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Friday, May 11, 2012


Friends, I'm sorry to say that I haven't caught up on comments and emails like I said I was going to. I also haven't done a bunch of other stuff I was supposed to do. I'm afraid this has not been a good week for me.

Except for Wednesday. On Wednesday, I had three lovely ladies come by for some fun. We had one big-titted professional model, and two tiny-titted amateurs, one of whom was making her first ever appearance naked on camera and was damned nervous about it. First up, the pro:

I've had a lot of inquiries about Erica lately, and by a staggering coincidence she contacted me to say she'd be in my area, at exactly the same time I was arranging some games for the other two. First, one we all know and love

And she brought along her friend:

So. there were some questions people had about Erica. It turns out I was mistaken and she has not done hardcore before. I was confused because she played in a game (against Daisy Rae) which had a hardcore forfeit. It turns out that she didn't know that hardcore was on the menu when she agreed to play, and was shocked to find out that it was. But rather than say anything about it, she just determined to win all her games, which she did. Gutsy move on her part. If you want to see more of her, her site is http://www.jasminemendez.com, and you can follow her on Twitter @LaughingLatina.

Veronica and Betty return today for their second game. The loser is hogtied and vibrated for a good long time, to many orgasms.

Next week, Episode 279 is the second game from the megaparty that produced 278. Seven girls compete to see which two will have to give a special birthday surprise to my friend Mark. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's crazy that Erica went ahead with the game with those stakes. She's pretty brave!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

Now that I know that Erica was in over her head, I'm extra sorry she didn't have to put out. It would have been so hot to see her have to go through with something she wasn't prepared for, It's that sort of embarrassment that drew me towards this site in the first place. The premiss that the girls playing actually have something to lose.

You should try to advertise your site as a place where girls can settle disputes. Then you might get girls that suggests forfeits specifically to humiliate the opposition, and therefore putting more on the line themselves. I just feel that the site is less about "losing bets" and more about "frisky girls playing games" now. I know it's a tall order, but that is what the site is all about, isn't it?

BTW, what's the name of the professionel new girl, she doesn't say it in the promo-clip? Can you post stillshots of their faces as you have done with the other new players?

Anonymous said...

I do agree that it would be WAY better getting girls who were really betting something scary would be the best...but that's got to basically be impossible. Who would play unless they were at least okay with the idea? Unless Red is able to lay out 50 grand guaranteed to both contestants, but the loser gets fucked. That'd open the potential pool.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign...the above was Guy Who Knows Stuff

JustAnyOtherRandomGuy said...

It doesn't necessarily have to be a lot of money on the line for the girls to think it's worth the risk to push their limits (although it would be the the easiest and most effective). If they feel that the chance of the other player(s) having to do the forfeit is appealing enough, as in the dispute idea, they may risk more.

Other things that might make them agree to wager more is if they feel that the likelyhood of loss is very low. Lets say there's five-six girls playing a game, then there's a 17-20% chance that a given girl will lose, but one of them has to. I assume all players get payed regardless of placing in the game, so that amount versus the low probability of loss can make them push their limits. Red, can you try that pitch sometimes, I think that one has potential.

Another thing that might work is putting trash-talkers up against eachother before the game. If you ask them: "Well, who of you will win", and trashtalk ensues, you can continue with: "Well if you're so sure of yourself, why not make it a little more interesting". Worth a try, don't you think, Red?

Anonymous said...

I agree with whoever said that they like bigger enf reactions. I would rather see tame forfeits (i.e. streaking spanking answering the door) where the girl seems extremely uncomfortable instead of intensely hardcore forfeits where the girls are more blasé about it. Frankly its less what the forfeit actually is and more how the girls react to it.


Anonymous said...

I'm all about enjoying the hardcore forfeits, especially when you can see the person who is going to lose it all show nervousness as the clothes come off and the person gaining the advantage is doing some cool bantering to increase the suffering. I'm glad to see some more hardcore forfeits being added to Red's sister game site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, This is a bit off topic at the moment but I was looking through a lot of old posts and I'm not sure if this strip game for a large group has been suggested yet. If it has, then just ignore the rest of my post. Otherwise, this could be fun for when you need a game that takes a while to play.

STRIP SIMON SEZ: One person is Simon and a group (mixed or all female) has to follow the normal "Simon sez do this, etc." commands or risk losing an article of clothing. Depending upon the size of the group playing, there can be any number of predetermined losers or play until there is just one winner.

The natural play of the game should guarantee all sorts of great (i.e., gratuitous) poses, such as jumping jacks, raising one leg, etc. Should be very picturesque.

As for the loser's (losers') forfeit, that can be anything from one of the usual forfeits or a special "Sexy Simon Sez" penalty in which the winner can lead the loser(s) in a more sexually explicit series of moves (touch this, rub that, thurst this out, put this in there, etc.). Could be very sexy if the winner has a sexy imagination.

Oh, well, just a thought...


Anonymous said...

I copy from Ravenfans answer to my suggestion, because I think also it will be important that the losing girl is well tied up during the asshole tickling

Yeah the idea of Panther sounds great. I hope Ashley won't refuse risking this forfeit.
But if you do it make sure she is tied up well so she can't escape as in episode 095 with Amber.
Perhaps one of your new hot dominatrixes Kendra or Natalie will help you to make sure she can't move, while her asshole is exposed.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of kink.com. But haven't seen any asshole tickling there yet.

Maybe you could get some big titted girls from kink for your site. They have done some bondage stuff before but no asshole tickling. Would be fun viewing their reactions.
Some girls with big titts at kink are
Tiger Woods
Taylor Vixen
Katie Kox
Madisson Scott
Candy Manson

Or some girls with big asses:
Amy Brooke
Phoenix Marie
Tessa Taylor
Allie Haze

Maybe you could talke some of them for a shoot. Some didn't do much videos at kink so chances to talk them to make a shoot with you maybe higher.

Asshole tickling sounds great. But even if you tie the girl well up she might fight back by farting. To give the looser an stimulus not to fart while she gets tickled, you should declare a punishment for farting. For example for each fart she will get one clothespin fixed on her nipples or pussy.


Anonymous said...


whitney stevens
Amy Aveline

would be also hot and they did only one shoot

Blake Rose
Tessa Taylor
Evilyn Fierce
April O'Neil

also hadn't much videos there

Krissy Lynn, Lily LaBeau,Charley Chase are also hot


Anonymous said...

Did you get my urgent email?


cant wait to see these lovelies in action

Anonymous said...

just wondering when the b-sides are going to start getting published again and is the game with bibi and kodak going to be soon?

Mark Hill

RS said...

An idea for a game: something athletic and energetic played with teams (like basketball). Each player has a number of notecards where they write down each article of their clothing plus their name, one on each card (e.g., "Mary - Jeans" and "Chris - Bra") and put each team's cards in separate buckets. When a team scores a point, a card from the opposing team is drawn and the player named on the card has to remove the article of clothing named. But there's one more catch: although shoes and socks count towards the stripping, those cards aren't added to the bucket until that player has already removed all other items of clothing. Players will keep playing until everyone on one team has lost every item of clothing (but, meanwhile, many players on the winning team might also be naked or only wearing footwear). A suitably energetic game will keep players from covering up while bouncing around almost or completely naked.

Anonymous said...

RS, that sounds like a pretty sharp idea for a game.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...

The basketgame i really good. Maybe 1 guy and two girls vs 1 guy and two girls.

The winning guy do what hi want with the losing girls. and the winning gils do what ever they want to the losing guy.

/swedish guy

Anonymous said...

This now has the makings of a really good idea!


Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the other posters that it would be better to see the girls risk something they are scared to do. whethe rit be something sexual in nature or risking something like their hair the emotional response from the participants truly being worried about losing would be better to watch than girls not really caring whether they win or not

Anonymous said...

Erica aka Jasmine Mendez looks identical to Erica Valentine/Erica Vuiton. Are you still 100% sure she hasn't done hardcore?

Red said...

@Anon 2:18 (please sign your posts): Pretty sure, but I'll check. I'll ask her about those specific names.