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Friday, May 17, 2013

I, 337

Episode 337 is published, featuring two of my very favorite female players and one brand-new male player.

Here's a peek at what's coming in the near future:

Hmm... looking at these, the lineup is pretty heavy with masturbation forfeits. Hope nobody minds...


Anonymous said...

There has been no update for lostbetsgames this week

Brian said...

*spoiler alert*

don't read if you don't want to know the outcome.

For 337:
Hi Red, i told you 2 weeks ago already this would be the outcome, Red.
it is pretty predictable (seen the character of one the girls and the things she does mostly besides this website) and i'm convinced this is one of the few rigged games. Not like that's a problem, i don't mind but i would have loved to see a different outcome.

Please tell me there's a rematch where Billy wins and turns the tables. I would love to see Ashley and Candle getting tied and vibrated. I'd pay annything to have a clip of that.

You do have a great website, pretty unique, original and sexy and you are working hard but for me the outcome of the games is almost every time the opposite of what i would like to see (or the wrong team/girl wins)so i have hardly ever bought a video. I don't want to put you down, it's just that i'm not going to spend any money on things i have no need for to see.

I'd very much like to support you and the frustrating thing for me is that you are so close, a great website with stripping games, (which i like very much) and forfeits that are pretty harcore
but usually take a turn in the wrong direction in the end. Most of the times a turn-off for me and believe me, really a frustrating thing to read that the build-up is great and the opposite of what you want happens.

I do see another game with this trio coming up but that's with a masturbation forfeit. That doesn't interest me who-ever loses.

Sorry, i just had to express my dissappointed because what i already expected happened and although i don't see this changing in the future, i always keep having a little hope it does.

I don't like critising people because that's easy and i don't really critise you, i respect you for making a website and your responses always show you're an openminded, upbeat & lively person who actually does act upon the requests of many suggestions. But like i mentioned already i'm just dissappointed and had to express it.

Keep up with the original and creative work, i do admire you for making this website and luckily there's plenty of people you make very happy and please with this.

Have a pleasant weekend.

P.s. any (even the slightest) chance of ever getting Raven Alexis back? Those are my favorite clips and together with Mary/Amber Strip Mogadishu (clip 038, best ever!)the only ones i've ever bought so far.

Anonymous said...

All you are illustrating is the conflict between genuine forfeits for losing and the fact that the person you see lose might not necessarily be the person you want to do so.

The only solution is to play more games and thus increase probability of losing, but of course this drives up the price as it increases costs.

So basically what Red has to determine is if finding the right loser is more important than providing a different loser at a cheaper price.

RS said...

I really liked this game, personally. I like how with so many of Red's games, the loser isn't the first person to get naked but rather the first person already naked to lose again. That means that even winners will sometimes end up naked or near-naked. My one very minor quibble, and it's very minor, is naked should mean TOTALLY NAKED -- socks or other footwear should count as clothing. Though I don't object when footwear is the last item to be removed, by design or circumstance, so that players are essentially naked while playing even though they are not technically completely naked.

RS said...

@DM - On the clip site, you have to scroll down a bit. The clips are displayed in numeric order, but #338 jumped the queue so it's staying at the top until next week when #339 (or higher) gets posted.

Red said...

@dm: Hmmm. Sorry about that. I'll ping the guy who runs that site and ask him what's up.

@*spoiler: First things first: I can see why you'd think this was a rigged game, especially considering Ashley's dominant personality, but I assure you it was not. On my honor, this game was played completely fairly and was not rigged in any way.

There is a rematch (it'll be Episode 343) but it, like 337, was completely fair and was not rigged, and so the outcome of that game will depend on the skill of the players. I'm not going to spoil it yet.

I'm sorry that the outcome of the games is often not what you want to see, and often it's not what I want to see either, but that's the price of not rigging the games. I think it's worth it, because I think the reactions of the players are much more genuine and the tension in the room is much greater when the outcome is in doubt and the players are really trying their best to win.

Hopefully someday soon the luck of the draw (or the skill of the players) will produce an outcome you'll like. As for Raven, it's doubtful but I wouldn't say impossible. There's always a chance. I'll send her an email and see if she's available. As I recall. she'd signed an exclusive modeling deal with someone else but maybe it's lapsed.

@RS" Increasing the exposure of the winners is one of the main reasons for making the loser of the game not the first one naked, but the first one to lose a round while naked. (It also increases the time the losers have to spend naked, and in the case of games that involve motion, makes them move and bounce and jiggle while naked.) Making footwear come off last does the same thing, makes the winners more likely to have to expose themselves, and in a game like Pod Stomp I now require it, 'cuz the pods stick to bare feet.

I think @dm was talking about the membership site, lostbetsgames.com, not the clip store.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Nice touch with the photos for the previews,looks good.

If you ever do the "Loser gets dominated by a third party waiting to do it" I vote Ashley for the third 'player.' Hot.

Also along the theme of having the loser lose again while naked, with some of the bondage or restraint themed games, what about having some form of restraint as a "chip"? Say naked, lose, get handcuffed, lose again and then you lose? Win and the cuffs come off, opponent strips and game goes on? Only works with certain games but could add some intrigue if you're looking to prolong or increase exposure.


Anonymous said...

Great to see Amber back again!

344 will be an instant download for me. How many pies ? :-) Any plans to get London Andrews back again?


Anonymous said...

I didnt mean the clip site

Jim152 said...

SOOOO DISAPPOINTING! Lol. Such a great build-up, only for him to lose in the end. I wanted to throw my computer across the room.

That being said, I think you have one of the most exciting websites on the internet. I've purchased of about 40 videos, some happened the way I wanted, some didn't, but the excitement of seeing these girls with the prospect of losing continues to excite me to no end! Plus, some really hot forfeits...

I'm still waiting for Ashley to lose and get what's coming to her for all these years of winning lol. I would love to see her be dominated or some hardcore sex or something along those lines.

An interesting idea for a video may be a game where two very good players (def. Ashley as one) pick two other players to play a game for them, and the losing "captain" has to undergo the forfeit. I think it could be pretty hot.

Anyways, keep up the great work, and really looking forward to the stockade and pie-ing video :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that on a site with over 300 videos, to only think like 4-5 have the results you want, you have to be pretty picky. Would I buy that video now that I know the ending? Fuck no. But there's tons of other good ones. And yeah, there's a lot of bummers...but I think ultimately, the good ones win out. The main ones I like for porn purposes (not just for entertainment) are hardcore (especially fucking), and that's worked out pretty well for me! Even if a number one pick didn't lose, the number two is good as well. That's why Red has to work to always have a number of good players

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@PP34: Interesting... having the losers put on restraints as they lose could work pretty well. As you say, though, it depends on the game: it wouldn't do to have someone handcuffed while trying to play Word Scramble. Maybe this would work better with "proxy" losers, where the people who play aren't the people who strip, like in Episode 138 or the upcoming Episode 348. As you lose, your naked girlfriend gets increasingly bound.

@NC: Two pies, one to the face and one to the ass/pussy. At least, that was the plan. But this was beer pong, and we used real beer, and the winner, in her drunken desire to hurl the pie with force into the loser's bare hindquarters, managed to splatter much of it on my wall. Still turned out pretty well, I think.

@Jim152: Sorry you were disappointed in the outcome of this one, but like I said, this is the price of "keeping it real" and not rigging the games. I'm going to be seeing Ashley again in a couple of months, and when I do, I'll put her in as many games as possible. If she plays enough games, she's bound to lose aet least some of them, right?

Or I could put her as the designated stripper/forfeitee in a game played by someone else, as you suggest. That'd be another way to do @PP34's idea of the losers getting bound during the game.

Thanks very much for the kind complimehts and for buying so many clips! I hope Episode 344 lives up to your expectations.

@GWKS: Thanks. I've always striven to have a lot of variety, in part so there'd be at least something for everyone. Hopefully @*spoiler will find something to his taste.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it would be total classic to see Ashley lose a domination/cream pie forfeit like the one Kandie recieved from Dante. still one of my favorites...

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

@PP34: this would actually make for an interesting game mechanic. You can have the "bondage" as a chip, but instead of them just getting bound, it makes the forfeit worse. Say it's pod stomp with a "get vibrated to orgasm" forfeit (and a physical game might be better, as it'd be an actually handicap), and player one removes her last piece of clothing. She can choose to get handcuffed or not for the next round. If she doesn't and wins, player two strips, same choice (as player one is still naked); if she loses, it's the normal vibration. If she chooses to be bound and loses, she bound for the vibration making the much more humiliating for her (and sexy for us); if she wins, she can put an item of clothing back on or player two removes two clothing items (something as compensation for her increased risk). (Additionally, this could be a mechanic at the beginning of the game: both players have the option of playing normally or something like a worse forfeit but you don't have to remove an item of clothing after your first lost round.)

Also, and this question is for the girls of lostbets (as I know a few read the blog; also Red, could you ask the girls their answer?):
Why do you do these videos? Why do you risk showing off for the whole Internet? Do you get off on it? Does Red just pay you really well? Etc.

Yo Momma

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, I'd try to avoid games with a guy playing that only have one loser. That's asking for trouble. The majority of your customers are likely male who want to see girls losing.

You shouldn't rig the games, but you can guarantee that you don't end up with a sole guy loser by only having them in games with multiple losers.

Personally I'd like to see them held out entirely, but I guess there's interest in male players, otherwise you wouldn't keep putting them in.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of that, you know what wouldn't be too bad is a game between three players with one winner, and that person gets to tell both losers what to do. And if THAT'S guy/girl/girl, could be pretty good no matter what.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see another one where you have three female players and two losers have sex, like the one with the twister game. Improves the chance of seeing the loser you want, and it's hot seeing two amateurs going at it at the same time.

Brian said...

Definitely like the ideas of PP34 and Yo Momma. That would make these games really sexy and erotic for me.
With certain more heavy forfeits (like this one) there's more tension which makes the clips hot. Especially with the more populair girls like Ashley for instance.

Counting on Red to make this happen in the future.

Red said...

@CA Fan: Well, maybe one of these days. We most certainly have not seen the last of Ashley, and a creampie/domination forfeit isn't outside the realm of the possible.

@Yo Momma: I don't know if a girl who wins after putting on bondage needs a reward for the increased risk… after all, she gets to keep playing instead of going right to the forfeit, and maybe that's compensation enough.

As for the girls, some of them read the blog but not enough, and even fewer post here. I need to nudge them more to do that. I'll ask them to answer your question, but I'm sure their reasons will vary from girl to girl. The money of course is a big motivator -- I like to think I'm generous when it comes to compensating the players -- but there's more to it than that for most of them. Especially when it comes to some of the amateurs, the thought of risking exposure before the whole Internet is a thrill. I know that was a part of Jelly's motivation, for example.

@Joe: Usually, that's what I do: if I have N male players, I try to have at least N+1 losers, to make sure there's at least one female loser. But variety is the spice of life, an so sometimes I don't do it that way. At least with the clip store format, nobody has to buy a clip if they don't think they'd like it.

@GWKS: A good idea. Next time I have a B/G/G trio and the players are all willing to risk sex with either of the other two, I'll do it.

@Anon 8:30 (please sign your posts): I haven't done enough hardcore sex forfeits lately. I really need to do more of those.

@Brian: Well, I'll do my best to make it happen. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

It just seems like a variation of the "Upping the ante" forfeit. I suggested a while back.

Trading an extra "Life" in the game for a worse punishment should the girl lose.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, no update on the lostbetsgames site this week either. And a couple weeks before that the "update" was the same one we got in April. What gives?

Red said...

@Anon 7:11: I just heard from the guy who runs the membership site. He said that they were having technical issues but they're all fixed now and everything should be up to date. Sorry for the difficulty.

Anonymous said...

Say two people lose. Have a vibrating egg for the two losers and have either an orgasm race or they play another game. Loser of that has to do a harder or more humiliating forfeit. Love the site and the girls.


Anonymous said...

I like the "junk shot" forfeits on the guys... any chance of the equivalent for a girl sometime? Not too hard of course but a nice whack where it hurts prior to getting down on her knees to give a blow job.

Qazwoxer said...

I actually second the idea of "crotch shots" to women. Liking that one