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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another quarter-century

Episode 275 is up. It's the last game that was played that day. Was it a fitting conclusion? You be the judge.

B-Sides are still on hiatus. I've just had so much stuff in the works lately that I haven't had the resources to spare to get B-Sides through postproduction. I do have a few on hand, but I don't want to resume publication until I've got a comfortable backlog.

Speaking of more stuff in the works, you'll like it.


Anonymous said...

Anything to do with fucking machines and strapons gets my vote.

Also, bearing in mind the interest shown in 276, any more info you care to share?

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

i want the videos not on lostbets.com
videos 001 games 001 and up
where r they??

Anonymous said...


Your description of the standard version of Episode 275 has the sentence "The high-def version is available for a buck less."


Anonymous said...

waiting for more Lumen, Salem and Fern.

will we wait long?


Anonymous said...

Nothing against Team B & V, but I only had the cash for one clip (this week), and I had to see that new gizmo. (It helps that two of the Lost Bets MVPs get to ride it.) Ten speeds on that thing? Interesting, but I can see how amping it up to max – or, Hell, above a five or six – might make the ride difficult. Might take a couple of sessions to get a proper feel for how to get the best use from it, but I can see the potential.

Ashley has a point, too. Why not put a face on that contraption? Like, frame a snapshot of one of the male Lost Bets-ers and stick it on there? Then, you can name it after the guy or something. "This is Skittles, the Fucking Machine." ... That might be too silly.

Going to give a quick "Here, here!" to two things. One, I am, like several other users, looking forward to Episode 276. (Two Dommes, One Clip?) Two, though I am partial to almost everybody on this site, I am going to second Shredder here and say that I hope to see more Lumen in the future. Salem and Fern, too; I like the veterans best (see: Julie), myself, but newbies are fun for everybody.

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Hey Red. I'd like to combine three previous suggestions I saw on the blog. I like the bodypaint in public idea. The girls would have to be completely shaved of course to paint down below. Painting it in the shape of a "bikini" would be hot. And doing this on a naturally big-boobed girl (but NOT fat) would be even hotter. Paint provides no "support" and I'd love to see a great pair swaying and jiggling as she walks. Plus big naturals are sure to gather more attention and more stares from onlookers, and hence more humiliation for the girls. How about having multiple loosers too? The only thing better than one pair is two or three! Tampa FL

Anonymous said...

Any chance of any new venues for public nudity? The hotel breakfast bar thing is cool and all, but it seems like there have been quite a few of them. How about a parking garage, an office complex on a Sunday morning, a secluded spot on a non-nude beach, a bar during Key West fantasy fest or similar, a biker bar where the patrons wouldn't mind at all, a college campus on a Sunday morning, a college campus library on a Saturday or Sunday morning, a pool at an apartment complex.

David D.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to see more public forfeits added to the queue.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to fridays update. :)

And please bring back JC and Bob, they was a fantastic game


Anonymous said...

I'd like to cast my vote for more girls with homegrown big tits. We've seen smaller girls like Julie, Kandle (before surgery) Fern, Lumen, Dre, Annabelle, and every one of the girls at the recent party with the possible exception of maybe Belle. Quite a few girls that don't come close to bodacious as you can see. The only ones with big boobs were the ones in the foot worship with no nips as I remember. And the other girls.... Well.... It'll suffice to say they're far from what I'd want to see again. I'd like to see the next dozen girls you hire be built like that redhead that fought Lilly in the Light Sabre battle. -Kirk

Anonymous said...

Yeah i' d like to see girls with big boobs too. No fat girls. I mean there are much hot girls with a good physique and big naturals without being fat (Ashley is one of them, Candle is also hot only to name two of them but you have much more hot girls with big boobs). Then you could make a boobie shaking contest between two big breasted losers. A jury judgest who has shaken her boobs more sexy. The loser will have placed some clothepins on her breasts and nipples then she will get fucked with the fucking machine.


Anonymous said...

I read the blog to keep "abreast" of LB's latest developments and I like what the last two coments are saying, something I've thought for some time now. More huge natural boobs on not-fat girls please! : JPT

Anonymous said...

Any chance of more Renna Ryann, especially as she never lost, or London Andrews?


Anonymous said...

I can only agree to the other people posting here. I'd also like to see more natural big breasted girls without being fat.



Anonymous said...

I would like to see a girl getting her boobs or better her nipples suction cupped. Or you could also use suction cups on her pussy or her pussy lips. You can buy suction cups at amazon they are often used by massage studios. This would be a great forfeit. Better than the pussy pump.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see girls doing an orgasm race quiz with the girl first to cum getting an extra forfeit. You could fix vibrators at the girls pussy then you have timers at the vibrators for each wrong answer the timer ist set for 30 seconds so the girl has to endure the vibration for this time if she answers more than one question wrong it will be 1 minute or more. It would be fun viewing when the vibrator vabrates one time and then it stops then it gets on and so on.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! The ballots have been counted and the vote has been cast. More big natural tits on girls that aren't fat and more public exhibitionism/ bikini/ bodypaint forfeits!

Danger Dave

Anonymous said...

Hate to spoil the party - but I love small breasted girls.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, loved the foot fetish stuff you did in ep 269 & 272.

I have a fun idea for a forfeit. any 1v1 or 1v2 game losers are leash & collared by the winner; forced to be doggy walked out of the hotel room in the thong & pasties or paint. and forced to worship the winners barefeet in public and tell the winner hot much they love their feet. and write feet slave and other things on the loser(s) bodies.
- N.

Anonymous said...

@ David D, love your ideas, also would love to have our ideas combined
- N.

GreenMonster89 said...

Of the items you have in the works, is my suggestion one of them? Is there even a chance of that happening? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Candle and Ryanne were awesome adds, but lot of meagerly-endowed girls lately.... How about next half year stretch you have be era of BOOBS?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have always had a taste for girls with a smaller chest and a more evenly proportioned and athletic body. I appreciate the variety Red offers, even if quite a few of the girls aren't my type at all.