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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Princess Anastasia

There’s been a lot of serendipity involved with LostBets.com. It’s happened more times than I can count that somebody (or lots of somebodies) will request something, and it’ll happen to be exactly what I’ve had on tap. Bearing that in mind, a lot of people lately have been clamoring for more shy girls. They’ve said that they’d prefer softer forfeits, as long as the blushes were real and the girls were truly embarrassed to be naked. Well, meet Anastasia, first mentioned here after she played a day on

First, some background on her. She’s one of Fern’s friends (when I told Fern I’d pay a bounty for recruiting her hot friends, she got straight to work) and she’s a complete amateur. Furthermore, she made it clear at the start o the day that this was a one-time deal; she needed the money for something specific, and she didn’t intend to make being nude on camera part of her career. Also, her limits were extremely tight, as you’ll see.

The first thing she did when she got here was to read the paperwork I handed her to fill out and sign, word-by-word. This is probably a good idea, but it makes her absolutely unique among the nearly 200 people who’ve signed that paperwork, most of whom gave it a cursory glance if they read it at all. Then she spoke up: “I don’t think I like the part here where it says that you can publish or modify the footage without my knowledge or consent.” I was a bit surprised as this is a pretty typical clause in these sorts of work-for-hire agreements, so I said, “Well, if you can’t sign it...” She came back with, “Oh, I can sign it. I just don’t know about signing it for $[insert agreed-upon price for her time].”

Oh, I figured. Angling for more money. Well, I strive to send 100% of my players home happy, which I don’t hit but come damn close, so I asked her what she wanted (a 60% raise) and I gave it to her. But I don’t really appreciate this being sprung on me at the shoot, so Anastasia wouldn’t be welcome back. Probably. Unless maybe she were willing to stretch those iron limits a little...

And speaking of those limits, have a look at this video. It’s behind the scenes before the fourth game we played, and I was trying to think of forfeits that the ultra-prude could handle. I figured the old “anatomy lesson” might work. You know, loser lies down naked and spread-eagle while winner points out interesting anatomical features, this is her clit, these are her labia, etc. I figured this was tame enough to be safe. I was wrong. Here’s what happened.

And by the way, since the young lady in question read the contract in painstaking detail, I know she knows I have the right to publish this candid footage of her being extremely embarrassed at even the thought of being exposed on display like that. 


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Not quite sure how I feel about that clip at present. I do have questions, though; With the anatomy forfeit, and any others, did you explain them all to her at the start, or was each one introduced to her before each game?

Also, at the end she states 'I just don't want to lose' (fair enough). Did she at any point state what she was comfortable doing to the loser if she won? Would she have been more comfortable demonstrating the 'anatomy' lesson on the loser?

Finally, was the risk to all players in the games even, as in their limits?

Rotten Rope

Red said...

@Rotten Rope: We didn't specifically talk about the anatomy forfeit before this. I generally get a good idea of what a player's limits are ahead of time and only ask about specifics if there's something special or unusual. I honestly didn't expect her to object to the anatomy lesson.

I think she probably would have been okay being the "giver" of the anatomy lesson forfeit, but I didn't want to do asymmetrical forfeits for this one, so her veto was enough to make us choose a different forfeit. (For the record, I think the alternate forfeit worked pretty well, maybe better than the anatomy lesson would have.)

And no, not all the girls had limits as tight as Anastasia's, although they were all in the ballpark (fairly soft limits on all three.)

Anonymous said...

Red, I want to play some interactive games like the rock paper scissors game with Mia. I really loved that game and would like to see more of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. I'm a fan of both hard and softcore forfeits, but my question was if they were asymmetrical, which with all due respect for the models and you as a producer stop the enjoyment for me. Thanks for clearing that up.

Also, thanks for answering about the give/take of the the anatomy lesson. My reason for asking this was that she protested against the 'lesson' on an ethical level; she had 'done anatomy' and that the body should not be treated like that, etc. If she were unwilling to be the giver as well I could appreciate the sentiment, but otherwise, no.

Glad the alternative worked out well.

Still not sure if I'm going to go for this one; limits and assertiveness are positive and respectable, but there seems to be quite an attitude there. Kudos for getting more embarrassed reactions, though.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that, after all that whining, she eventually got naked to the fullest extent possible.

Tenuousness aside, recruiting from Fern's friends was a good call; it'd be nice to see more of her and her friends, and Lumen. They're lovely.

As a matchup, it'd be neat to see a domme (like Natalie) go against a shier, less experienced player. I realize that it would take some swift talking to arrange, but the juxtaposition of character would be neat, and the potential for dramatic, interesting forfeits would be high.

Finally, a game idea: remote control cars. You could either race them or battle them, but either way I think they'd be fun and competitive.


OD 99x said...

Just for the record I still prefer hardcore forfeits just ones where the player isn't happy about doing it.

Anonymous said...

What a pity that she did not agree to the anatomy lesson. They are my favorite forfeit.
I am still looking forward to the one between Lumen and Fern. Any news on the games those two played?
On another note, how about that B-site with Bibi which was mentioned a while ago?
Other than than, I can only agree that I really hope that Anastasia lost badly. I prefer shy and reluctant girls as well, with rather soft forfeits that are pushing their limits.


Anonymous said...

This girl has an attitude, but also really pretty. The other girls are still a little quiet, so would be nice to see her in some games. And off course lose badly and get off her high horse ;)

One game i 'd really love to see: Lumen vs Anastasia. Loser writes "toys"on her breasts. Loser is handcuffed and handed over to a guy (Kyle?) who can have his fun. Winner encourages guy to grab the loser's toys mercilessly.

Anonymous said...

Also, it would be great if the girls strip shirt and bra first, then write one letter (S,Y,O,T) each loss until it spells TOYS. First girl to mark her tits that way loses. When the player are topless instead of naked, the focus of the game/forfiet is more on the boobies. I think it would be a nice variation on the normal stripping. AV

LilBiGrrl said...

"Well, I strive to send 100% of my players home happy, which I don’t hit but come damn close, so I asked her what she wanted (a 60% raise) and I gave it to her."

I wouldn't have paid her 60% of what I'd paid the other girls. Okay, yah, I guess some folk might think she's cute. But. That attitude is a HUGE turnoff. No one likes a snotty, better-than-thou, stuck up girl. Her whinging was embarrassing to girls everywhere (and most of it was completely without merit. "I don't want anyone *gossiping* about my vagina"?! Seriously?) I really feel bad for the other girls that were in that shoot. She demeaned what they were doing with her attitude.

Anonymous said...

I endorse what OD 99X said. The hard core forfeits are much more interesting to me. It was those that draw me to the site. I can see the attraction of a shy girl being embarrassed, but the professionals work just as hard not to lose.

Since I stopped buying any of the updates with soft forfeits, I doubt I'll buy any this young lady is in.

You have a great site. I look forward to your updates every week. Keep up the good work.