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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mark marks the spot

Howdy, folks.

First things first: I've been entirely AWOL for the past few weeks. Long-timers will know that I do that from time to time. It's definitely not because I've been off doing top-secret wet work for Her Majesty's government, no matter what you've heard. I'll get caught up eventually.

This weekend features a Very Special Update in Episode 279. It's the second game from the awesome megashoot that also produced Episode 278, and it has my old chum Mark from elementary school in a starring role. In a sense, you could say that Mark is responsible for LostBets.com's existence. When I was a mere barely-pubescent lad of 12, Mark showed me a pirated copy of Artworx Strip Poker on his Apple II (and yes, I'm really dating myself here.) It was the first time I'd ever even heard of the concept of a stripping game, and I found it so fascinating that it started a kink that's lasted a lifetime, and would eventually lead to me getting sick and tired of waiting for somebody else to make the sort of videos I'd been dying to see and making them myself. So thanks, Mark, and happy birthday.

Coming up:

Episode 280: Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Kendra and Natalie. The two dommes return, one of them spoiling for a rematch, the other looking to extend her streak and the loser's humiliation.

Episode 281: Strip Mogadishu with Betty and Veronica. What's interesting about this game? It's the first LostBets.com game played entirely outside, in broad daylight. And in pretty clear view from a busily-traveled road. In fact, I'm probably not going to use that location again, it's just too damned risky. Some of the drivers surely got an eyeful. Nobody got arrested this time, but I'm not going to risk it again.

Episode 282: Strip Puck-Off with Fern, Julie, and Lumen. People have been asking for more of these three, so here you go. It's a new game that gets the girls moving. The loser does a new forfeit: she's a naked sushi girl, with her nude body covered in delicious, delicious sushi, for not only the rest of hte players to enjoy but for the LostBets.com cast as well. If you've ever wanted to see us... well, you'll see some of our arms as we reach in for our sushi. Exciting, no?

Episode 283: Shockinaw with Betty and Veronica. Yes, this game involving electrical torture is back, by popular demand. The loser of this game has to give the winner oral on camera. One of the ladies is on the rag, so her opponent really hopes to win.

Episode 284: Strip Spin-the-Dildo with Candle, Isobel, Graham, and Kitty. These four are back to play a slight variant of spin-the-bottle. Two losers, one double-headed dildo, need I say more?

Episode 285: Strip Musical Chairs with a fucking shitload of players. It's game 3 from the megashoot, and LostBets.com's biggest game yet, with ten players. Seven girls and three guys play Strip Musical Chairs, with five losers engaging in group masturbation. Given that these people are crazy freaks, it didn't take long for some of them to remember that "masturbation" refers to manual genital stimulation, and the owner of the hand and the owner of the genitals aren't necessarily the same person.

Good stuff coming up. Once again, I want to apologize for not being more diligent in answering blog comments and emails, but I'll get caught up eventually.


Anonymous said...

Betty, Veronica, Fern, Julie, Lumen.... Red, I'm DYING here from a dietary big natural boob deficiency! At this point I'm hoping to God that in 5 weeks Candle looses in #284. Forget the kids starving in Africa, I'm the one who's malnourished.

-Tampa FL

Anonymous said...

As you can imagine from my full review in your April 13 entry, I have been counting down the days. Bring on round 2!

And thank you to your friend Mark, for me it was the movie Out of Control with a great strip spin the bottle scene.


Anonymous said...

At 19:08 in episode 279, it lands on julie, but they think it landed on violet. Not that this affected the outcome of the game, but we were deprived of some gorgeous naked julie, which is always a travesty!


Red said...

@Tampa FL: Yeah, sorry about that. Believe me, I've heard the many pleas for more girls with natural big boobs. It just so happens that the coming schedule has a lot of more modestly-endowed girls, but that'll change. And for what it's worth, I think that Lumen's tits are great. Natalie's aren't small either, nor Starli's nor Aubrey's.

@Krycek: Let me know what you thought of it. I doubt you'll be disappointed :)

@damnedable: Yeah, and she also violated the footwear-last rule, too, damn it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of natural big boobs, any luck getting Sarah to come back? She's still one of my favs.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shoots with Betty and Veronica. Glad to see there are two more coming featuring this duo.

Would also like to see more with Starli and Violet. Would like to see them go head-to-head or with two other.

Possible variation for the spinner game. First two naked pay the forfeit, but play continues until only one lady remains wearing any clothes. She then gets to direct two losers to do whatever she wants. Might have a strap on near by for this.

Myself said...

Long time ago since I bought one of your games (reason : my slow internet connection), but now I wouldn't miss out. I liked the game, but was a little bit disappointed about the dressing up which happened before the forfeit. Would have preferred that players would be in the same kind of dress / undress as at the end of the actual game.
The above is just my opinion (taste) on the matter, and is in no way meant to be criticism.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of kink.com. But haven't seen any asshole tickling there yet.

Maybe you could get some big titted girls from kink for your site. They have done some bondage stuff before but no asshole tickling. Would be fun viewing their reactions.
Some girls with big titts at kink are
Tiger Woods
Taylor Vixen
Katie Kox
Madisson Scott
Candy Manson

Or some girls with big asses:
Amy Brooke
Phoenix Marie
Tessa Taylor
Allie Haze

hitney stevens
Amy Aveline

would be also hot and they did only one shoot

Blake Rose
Tessa Taylor
Evilyn Fierce
April O'Neil

also hadn't much videos there

Krissy Lynn, Lily LaBeau,Charley Chase are also hot

Maybe you could talke some of them for a shoot. Some didn't do much videos at kink so chances to talk them to make a shoot with you maybe higher.

Asshole tickling sounds great. But even if you tie the girl well up she might fight back by farting. To give the looser an stimulus not to fart while she gets tickled, you should declare a punishment for farting. For example for each fart she will get one clothespin fixed on her nipples or pussy.


Anonymous said...


the idea of trying to get some girls from other pornsites especially bondage stuff like kink.com for a lostbetsshoot sounds great. Because you might get these girls to risk more.
I don' t care if they are pros or amateurs, because no girl wants to loose and getting humilated and punished during the forfeit so every girl no matter if pro or amateur will try her best to win and will be angry when losing. And I think there are some possible forfeits which even embarress a pro from kink one of them will be asshole tickling.


UKReader said...

I posted the following comment on May 10th in response to the lack of large natural boobs but I think it has got overlooked in the back log so I'll post it again, apologies to those who have already read it:

Simple solution to the apparent lack of large natural boobs, have a few games where all the players are larger than a DD. I have very fond memories of the games featuring London, Wednesday and another busty girl whose name slips my mind as it didn't matter who lost, you got to see s cracking pair or two.

Also, a good forfeit to go with a busty girls only game, pegs! The winner gets to put a certain amount of pegs wherever she wants on the losers body and she has to keep them all on for a minute. Also, for an extra bit, maybe thread a string through the pegs and the winner gets to pull the string and so pulling all the pegs from the losers body. Sounds rather sexy to me!

Also, how good would a tiny bikini forfeit be on a well endowed girl?! Please make it happen Red, everyone loves a good pair of boobs!

Anonymous said...


Hiring obscure porn actresses like Ashley Edmonds is one thing, hiring high-profile girls like Lily LaBeau would completely wreck the feel of this site. After the things actresses like that girl has done with an aluminum baseball bat on tape, there's absolutely no believability if she came here and acted like she cared about not losing a stripping game.


Anonymous said...

How about a game were the girl that loses gets multiple creampies?

Anonymous said...

Another long comment. Might as well use the space I've got, right?

If this is only Game #2 from the big party, I'm looking forward to the games to come. One heck of a birthday for Mark (a good sport, and I can forgive him for introducing you to old school green-screen strip poker on a Mac instead of a PC), and it helps that all of the guests seem to be 110% into the game, particularly the "losers". (Quotes because everybody almost seems to be in a rush to get naked, and no one's about to complain about that, least of all me.) I hope that you get to invite the newcomers – plus Julie, always fun to have, especially in panties like those – back for another round of games. Not only are all the girls drop-dead, knock-your-ass-out gorgeous (and in a variety of ways), but they all seem to be having a great time, and that energy goes a long way.

Certainly one of the best games I've seen here to date, Red. (Bonus points for Johannes maintaining that amused / blasé expression for the entire game. And for becoming a cake.) My only concern is that you might have difficulty topping the games at this party. Where do you go from ... all the blacked-out things in the spoilers?

On the big natural boobs (BNBs) issue: I must not be seeing the problem. Aubrey, Graham, Lumen, Starli, and several others aren't exactly lacking. I do admit that I miss seeing Kimberly, London, and Wednesday in the games, but not because of BNBs.

Since comments are also for offering suggestions, I can think of a couple. One, any forfeit that involves Julie and Lumen making out is quite welcome. (But naked sushi is great, too! That's a personal favorite, and I'm glad to see it in the pipeline.) Two, any close-ups of the girls' faces using the handheld cams are good. You got a few really good shots in this game, but when you have incredibly photogenic players like Candle and Starli (seriously, she's beautiful), among many others, more is better, IMO.

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

hey just wondering when the B sides are going to start up again and is the game with bibi and kodak going to be coming soon?


Anonymous said...

Can you do another round of the game with Bibi and Kodak?

Anonymous said...

I'm not to keen on the idea of using models from Kink. I've subscribed to that service (and Academy Wrestling) and those gals have done it in so many ways and so often, that it looks like they are just doing another job. The best part of this site is the genuine personalities of the girls.

Then again, it might be interesting to have two timid novices play a game - perhaps strip poker - and the loser is handed off to one of Kink's nastier and meaner girls to be used and abused.

Red did something similar (two pros and two amateurs), so this would be another version of it.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Not a fan a BNB and not a fan of Kimberly, London, and Wednesday.

More shy, innocent, slim, and not more than a handful.

Not against some BNB for the others, but not my first choice.


Red said...

@Len: No luck with Sarah, but I admit I haven't tried lately. I'll give it another shot.

@Anon 10:03 (please sign your posts): I passed your compliment on to Veronica when I saw her last night, and she was very pleased. She's interested in coming back sometime; if there's enough interest, I'll invite her. And your idea is pretty good. I usually avoid games where nearly everybody gets naked (which lessens a lot of the tension) but maybe I'll make an exception.

@Myself: Well, maybe this will make you feel better about the ending to 279. The reason they got dressed is that there was actually quite a long gap between them (We probably should have used a clockface wipe.) Game 3 (episode 285) took place between the game and the forfeit for 279 and a bunch of other time passed s well. Why? Because the party was just getting started. We played 278 and 279 in the afternoon, and when evening ht, the guests started arriving. Everything that happened in the forfeit happened in front of about a dozen party guests.

Unfortunately, the group misunderstood my admonition of "quiet on the set!" when I was trying to talk to the players to mean that they should be quiet during filming as well. Not that I blame them, it's a perfectly reasonable assumption, but it means you don't hear them. Mostly. There are times (especially during the later games) when you'll hear gaps and guffaws that they couldn't stifle.

@kinkfan: There are quite a few kink.com girls I'd welcome to LostBets. I actually bumped into Dia Zerva on a plane, and she'd be interested. I'll see what I can do.

@UKReader: I've hard the repeated cries for more big boobs. To be honest, boob size (and everything else) has been mainly luck of the draw since I've been nearly totally unselective when choosing players. If a girl is wiling to risk losing all her clothes at LostBets.com, I've usually given her the opportunity. But if you ant to see a girl with large, fleshy tits seeing them covered with pegs (US: clothespins) and then having them all ripped off at once, check out episode 261.

@PN: Just because a girl has taken a strap-on in the ass doesn't mean she wants to take a strap-on in the ass. There are consequences to losing a game here, and that's usually enough to motivate them to win.

@Anon 3:17 (please sign your posts) : Seems messy. I sure wouldn't want to go second -- or, God forbid -- last.

@Big Sam: You go ahead and write your feedback as long as you like. I just wish I could reply to more comments.

This was indeed only Game #2 of five games that were played at the party, and by no means the best. Correction: Mark didn't introduce me to strip poker on a Mac, because there was no Mac, which didn't come along until 1984. Oy.

If you liked these players, I've got some good news: they're coming back. With a few more of their friends. We're planning the next party… you see, there's somebody else I know who has a big birthday around the corner, and there will be a celebration.

There have been a number of times in the past when I've been standing at the end of the day, as the players are packing up and getting ready to go home, thinking, "How the hell will I ever top that?" And somehow, I've always managed it. This time… well, we'll see.

I'll try to get more shots of blushing faces. Thanks for the comments.

@Markhill: The B-Sides are on hold because I've got Casper busy on other (fun) tasks and nobody's been editing them. But I'm looking at getting editing help.

@Anon 12:10: Please sign your posts, and also, please be respectful of others. You could have expressed yourself without being rude.

@Anon 10:59 (please sign your posts): I'll definitely try to get those four back. Stay tuned.

@SB Boy: I like your idea.

Red said...

@Jack: Well, like I said, I take 'em as I find 'em. I have some new folks coming on Monday, by the way. One of them is my 22-year-old redheaded new next-door neighbor. I shit you not. The other is her friend, whom I haven't met yet, but I'm assured she's hot. Their limits are fairly liberal. Suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I know what you're trying to get at, but in the end it's a distinction without a difference. Motivated to win or not, in the end it's the forfeit that pushes limits.

I'll give you a concrete example from the site's past. Waaay back (don't remember if i used my PN initials then, but it was my request and you referenced it indirectly in the clip description) your most explicit forfeit may have been a game where Ashley and Paris competed with the loser needing to "show pink" by spreading her lips. I thought that was amazingly hot because she looked pretty reluctant. A little while later i stumbled across a video from her on a major website getting jackhammered by a guy. That video's just not hot anymore because she's faking it.

Conversely, i don't find Julie particularly hot in a physical sense, but her steady ramping up of the forfeits has made her videos some of the most amazing of the site.

There aren't limits to be pushed for the pornstars that have been mentioned lately. I doubt they'd throw the game, but want to/like just doesn't matter. At best they're playing with the stakes being doing their regular job.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure as to whether or not what I'm about to say is in agreement or disagreement with PN but I would definitely like to see softer forfeits such as public streaking, answering the door naked, exercising, tickling etc. But with girls who appear extremely reluctant. I can't fault you if there are more fans who prefer deep penetration for the losers but I look for videos with squirming, squealing, whining and bright red faces on the losers. Not to mention taunting and teasing from the winners.


Anonymous said...

Great ending please more of Starli fast! And PLEASE don't listen to the suggestion of using "models" from kink I don't want silicon trash with makeup applied an inch thick I like the natural look of these videos even if some of the girls have been seen before.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be interesting to try pairings based on who tries hardest not to lose. its a lot less fun to watch someone who dose not care if they win or lose. try and match a game with someone very competitive (an example being Zayda) against someone who is desperate not to lose. would quite like the forfit to include an orgasm in some way if the shy girl would be willing to risk it.


RS said...

"If you liked these players, I've got some good news: they're coming back. With a few more of their friends."

Holy crap, meaning that your new 10-player record could soon be beaten? WOW.

I love the party setting because it's reminiscent of my (limited) experiences and (extensive) fantasies of such games spontaneously starting up at parties and gatherings.

Anonymous said...

The party setting is fun and definitely has inspired some of the debauchery in my own, personal party scene. Things never quite end up the way they do here though, but fortunately that's what we have Red for; to help with those happy endings.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...

Between 276 and 280 the names must be mixed up, the redhead has one name one time, and the other girl has the other name, in the screen shot in the clip store that has the girls names on it in the order of the girls from left to right. One is right and one must be wrong... dont' know which is which... Time to beat one of the intern's asses I guess.

realnot said...

@Anon: They are named incorrectly in this week's preview pic. Natalie is on the left, and Kendra is on the right.

Anonymous said...

Red: maybe you can invite some of the girls with less liberal limits to party with the more daring ones, and see where the booze and comraderie/influence takes them.