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Friday, August 17, 2012

Out of order

The quality of my videos is very important to me. Actually, it's not so much the quality per se, it's that people who buy them are satisfied. I want people to feel they've gotten good value for their money. Which leads me to two things:

First. if you purchased Episode 294 prior to August 11, 2012, and were not happy with its quality, please forward a copy of your Clips4Sale receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com, along with the number of an episode you'd rather have in its place. I apologize to everyone who was disappointed.

Second, similar quality issues have delayed Episode 296. They're fixable, but despite heroic efforts we weren't able to fix them in time for publication today. (We missed the deadline by minutes.) So Episode 297 gets to jump the queue, and Fern, Jelly, Serengeli, and Jerome will have to wait until next week. This means that two episodes in a row will have similar forfeits, but what can you do? Enjoy the return of Jacqueline and Dahlia. 297 is also the finale of that particular series, but I'm hoping to have Jacqueline back to play some more games by the end of the month.

For those of you who are wondering why I haven't teased what's coming up, it's that I don't like to do so until an episode is fully complete and ready to publish, and the reserve of those is awfully dry. July Jubilee used most of 'em up, and the mega-trip last week didn't leave a lot of time for postproduction. When we've built up the ready-to-publish queue, I'll give more details on what it contains 

And then there's this week's party update. Meet Daria, freaky altera-chick:

That brings us to thirteen. Are we done? We are not.


Anonymous said...

i been a regular purchaser for a while.
I am sure that I cannot produce the reciept for the corrupted version of 294, purchased the weekend it published having deleted all that stuff regularly.

will see what i can produce per bank statements, etc...

CA Fan.

Anonymous said...

Red. Do what ever you can to get Jacqueline and Dahlia back. Their three episodes were fantastic. Having their Noname game come down to the last round was very exciting. Two very attractive women with great bodies makes the decision to buy easy. I also think the relationship between these two reached a whole new level during this series of games.


Anonymous said...

Red: fisting forfeit would be neat. Especially if you could get to less-experienced players to consent. Fister is either the looser or someone who is not playing in the game such as Ashley or another more experienced player. What'dya think?


Red said...

@CA Fan: I sent an email to what I thought was your address but I'm not sure you got it. If you didn't, please drop me a line.

@Strictprof: I'm so glad you liked 297. I was worried that it might seem anticlimactic after the awesomeness of 292, so it's good that you found it a worthy conclusion.

You'd better believe I'm making an effort to get them back. (I don't want to say what's in the works, lest I jinx it.) And yes, I'm very sure that the relationship between these two changed dramatically as a result of this series.

@Yoyoma: Fisting is a great idea, but not everyone is willing and/or able to do it. I'll use it when I can.

Anonymous said...

Red, i got it. thanks. been largely down the past week plus. hard drive took a dump on me.

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me.

Ca Fan.

Anonymous said...

The idea with the tensed rope where the girl has to go through tip toes is nice.

To tense a rope I think there are some knots you have to know. I think you could ask some climber or acrobat. But you will need something inside where you can tie the rope. I think a bedpost or a pole or a hook in a wall would work. yeah i know its not easy. But viewing the girl having to walk along the tensed rope will compensate the work.

You can find great vids with Charley Chase walking through tensed ropes here:


or another one with Iona Grace here:


Perhaps you can contact the guys from kink and they will help you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

What would you think of setting up a separate site where people can post (either as anon or registered, not unlike here when commenting) ideas - either forfeits, returning girl requests and so-on - which then would:
a) allow you to keep track of requests
b) Allow people to see the status of their request (Working on, coming soon, rejected, need more information, etc).

Could quite easily use an OTS bug-tracker software to make sure a site, so would be minimal cost (just need a small webhosting space and then reviewing suggestions). (If you did want help, could do so, CS student here :p)

Could be an idea to give feedback with less effort :)


Anonymous said...

Great idea from Ruben. Also (c), maybe players can pick a forfeit that would seem fun to do or stretch their limits a bit. That makes for an even better match between forfeit and players. And it keeps the blog from cluttering up whith repeat requests (I might be guilty of that to, could have mentioned some forfeit involving a smallbreasted girl , handcuffs and a crowd a few times).

The glitches in 194 did not really bother me, it added to the feel of amature porn. Just put Fern in a game of chance more often,
she lacks the compativeness of some of the other girls, which makes the outcome of games with her a little predictable. She is great as a loser but I had loved to see Lumen and Anastatsia lose more games.

Finally, I've wanted to see a standing forced orgasm for some time and and it came out perfect in 297. Thnx Red & girls.
I wonder what the loser thinks when sees her orgasm back on screen...

AV (aka AS)

realnot said...

Honestly why not just use a message board/forum? You can make separate sections for discussing published clips, upcoming clips, and clip ideas.

Anonymous said...


I saw that your next shoot will likely be the last of 2012. This is a shame because it's almost as much fun reading your descriptions of upcoming events as it is watching the videos. The interactivity really serves to build anticipation.

Can I implore you, however, to use the pubic hair as last item of clothing then? I really think it will work well and quite a few others seem to agree. Most of all, please try to involve Julie!

Hope you're well.


Anonymous said...

A lot of companies use a dashboard type of site to brainstorm and finetune ideas. Like Ruben said, it is easier to organize and keep track that way vs a normal message board. But i agree a message board with clipreviews and esp. reactions from losers/players would be great.

Maybe its something Red and crew can work on while not shooting new clips.


Anonymous said...

I also vote for having the double-slingshot bikini walk of shame jump the que. I bought all 3 of the others and can't wait to see the double-walk to. Are tere any more slingshot walks/ mincro bikini walk vids remaining?

Red said...

@Kinkfan: Tying knots? Do I look like a Boy Scout? There must be some sort of clamp, maybe with a ratchet to tighten the rope... sigh. I can ask the Kink folks, but they have access to a lot of resources I don't.

@Ruben: Believe it or not, in yet another weird coincidence, I've got something very like that in the works right now. A couple of friends of mine are building a system for people to make suggestions, rate or vote on other people's suggestions, and for the status of suggestions to be tracked. They were just here last week to talk about the specs.

@AV/AS: There's more Fern coming up (in games of both skill and chance), plus I'm planning for her to come back to play some more soon. And this time, she'll stretch her limits. Glad you were cool with 294, and you're very welcome for 297. I'll let you know what Dahlia says when she sees it.

@realnot: Working on that, too. Judge is adding a forum (linked to the catalogs) for the lostbeta.com site. The catalogs are actually built using a message board architecture: the descriptions of the items (episodes, games, players, forfeits) are actually the bodies of message board posts, and the comments are replies. (Big shoutout to Judge, by the way, who's done a heck of a job.)

@TrueS: Believe me, the fact that I haven't used "pubic hair as last piece of clothing" hasn't been due to a lack of desire or willingness to do it, but mainly a lack of opportunity, and this upcoming shoot is no exception. Two of the girls I know for a fact are clean-shaven, while the third I haven't seen in a couple of years and don't know. (If you've paid close attention to blog comments lately, you might be able to figure out which three they are. It's a good group.)

I really like the interactivity, too. I love hearing people's ideas and sharing their anticipation about what's coming up, and of course the feedback. I don't think there's any question that it's made LostBets.com much, much better.

@Amir: Yep, that one's jimping the queue. Here's what's coming up:

Episode 296: New players Jelly, Serengeli, and Jerome join Fern. Three of these people have never been naked on camera before. They've got tight limits, so don't expect hardcore out of them, but I still liked what I saw and hope you will too. The game is Pod Stomp, and two losers get drawn on by two winners. Then the LostBets.com crew decided which artist did better, and the loser (as well as her "canvas") get paddled by the winners.

(Episode 297 was already published.)

Episode 298: Strip Snapper (haven't seen that one lately) with Lakota, Michelle, Hannah, and Siren. Two losers do the slingshot walk of shame.

Episode 299: Strip Poker with Lumen, Salem, and Xena. Two losers do revealing calisthenics and yoga poses. I know a lot of people were hoping to see more of at least some of these three, so hopefully this will be satisfying.

Episode 300: Oh, I dunno, I don't really have anything special planned.

And finally, Amir, yes there will be more slingshot/microkini walks of shame. I shot three of them on my recent trip, before hotel security asked me to stop doing it. One girl wore a slingshot. One girl wore a microkini -- and a freshly-shaved scalp. And one girl wore something a fan suggested, a "C thong". Google it.

Bear in mind that none of these will be published for months. But they do exist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red,

I always appreciate your efforts and the time you take to reply to messages. I'm still mightily impressed that you managed to pull off GreenMonster's request and I'm looking forward to what else you might have planned!


Anonymous said...

red: 297, indeed among the better of the best. thanks.

if possible, move heaven and earth, and even raise a little hell if need be, to bring these two back.
one of them would be among of the last i'd ever say i wanted to see more of... but after seeing her i've done 180.
there is something to be said that a babe's true beauty lies in the essence of her being, not the ink, metal, dye and other things that clutter her up.

these two are so real together, i can not imagine LB without them now.

Ca Fan

Anonymous said...

For the speculum idea. It would be great if you could use it annally you find some toys here


Anonymous said...

for the tensed rope idea:
yes I think there might be some ratchet or something like this. You should ask a ropedancer or some climbers they will help you.


Anonymous said...


I was just over at lostbeta.com and I see you have already set up forums with threads for each and every game, player, forfeit, and episode. Great. Nothing is posted to it yet, but I'll be checking back to see what develops.

You might want to consolidate a few threads if you can: like 8-Ball/8 Ball, masturbate/masturbation, and maybe exercise/calisthenics.

I hope a General/ Misc forum where users can start threads on related topics is coming soon, as well.


Red said...

@TrueS: Yeah, I was kind of surprised myself when I was able to pull off GreenMonster's request. Glad to make it happen, though.

@CA Fan: I certainly intend to get both of them back, although not necessarily together. (I like to mix up the groups for variety.) Jacqueline is about to move far away next month, but I'm frantically trying to have her back to play before she leaves. I'll let you know. As for Dahlia, she mentioned that she had a bunch of friends she thought she might be able to recruit.

@Geko: Getting girls to take things up the butt has been surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) challenging, but I'll try my best.

@climber: Well, I'm not personally acquainted with any rope dancers (or climbers) but I'll check the Internet. I'll probably be able to find something.

@Dex: The duplicate threads are due to duplicate data, which needs to be corrected. The catalog is actually derived from the message board, they're not separate. And there will definitely be a General Discussion forum, and probably a few others.