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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's try that again.

Okay, guys. Several people who have seen 296 have told me it's a good one despite the glitches. And it does indeed appear that FCPX ate the project and we'd have to start over. And Jelly is so cute I feel worse about withholding her than I do about publishing a glitchy clip. I have therefore decided to publish it as-is, at a discount and with a warning so you know what you're getting. Have at it.

Edit: By the way, I just wanted to congratulate our fans in the UK on having a crown prince that plays strip billiards. Kudos!


mismanager said...

I'm glad you released the clip, Red. Even with its faults it is good. The new girls are great and I look forward to seeing them again. It is good to see real bushes; is hair back in fashion again?

Red said...

@mismanager: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. As for the bushes, I dunno if they're making a comeback, but I sure wouldn't mind. And before @TrueS or anyone else asks, yes I did ask them if they'd be willing to bet their bushes, and no they weren't.

Anonymous said...

I second mismanager's pro bush (pubic hair, not either former president) position. I would defintely buy any clip that indicates that a girl will expose bush.


Chris said...

Loved 296. (I love everything with drawing on nude woman in it...)
It's a pity there was so many blank skin on strategical places left to draw. Serengelis tits and Ferns pussy were screaming "color me!".
Loved it anyway. Hope for a real bodypainting forfeit sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Red -

Lots of great stuff in this clip, even with the editing glitches:

1) Love the new girls, and not merely because of the bush factor. Looking forward to their later games, and want to cast my vote for shooting them again, possibly in combination with Salem & Lumen.

2) Putting the mirrors on the set was a brilliant idea, but I think it's going to take a bit more experience (and experimenting) to take full advantage of them. I've read in your previous blog posts that you don't like to interrupt a game in progress, so I can understand not 'directing' folks to move into more reflective positions during the shoot -- but what about doing a bit of 'blocking' before the game starts? Possibly taking it so far as to mark where you want them to stand during the game using masking tape on the floor? As long as they hit their marks, we get to see both sides of the players at once!

3) Stacking forfeits is excellent, and I'd love to see them used more often, especially if the 2nd round involves spanking. Having the spankers swap spankees and repeat the process was flawless!

4) While I appreciate seeing the girls in nothing but socks/stockings, I don't think pod stomp is the right game for letting them leave the socks on. This game is the most fun to watch during the later levels, when the 'cris-cross' jumping is something to truly be enjoyed. Extending the game another round by requiring loss of socks, or even *two* rounds by playing 'til a naked player loses again, really comes into its own with this game.

On the 'not so great' side, whoever was manning the camera doing zooms for the twirls needs to be a lot more precise regarding aiming the camera. Worst example was when Serengeli lost her panties, and rather than seeing her glorious ass on the rear view, we get a zoom on her shoulder blades. Whoops?

BTW, what is the real-world name of the game you're calling Pod Stomp? I've had no luck at all tracking it down online.

Fun clip, even with the flaws; keep up the good work!

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Red said...

I've gotten so many requests for more hardcore forfeits that I was concerned that nobody really wanted to see the softer ones, the only sort that really shy amateurs are usually willing to do. But 296, along with 291, have really proven that softcore fans are out there. Good to know. Hardcore fans, don't worry, you will have no cause for complaint.

@K: Like I said, I wouldn't mind if bushes were making a comeback. Not that I've got anything against the clean-shaven look, but I do prefer a little grass on the field. And it's been so long since we've done a shaving forfeit.

@Chris: Very glad you enjoyed 296 so much. Sorry about the blank spots on the canvas, but next time I'll let them know to go for more coverage.

@LSD: Great feedback, thanks! This is exactly the sort of feedback I appreciate... detailed, listing things that you didn't like as well as things you did, very useful. On specifics:

#1: re. getting them back, Serengeli isn't local but Jelly is. I think she'd be happy to come back.

#2: I had the exact same thought: the mirrors were a good idea poorly executed. In addition to them not always catching the best views, they did catch Johnny on camera a few times. Putting some more thought into the blocking would probably help, and I guess that's the sort of thing that a real director would do. One thing we've been trying to do lately is have a "designated stripping area" where the players go before stripping. In some Japanese stripping game videos I've seen, they have a little round platform the girls have to step on to before stripping. Something like that would make it easier to place mirrors, and also maybe heighten the embarrassment by literally putting the girl on stage.

#3: Glad you liked the stacked forfeits. I wouldnt' say that the spanker-spankee swap was "flawless" (although again, I'm glad you liked it)... if you look, you might see a little confusion on their faces before the swap. They were getting ready to wave goodbye and be done, and I was out of frame frantically gesuring "no, no, swap and keep going."

#4: The problem is that when you play Pod Stomp with bare feet, especially after you've been playing for awhile and may have worked up a bit of sweat, the pods tend to stick to the feet. I agree that it's great watching girls play the game (and cris-crossing) while wearing little or nothing, which is one of the reasons it works well with more than two players and multiple losers. The naked girls have to keep on playing. Maybe if I made them powder their feet they could play barefoot more easily.

Re. the 'not so great' part: first, I want to thank you again for the feedback and take the opporunity to reiterate something I've said before. I love getting feedback, both positive and negative, and while it's great hearing people tell me how much they enjoyed an episode, hearing about things they didn't like (or at least thought could've been better) is much more useful. I want the videos to keep getting better and better and better with time, and constructive criticism is essential. Nobody ever needs to be hesitant or diffident about offering me criticism. I'm not going to have my feelings hurt and take my ball and go home.

Pod Stomp can be found here: http://amzn.com/B0017S4PH8. It's a really fun game for kids and adults alike, whether you're playing it for clothes or not. Highly recommended. Noname, too (http://amzn.com/B000OKW1DU).

Red said...

By the way, if you look at the "people who bought this also bought these" section of those Amazon pages, you'll find a whole lot of other games I've used. As well as several that I purchased but decided weren't suited to strip variants.

Anonymous said...

Red -

You're quite welcome re: the detailed feedback; hope you don't mind my extending the conversation another round!

2) I think that using a small 'stage', in conjunction with the well-placed mirrors, is an excellent idea, and would love to see that implemented in a future shoot.

3) My use of 'flawless' was meant more in regards to the concept, rather than the execution. Your players were *seriously* confused on the nature of the 'stacked forfeit' right from the beginning, never quite getting the whole idea throughout the entire game. I found that confusion to be delightful, and it adds to the level of charm this clip offers. Frankly, I was surprised to see how cheerfully one of your 'winners' (being careful to avoid spoilage here) accepted the 2nd forfeit, given that there was no indication during the clip that s/he would be at risk of that consequence. The fact that it entailed some extra stripping was icing on that particular cake.

4) Talcum powder for feet could work; also possibly just having a terrycloth bath towel on the floor for the players to wipe their feet on prior to starting each turn. Not sure about this idea, but maybe powdering the actual pods?

In your response to my 'not so great' portion, you seem to have distracted yourself: you mention a 'first', but never get around to the implied 'second'. I'm curious as to what you were originally intending to say before that train of thought got derailed.

And thanks *very much* for the game links! That will be added to my rather deep game shelf in the very near future.

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Anonymous said...

One additional thought: after 5 years, and over 300 completed clips (counting your b-sides), you've got far more experience as a director than a whole lot of folks far more arrogantly laying claim to such a title. It's about time you acknowledged that you are "real", isn't it? {grin}


Anonymous said...

Red, I'm not sure how easy it might be to find a place to do this, but I'd LOVE to see a Strip Dodgeball game with teams of three or four. Each time you're hit or the ball you throw gets caught you strip. I know awhile ago you'd made reference to perverting the games of our childhood and this is one of the iconic games for most people of my generation growing up.
To help with potential concepts for forfeits you would be best suited to have the losing team suffer the forfeit(s). You could come up with a team based forfeit, this would probably be easiest with more liberal player limits, but could be achieved with a calisthenics or anatomy lesson style forfeit. What I think would be much cooler is have 4 (or more) pre-approved forfeits in sealed envelopes and have each girl draw one randomly.
Just a quick thought, I'd love to see your unique style take on a challenge like this. If anyone can make this happen and do it right, I'm sure it would be you.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...


I really like Jack Casper's idea. Perhaps you could make two versions: one with players with high limits and a hardcore forfeit; and another with pretty obvious amateurs and lower-level forfeits?

Glad you asked the ladies to risk the bushes - maybe next time they'll be willing to take the risk!

All the best,

RS said...

By my calculations, #300 will be released around September 21? I'll be out of town on vacation, but I'll bring my laptop because I'm sure it will be epic!

And yeah, I'd do almost anything (legal) to be able to have been there when Prince Harry was playing strip billiards. I hear he started with just a bathing suit (barefoot, shirtless, no underwear), and the girls just had bikinis, so they were all totally naked for most of the game. Awesome.

Red said...

Sorry for the delayed response, guys.

@LSD: Oops, you're right, I did forget to finish my thought re. your feedback. I was just going to say that I'll pass it along to the others and we'll keep it in mind for future shoots. And you're quite welcome for the game links. As for your rather deep game shelf, if you've got any that you think would make good stripping games which I haven't used, let me know!

As for whether I'm a "real" director or not, maybe. But even with my experience, I still lack training, and it's not like I provide a whole lot of direction. It's mostly just, "Play the game, have fun, be yourself, let your personality shine through the camera, everybody ready? Action!" On the other hand, I did just splurge on a custom LostBets.com director's chair, so I'm pretty happy about that.

@Jack: You're right that the biggest challenge for games like dodgeball (and other sports) is venue. Someday I'll rent a gym and we can do all sorts of games. As for team forfeits, I really like the ouroborous, the oral sex circle, where each girl gives oral to the next and gets it from the last.

@RS: Yes, 300 will be epic. But I'm keeping the details to myself for now :)