed to be on the TV set, which Bob and JC are supposed to be watching. We're still kind of new at this "special effects" thing, so apologies if the illusion wasn't convincing.

@swedishguy: Thanks, glad you liked it. My feeling on 273 was that many people wouldn't like it, but those who liked it would like it a lot. Like I told Rotten Rope, there may be more of this sort of thing in the fuutre.

realnot said...

By the way, girls like these would be fantastic for an orgasm denial shoot, don't you think? Maybe next time one of them has to wear a chastity belt while everyone else has their fun, and then has it ceremoniously removed at the end of the night while everyone watches.

Anonymous said...


The Strip Air Hockey game looks great.

Actually, I suggested Strip Air Hockey on your blog a while ago (6/16/11 to be exact) and while I am willing to concede that the game not having been played prior to my suggestion may have been due more to the lack of equipment then inspiration, that won't stop me from shamelessly asking for a free clip for the idea.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Red. Been buying clips from Lost Bets for about a year now, commenting for the first time. Never been disappointed by the site, and I have to say the first event of the big party is a winner. (Feel a little sorry for Aubrey, though; that was a heck of a go-round.) Can't wait to see what else is in store when the other clips are posted! Especially looking forward to the big 300.

— Big Sam

Red said...

@realnot: I'm still not quite sure how best to go about doing an orgasm denial/chastity belt game. You've probably already provided details which have slipped my mind, or maybe you haven't, but either way could you be more specific about what you'd like to see?

@Dex: Glad you like the air hockey game. The table will get used again this weekend, for episode 274. Then in 277, you'll see the other side of the table as it's used for pool. And sorry... I like to think that I'm fairly open-handed with the free clips, but air hockey wasn't exactly something I hadn't thought of 'til someone mentioned it.

@Big Sam: Welcome! I'm always glad to hear from someone commenting for the first time. Thanks for being a customer, and to say you've never been disappointed is high praise indeed, so thanks for that too. Don't feel too sorry for Aubrey, she knew what she was getting into (as did Belle, Cherry, and Devon) and she knew the risk.

Iain said...

This looks like a great update. Will be getting it when I can afford to get some again since finances are low right now

realnot said...

I think there are a few different things you can do with it. What I would love to see would be two women restrained and repeatedly teased to the edge of orgasm. First to give in and beg for her orgasm loses. Not sure if this would work, but with some women that would be torturous. A sybian would be great for this, but you could also use a hitachi.

If you don't think that would work, you could also just incorporate it into a game some way, like making it a forfeit or including it as part of the game. When you have a group of adventurous, very sexual people like last week's party, I think *not* participating might be a worse punishment than anything you might force them to do. For example, maybe for the first game of the day, the loser is locked into a chastity belt for the rest of the games. While everyone else is having fun, the loser has to watch and be frustrated by not being able to participate (or by giving all night and not receiving). Maybe at the end of the night it gets removed and they have an orgasm in front of everyone.

Or, you can include some teasing action during a game. Two women playing a game of concentration, each with a remote controlled vibrator or vibrating panties. The opponent has the controls, and each player is trying to distract the other while the game is going on. Winner gets an orgasm, loser is left frustrated.

realnot said...

For the last idea, the game where you have to use the blocks to spell words might be great for that. When it's their turn they have the vibrator turned on.

Regardless of the exact game, the point is that you're using her own arousal against her. Either to distract her from trying to concentrate on the game, or as a punishment for losing she's forced to be aroused but unable to do anything about it.

Am I the only one who wants to see this?

RS said...

Ahhh, that makes sense about the embedded video. Still haven't had a chance to watch it start to finish, but I'm sure it will make sense when I do. But I have skipped around to portions in the beginning, middle, and end. While it may not be to everyone's taste, I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

not sure where or how to report possible copyright violations.

Fred Lake


Red said...

Ah, shit. Guys, it has come to my attention that yes, there is a real editing glitch in 273, where the video of the Candy Passing game appears where it shouldn't. I've taken the clip down while I fix the problem. Anyone who purchased the bad version will get a free copy of the corrected version. Sorry about this.

ForfeitFan said...

I would love to see the following strip surgery variant: Have 3 girls who each wear vibrating panties. When it's her turn, the girl has 20 seconds to get her piece out. After 20 seconds, her opponent will turn on the vibrating panties. (You could also do this with just a vibrator, but it might be less of a surprise if she sees it coming.)

Also, I would really like to see the snow/ ice pushing game. As a variant, with 2 losers you could have them race to get their ice across first. The loser has to do 20 slow pushups with bowls of ice water below their tits.

And Gordon, if it's okay with Red, would you mind posting the vid you spoke of? Red, if my request is inappropriate, I apologize and withdraw my request.

ZeroGrav said...

The party videos sound awesome
Would love to see more of them
I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that hardcore is better than simply stripping. I have a request: I want to see Erica naked and preferably fucked/sucking/both. I love Latina women and would love to get a glimpse of what's going on underneath her clothes. The one game available with her didn't show anything. Thanks Red


Anonymous said...

Sorry ForfeitFan, it's on a subscription website.


Anonymous said...

Which episode is "Game 2" that has the girls in the microscopic bikinis? I'd buy that clip just for that. Also, when are the two remaining bikinis that weren't ripped off going to be put to use as a forfeit? Anytime soon? Warmer weather is coming your way, it's "bikini" season!


Anonymous said...

Red, just a thought. there is a website called Shapeways. If you can get somebody to do the fairly simple 3d modeling (I cannot) shapeways could actually manufacture (one at a time) copies of battleship game pieces unique to unit. Pants/skirt with five hits, shirts with four, something (imagination fails me) three, bra with two, panties with one.

Anonymous said...

Red, the shapeways comment was mine, -- Fred Lake (sorry, I forgot to sign in)

Red said...

@realnot: No, you're not the only one who wants to see that, because after reading that, I want to see it myself. I love games and forfeits where the player's own arousal is part of it: things like forced orgasms, orgasm races, and Earth and Fire. Usually it's in the context of a player struggling against being involuntarily aroused, but with a group like the Ten (I really need to come up with a collective name for them) where everybody's super-excited and horny, the concept of fighting arousal is kind of laughable.

I do have some concerns about workability when it comes to some of your suggestions, but I think I'll be able to incorporate orgasm denial in a future shoot.

@RS, see my comment of 6:10. Fucking oops.

@Fred Lake: What you saw might be legit. Some of my content is licensed for promotional purposes.

On the larger issue of copyright infringement, here's my attitude towards piracy of our work. I obviously wish that it didn't happen, that the people who pirate our work paid for it. They're expensive to make (the cost of the party alone would buy a fairly nice motorcycle) not to mention a lot of work, and I do think that we deserve to get paid for them. A little more income wouldn't hurt.

But there's not much I can do about it. If I find a pirate site, I can spend dozens of tedious hours and thousands of dollars in legal fees, maybe, and have it taken down. And then the pirates will find somewhere else to host the content, and the status quo will go on, except I'm out the time and the money.

So I shrug. There's no point in letting it make make mad; that'd just decrease my quality of life and accomplish nothing. Besides, I can't claim to be entirely innocent of copyright infringement myself, so if I complain about it too much I make myself a hypocrite. Thanks for the info (and this goes out to all the other well-meaning folks out there who've pointed out piracy to me over the years) but I don't need to know.

Now, I really like the idea of custom Battlestrip "ships", but I don't think I need Shapeways; Hippo has a CNC machine on which he can make nearly anything (like the LostBets.com paddles). And he can do 3D modeling. And if for whatever reason the CNC won't work… for years I've wanted an excuse to buy a 3D printer :-D

@FF, I'll see what I can do. Guess I need to invest in some vibrating panties. And I didn't have a problem with your request to Gordon.

@Khaos, here's the bad news. While Erica has expressed interest in posing again (and I do have more of her on film awaiting postproduction), she doesn't do hardcore anymore. Tragic that I missed my chance to film her doing it, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

@NOTORIOUS: The next game from the party (where some of the girls wore the microkinis as underwear) will be Episode 279. And the weather is indeed warming. I don't expect the bikinis will go unworn for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

We make 50,000 dollar software. We sell like 16 a year. When we heard someone in china broke our license crypto and was selling it for like, 500 bucks over there, we were like "wellp. there's no fucking way they were going to cough up for it over here." You're super zen. -DoM

ZeroGrav said...

Awww damn :/ Well, at the risk of annoying you, is there anywhere I could find her previous hardcore work?

Anonymous said...

LostBets shoots, LostBets scores! A Review of Episode 278 Strip Air Hockey by Krycek

Circumstances have only allowed me to view a handful of games in the past year but this one was clearly required viewing and inspired me to write a full review for the blog. It contains plenty of spoilers so be warned.

The Game - The camera layout was perfect. With both teams of girls stripping in the corner, it gave plenty of clear views. I loved the watching gallery being so close and in view at all times. I thought that only amped up the energy and clearly the girls had some nervous energy which was why the puck kept flying off the table early on. I’m a fan of nfcm/cfnm simply for the contrast it gives. And we got that quick with this one as Belle was naked in no time. So no wasted time before the game has impact. (It reminded me of Sara in ep179) But the best episodes are when the game dynamics not only create drama but provide skin for everyone. So once one team is naked, you want them to rally and turn it the other way and did it as Karma made Aubrey pay for her obvious goal guarding throughout with the loss. The rally was great and made the game itself very sexy and fun. Like with ep164 Bender, if you are just a softcore fan, stop the video here and you’ve got your money’s worth and then some. Pause at 11:53 for a great final shot.

The Players - All the girls are gorgeous. And the loser Aubrey did not disappoint. I’m a traditional guy so no tattoos and the landing strip made her a 10 in my book. Also the rear views of Belle were amazing during the game. She’s a real firecracker. I’ll have more to say on her later. But I’m very interested in seeing all of them in later games. Like one poster said, Starli makes her first cameo at like the 5:30 mark, and I’m like “Wow! Why isn’t she playing!” I’m a sucker for hair like that. She was getting up close in the forfeit, hopefully a great teaser for things to come…

Anonymous said...

The Forfeit – I liked the uncertainty at the beginning, it gave it a good tension. The gallery got warmed up and took over and we were off. I liked the fact that girls stayed naked and that they watched. It really put pressure on the guys with a “if you want some sex, get naked for all to see.” Belle’s coaching pushed the energy and excitement. The highlight was about the 23 minute when the penetration started. The look on Aubrey’s face changed and it was banging. The highlight of all highlights was at the 29 minute mark. While it is a classic porn position, it is clearly the most revealing and actually very flattering to most girls figures. Pause at 29:21 and Aubrey is fully exposed spread eagle, dick inside and dick in mouth and that’s perfection. My complaint with masturbation forfeits is the hand getting in the way of our view and so in this position, there is no obscuring anything. This position should be required in all sex forfeits. Throughout the forfeit you could see the gallery inching closer and there are a great shots at 34:40 with Starli watching the sex from about 18 inches and again at 38:03. The “jelly donut” finale added a light touch to what was some serious banging earlier.

Final Summary - I’ve been around since episode 1 and this is the peak so far of the LostBets work. It mixed the gallery and semi-public nudity from ep134 Cutthroat (personal fave and underrated game), the magnitude of ep164 Bender, and the party spirit of ep200 and combined them in a Sex Party Gang Bang of fun. What you capture in this is a sense of realism lost in the pro stuff. While most of us have never been a part of anything like this, we’ve dreamed of it or been close, usually in college. And in my experience, it was usually someone like Belle that was the catalyst. The person that said “Hey! Let’s go skinny dipping!” or “I’ll strip if you win this” and that pushed the party limits over the line to something awesome. And she and Julie clearly provided that in this to make it truly epic.

So to everyone at LostBets.com, AGAIN you’re great at making something that’s much closer to real, captures the anticipation, the embarrassment, and the excitement of both games and sex. This is the best you’ve done so far. Keep up the good work, we’re all counting on you. Krycek

Red said...

@ZeroGrav: I don't know, but I will ask her.

@Krycek: Thank you so much for the glowing review. We had a great time making 278, which was as much fun to make as it was to watch. I'll write more about that crazy day in a future post. And there's more from that day to come, currently scheduled to be episodes 279, 285, 290, and 300. And I don't think that 278 is necessarily the best of these.

ZeroGrav said...

Did you find out Red? Thanks for your time

ZeroGrav said...

Did you find out Red? Thanks for your time

ZeroGrav said...

Did you find out Red? Thanks for your time