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Monday, May 28, 2012

Love your neighbor

Awhile ago, I confessed that something I had said wasn't quite true. One of the reasons I did this is that I want to maintain my credibility. See, weird, crazy shit happens to me all the time, shit that seems really improbable, shit that I'd find hard to believe happened, if they didn't happen to me. And I want you to be able to believe me when I tell you about them.

Which brings me to lovely, 21-year-old, redheaded Jacqueline.

She and her boyfriend recently moved in to the house next door. Being neighborly, I invited them over, and naturally the topic of LostBets.com came up. They were intrigued (especially Jacqueline), so I showed them some of my videos. Jacqueline had never done any sort of nude or erotic posing before, but she was eager to give LostBets.com a try. So without further ado, I present Jacqueline, the literal girl next door.

But if she was going to play here, she'd need somebody to play with, so she called her 20-year-old friend Dahlia. Dahlia was also eager to give it a try, so here she is:

They didn't get a chance to play many games -- only three -- because both girls had been extremely short on sleep thanks to the weekend they'd just spent at FolkLife. But among those three games was one that Casper called "the hottest thing I've ever seen at LostBets.com." I'm not sure if I agree with him (although I've seen more than he has, too) but I can definitely see why he has that opinion. I'm pretty sure I've described some of my videos as "as real as it gets" before. Well, this was even more real than that.

Bonus promo with both young ladies together:


Anonymous said...

Did you get my email just sent it a second time should write from chaosfighter its about a find. Hope it helps somewhat DaM

OD 99x said...

Red, I love the real girls next door. I have to agree with several of the previous posters who have said that the embarrassment and doing something that they didn't want to do is what make the strip games extra hot. I think that one of your hottest clips is "Jamie lost a bet" (find a way to get her back, mask and all) She didn't want to do it so much that she had to were a mask, plus she did something that she was unsure about. Along those lines I know that you have several ladies that really don't have any bounties and do hard core else ware, but things like the pussy pump that is kind of an unknown and maybe a bit painful and embossing even to a pro could be used. Shaving pubic hair for those don't want to lose it (Lily) is good, making a lesbian have sex with a guy, also good. I think that even the pros may not like bondage, especially being blind folded and tied and not know what, or who's coming next. The girls from Kink.com do that full time so please don't have them as contestants (except Ariel X) but as only the Dommes in charge of a forfeit.

I have two ideas along these lines. The pussy pump seemed to truly scare the girls. There is another sex toy that may work to get the girls really nervous about losing. Its the Fetish Series Shock Therapy and can be found at several online sex toy stores for about $40. The forfeit could be the attaching it as shown on the box cover and using it for a number of minutes on the loser. They may cum to like it, but the unknown would bring that element of "fear of losing" that a lot of us like. Would also work for men or women, who really wants an electrode on there balls or clit.

For the big party you have planned you could have the "X" (I'm sure your new dommes could loan one to you) restrained that Kat/Namoni/Amber got tied to (tie the loser better this time) after Darts in the episode 138 or so. The loser of a game could get tied and blindfolded in the middle of the room and party guests do whet they want to them. The loser not knowing who was doing something and not knowing what was going to be done next would be very hot.

I think the progression of Julie makes her one of the hottest girls for those of us who like embarrassment element, but now she's willing to go further then some pros. Time to work your magic on another shy girl, good luck on that, I'll be routing for you. OD99x

BTW: I got started on ArtWorxs strip poker too. Might still have the 3.5 inch disk somewhere, not that they're compatible anymore. every see the cheerleader in chains strip poker game, excellent bloopers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with OD 99x. It is more important to me to see girls squirming out of their comfort zone, even if it isn't hardcore. I like to see girls nervous and whining and blushing rather than being penetrated in awkward ways. Two things that you haven't done in a while that I would like to see. A girl taking a stroll while wearing virtually nothing and a girl answering the door wearing nothing. One game you released on 1/8/10 involves a loser walking into a party leashed, handcuffed and completely naked. But you did not show the inside of the party. Since you can now seem to show the inside of a party how about revisiting that particular forfeit but actually show the inside of the party?


Anonymous said...

Neighbors? you really are one of the luckiest people I know. So will be seeing them return again? Maybe with the husband for some couple v. couple games. Looking forward to what Casper says is the "hottest thing ever" as well as the rest.


Anonymous said...

I rember watching a comical for A wommen's boxing match were the loser gave her sprots bra to the winner. I stay up late that night to see get more info on the evet put mever saw it again. Does any any have an idea what if might have been? If not anything close. Thanks Rgo