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Friday, May 4, 2012

Domme v. Domme

276 is up, featuring new girls Kendra and Natalie, the first of two games with these ladies. Enjoy.


Red said...

I've got a lot of comments to respond to in the previous blog post. I'll get to them soon.

Anonymous said...

I loved ep 276. Great work. I'd love to see more of these ladies
- N

Anonymous said...

I love how that website does a s/dog//g in the clip descriptions like that somehow solves a problem. Imagine if someone posted a fetish clip about "getting off with your dogma" and clips4sale's clean filter turned it into "getting off with your ma". heh.

-dirty old man, pre coffee

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like more often than not, the girl with the smaller breasts winds up loosing, and the viewers get denied the bigger boobs. Maybe it isn't true what they say about bra size vs. IQ? Lol. - John R.

Red said...

@N: Thanks, really glad you liked it. The level of anticipation for 276 was surprisingly high, and I'd worried that it might not live up to expectations. There's one more game with these two coming up, which will be published as Episode 280.

@DoM: Yeah, it sucks, although to be fair I think they look for the offending word to be bracketed by non-word characters so it won't catch things like "dogma". It'd be nice if the admin interface actually, you know, TOLD me that it was editing my description, but it doesn't. It's great that you put it in the form of a sed command.

@John R: I think a lot of girls with big tits keep brains in them, making them much smarter than the stereotypes would suggest. But like I said, there's another game with these two. Mmmmmaybe you'll get a chance to see Natalie's rockin' pair.

RS said...

One solution to the "girls with bigger breasts keep winning" problem would be a few games where shoes and socks have to be removed last. And/or where all the girls have big breasts.

Anonymous said...

Any news with that bro-sis pair?


Anonymous said...

How soon will we find out if Natalie looses? With only a few exceptions, LB has been going through a real dry-spell in the boobs department, I think. :-(. Are there any recent vids with a naturally big-boobed looser that I missed... I'm dying for a "fix" here! :-)

John R

UK Reader said...

Simple solution to the apparent lack of large natural boobs, have a few games where all the players are larger than a DD. I have very fond memories of the games featuring London, Wednesday and another busty girl whose name slips my mind as it didn't matter who lost, you got to see s cracking pair or two.

Also, a good forfeit to go with a busty girls only game, pegs! The winner gets to put a certain amount of pegs wherever she wants on the losers body and she has to keep them all on for a minute. Also, for an extra bit, maybe thread a string through the pegs and the winner gets to pull the string and so pulling all the pegs from the losers body. Sounds rather sexy to me!

Also, how good would a tiny bikini forfeit be on a well endowed girl?! Please make it happen Red, everyone loves a good pair of boobs!

Anonymous said...

@ UK Reader —

The third girl you are thinking of there is Kimberly. I also enjoyed the games featuring her, London, and Wednesday. (Especially London!)

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah the idea of Panther sounds great. I hope Ashley won't refuse risking this forfeit.
But if you do it make sure she is tied up well so she can't escape as in episode 095 with Amber.
Perhaps one of your new hot dominatrixes Kendra or Natalie will help you to make sure she can't move, while her asshole is exposed.


Anonymous said...

hey red is there any way I can email you about something you most definitely need to hear about ASAP.


Red said...

Sigh. Sorry to everybody for not responding, it's been a bit rough lately. DaM, sure, go ahead, I'm red@lostbets.com.

Brian West said...

Love the domme vs domme idea.

Can you play this game with Ashley and Kendra or Ashley and Paris?

And to uneven the odds, pick a game at which Ashley is not that good. I would love to see her lose and be tied and vibed and strap-on fucked. Any change of this happening?

And some time ago you said yuo had a 4-girl game where the loser got in doorjam cuffs and vibed with 2 vibrators by the other girls. When will this update approximately going to be online?

Anonymous said...

How do u watch the video???