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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling behind

Once again I've fallen far behind on blog replies. Apologies. Still planning to catch up.

One of the things that's kept me occupied is managing the footage from the party a couple of weeks ago. The first game is through editing, the second is almost done. Here's some more details about the party: the players consisted of Julie and nine of her friends, who rode a limo up from Portland for the occasion. Pretty much all Julie told them about LostBets.com is that we play sexy games. These folks are uninhibited and eager, and they showed up loaded for bear and ready to get freaky. Expect a lot of wild stuff. Don't expect a whole lot of shyness, blushing, or embarrassment. Do expect to see the first game very soon.

Episode 272 published last weekend, to a fairly mediocre response. Guess I still haven't gotten this foot thing quite right yet.

Exciting stuff coming up, as follows:

Episode 273 introduces Bob and JC. Bob thinks he's psychic, and attempts to prove it by challenging JC to a game of Battlestrip, loser submits to whatever the winner wants. Things may or may not go according to plan...

Episode 274 introduces Veronica and Betty, who I posted promos of a couple of weeks ago. They're two young lesbians, with Veronica being a friend of Casper's girlfriend Stella. They play the first (but definitely not the last) game of Strip Air Hockey on our new table, with the loser masturbating for us.

Episode 275 is the last one from the shoot with Julie, Ashley, and Kandie, and it's a doozy. Strip Memory is the name of the game, and they play to two losers. The losers get to enjoy sex with our fucking machine, both of them simultaneously.

Episode 276 fulfills a request I got long ago, with new players Kendra and Natalie playing Strip Blackjack. Both ladies are dommes. Both are mistresses. But one will be the other's bitch, after losing the game, her clothes, and her dignity. I asked them to bring various gadgets that they'd like to use on the loser if they won. They obliged.

Episode 277 brings back Betty and Veronica, this time playing pool. It's an exciting game that goes down to the wire. This time, instead of having to masturbate for the winners, the loser gets to sit back and relax, while the winner masturbates her using the massager. Oh, and she's hogtied. Turns out lesbians are pretty good with the massager. And they enjoy using it, too, as I found out when the winner asked "how long should I do this?" and I answered "however long you'd like."

Episode 278, finally, brings us to the first game from the party: four-player Strip Air Hockey with Aubrey, Belle, Cherry, and Devon. The loser is the star attraction in a 3-on-1 gangbang. Now, before you do the math and shout, "Wait a minute! We have to wait 'til mid-May for this?", no, you don't. 278 will be published this coming Saturday as part of a double-update weekend. Yes, I'm publishing it out of order. I'm just really eager to share this with the world.

Episode 279 brings all seven of the party girls to play Strip Spinner, which is sort of like spin-the-bottle but with a spinner instead. I've heard the criticism that spin-the-bottle isn't really fair, since it's not always clear which player the bottle points to, nor that each player has an equal chance of losing, so I had Hippo make me a spinner with seven segments, each subtending an arc of precisely 51.42°. Let nobody say this game wasn't fair.

At least for the spinning part. Since it's such a fast-paced game, I told the ladies to wear as many pieces of clothing as they wanted... but that any footwear (shoes, pantyhose, stockings, etc.) had to come off last. And a girl wasn't out of the game when naked, she was out if she lost again while naked. If you do the math on that one, you'll find out that any girl's chance of escaping with all her naughty bits covered were very slim indeed. Unfair? Maybe, but again, none of these girls was actually in dread of losing. The two losers put on a birthday surprise for my friend Mark... but more about that as the time approaches.

Really good stuff coming up. Hope you like it, and I do plan to catch up on blog comment replies in the near future.


Anonymous said...

can't wait for the party games.

Also, on an unrelated note, when are the other games with Lumen being published. I know you have a plan already set out for the near future, and I know that the forfeits are not hardcore but she is one of my new favorites.

Sorry if this puts you one more behind on answering blog posts.


Anonymous said...

good things to look forward to.

Still figuring out the system. I guess these will be in the clipstore and not on the paysite for months?

Ozgreg said...


Sorry to hear your last clip did not go well.. I am not a fan of larger girls nor do I have a foot fetish so your last clip was a bit of a double no for me but I am looking forward to the next few weeks of postings..

Thanks for keeping us updated..

Anonymous said...

Definitely want more hardcore forfeits.


Anonymous said...

Pet Peeve:girls who pull their bras and panties out from under their clothes and end up showing nothing.

Anonymous said...

276 sounds good, I'll be getting that. Hopefully there will be some spanking involved.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

Plz pictures of the 4 new players. JC, the guy, and the dommes


Anonymous said...

Now, if you really want build some marketing buzz, have the next loser being photographed naked in different poses holding a piece of paper where you write an advertising slogan like: "I lost all my clothes at lostbets.com" or
"I gave my last shirt at lostbets.com."
Then you should publish the photos on free porn sites in the internet.

for example


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

The main problem with using foot fetish forfeits is when the participants think it's funny rather than sexy or embarrassing.

I once had a female friend who was an avid foot fetishist. She wasn't so much into foot worship where a partner would worship her feet (like we've seen on LostBets thus far), she preferred to have the feet play an intricate part in the act of sex. For example, she'd prefer to give a foot job rather than a hand job. She loved to rub the soles of her feet and her toes all over her partners. She also told me that she liked to stick her toes into any available opening of her girl friends and she loved to receive in kind.

So you might consider something along those lines to satisfy those who would like foot fetish forfeits. Maybe something like having the loser get off on the foot (feet) of the winner(s)... or allow the winner(s) to go around-the-world footwise on the loser.

Just a suggestion, of course. I don't know how the players would like these suggestions but I think they'd go over better with the viewers than the current foot worship forfeits.


Anonymous said...

hey Red,
can you tell us how the idea for this party came to be?

did you tell Julie "hey, round up some buds and lets play a nite of games."

or was there more to it than that?

did anybody get fucked for the camera, like M/F style, that nite?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see more hardcore forfeits. Watching a girl wear a skimpy outfit in a bar is not my idea of a turnon.

Nervous looks are helpful, but if the girls' are not modest about losing their clothes, then some genuine bantering is sexy.

Personality makes the game interesting and the forfeit exciting.

SB Boy

RS said...

As someone who encouraged you to cast Troy in a game where he was at risk of losing, I'm very much looking forward to the video(s) where he appears.

Julie seems like someone who would be fun to be friends with.

Anonymous said...

This blog/site is boring anymore. There is no more hardcore videos and updates are severly lacking...yawn!!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited about 276, sounds like it could be a really great video.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon from April 13 at 11:49 AM...what site are YOU following? Cause he just posted a hardcore forfeit and he's been talking about a ton of others. Unless you were being sarcastic, but if you were you didn't pull it off.

Guy Who Knows Everything

Red said...

Sorry to everyone for making you wait for a reply.

@E-Male, I hope the first party game lived up to your expectations. And it's true that I've failed to include a lot of Lumen in the immediate future, but believe me there's plenty more of her to come, I believe I have at least ten games featuring her (some alongside Salem, some with Fern) awaiting editing. She'll next appear in Episode 280, and I'll try not to make the wait between Lumen episodes so long in the future.

@Anon 4:07: Welcome, and I'm sorry I took so long to get to your question. You're welcome to post without registering for a Google account, but if you're posting anonymously, please sign your posts. As you may have gathered, the numbering system follows the clip store (ignore the out-of-order publication of 278) while the paysite lags the clip store. There are historical reasons for this which I really ought to put into a FAQ.

Ozgreg: It's okay, they can't all be winners in the marketplace, and if those few people who did buy it liked it, then I'm satisfied. I figured that 272 would have niche appeal. That's one of the reasons I like the a la carte clip store model: people who don't like it don't have to pay for it. And I hope they find plenty to like in all the other episodes.

@George: 278 hardcore enough for you? If not, stay tuned.

@Anon 12:21 (please sign your posts): Thanks for the feedback, and I'm happy to report that you'll be getting exactly what you want. We just saw a four-girl game. The next one from that series will be a seven-girl game, and then two games with seven girls and three guys, and finally a game with six girls and two guys, which makes up for having fewer players by being unbelievably fucking awesome. And one of the girls (maybe) could be called chubby, and I don't think any could be called plain.

@Anon 12:37 (sign your posts please! do I have to disable anonymous commenting?) Well, some of the girls play to win, and if the rules of the game don't constrain them, some of them figure out that taking off underwear first is an advantage. It happens sometimes. Not all that often, fortunately.

@Rotten Rope: Oh yes, there is spanking in 276. And tit-smacking, too.

@Swedishguy: I'll see what I can find.

@Promoter: It's a fantastic idea. I keep forgetting to actually do it, but it'd be so simple and quick to do. I should have it tattooed on my arm so I remember to do it.

@JHO: Well, if that's what the foot folk want, they should get ready for Episode 279, which features a sort of toexty-nine, with two girls mutually foot-fucking each other. One girl even did the pedal equivalent of fisting to the other.

And if you're not a foot fan, don't worry. That was only a small part of a much wider forfeit that included some astonishing acrobatic feats.

@Alex: I've explained a bit more about how this party came to be in later blog comments, but the main impetus was the impending birthday of my old friend Mark. And then, yes, I contacted Julie and asked her to round up some buds. And as you've already seen, yup, there was real honest-to-goodness fucking going on.

@SB Boy: I don't usually give the players much in the way of direction beyond "Be yourselves." These people took that advice to heart. The embarrassment may be low, but the banter is among the best I've ever filmed.

@RS: You know how much I love fulfilling requests. I especially love fulfilling requests that were made years ago. I can't film everything that's been suggested, but I do what I can when I get the chance. I hope you like seeing Troy in the games he plays in.

Red said...

@youtube guy: While I like the fucking machine idea, I can't say I'm enamored of the model I chose. The rotary action really is no good, and you can't adjust the stroke length without stopping the machine and unscrewing a bolt. I think it's time for me to bite the bullet and plunk down the coinage for another machine, a piston-style one. And/or a Sybian.

@Anon 11:49 (please sign your posts): Sorry you feel that way, but as you've seen this weekend, there is more hardcore to come.

@Anon 11:01: Hope you like it when it airs, but please sign your posts.

@GWKE: Thanks for the defense against Anon 11:49, but it's not really necessary. He's entitled to his opinion, and besides, he's got a good point that I've been neglecting hardcore lately. At the time he made his comment I hadn't published 278 yet, and as for the other ones I've been talking about, talk is talk. I hope he finds the upcoming videos satisfying, and if he doesn't, I hope he tells me why. Either way, he's welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Sybian sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Dont make us use signed accounts, Red. The signal in here will go to about zero. 98% of us are not logging in for this. -Truth

Anonymous said...

Love Sybians as forfeits (as long as they use the internal joyprong). Almost counts as hardcore!


Anonymous said...

Red, you run a great site, I didn't grasp that I needed to give a screenname but in hindsight it makes sense.

Fred Lake

Anonymous said...

If you do decide to get a Sybian, please invite Cody (and Bibi) back to try it.