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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another double-update weekend

Two more updates this weekend. Don't get used to it; there's no way we can keep up this pace. But 334 and 335 are both kind of short, so I figured I'd publish them together.

Friday's Episode 334 is the third (and final) game featuring Cory, Lakota, and Tierra. They play a quick game of pure chance (High Card), with the loser being strung up in the doorjamb cuffs and tickled mercilessly until she can't take it anymore.

On Sautrday, Episode 335 is the third (and also final) game with Cheyenne and Dre. They play a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser goes over the winner's knee for a thorough bare-hand, bare-ass spanking.

Coming up in the near future:

Episode 336 brings back Belle, Zoe, and Amber to play a game of Earth and Fire. The winners get to use their choice of toys on the loser. And there's butt stuff on the menu...

In Episode 337, two of my favorite girls, Ashley and Candle, face off against new guy Billy in a free-for-all game of Word Scramble. The winners get to do whatever they want to the loser... and they've got some pretty nasty stuff in mind.

Episode 338 was already published. Not sure what I'll do here, but I might put the next game with Paige and Madison in this spot. They play Strip Basketball. The loser gets hogtied, has to pose for an anatomy lesson as we all get intimate views of her parts, and is then tickled for a solid 5 minutes.

Episode 339 features Lakota with new girl Missy. Missy is an ink model who's turned her body into a canvas. She's never done porn, but had heard about LostBets.com and wanted to give it a try. She was pretty nervous about it, and tried her best to keep her legs closed. She wasn't always successful.

Belle and Amber play Fuck-It in Episode 340 (Zoe had to go home,) The loser has to ride the Sybian while the winner control it.... and her.

Episode 341 features Paige, this time matched against big-breasted blonde bombshell Katie. The game is Croc 'n' Balls, and the loser does an embarrassing and revealing exercise/stretching routine.

This list probably isn't 100% accurate (some games from newer shoots will probably jump the queue and get published earlier) but it's an idea. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, please , please let us see Amber on the Sybian!
Just the idea of a nice girl gone bad is just so amazingly hot.

Anonymous said...




>Red said...
>If you know what I'm talking about, say so... but don't spoil it. >Let other people figure it out on their own :-)

RS said...

No idea who they are but I'm dying of curiosity. Tried to do an image comparison search without avail.

Brian said...

"In Episode 337, two of my favorite girls, Ashley and Candle, face off against new guy Billy in a free-for-all game of Word Scramble. The winners get to do whatever they want to the loser... and they've got some pretty nasty stuff in mind."

Ashley and Candle vs Billy and the winners get to do whatever they want to the loser?
That means the girls win and Billy loses.
Not the outcome i prefer. Unless there's a rematch where Billy wins, gets his revenge and gets to do whatever he wants to the girls. Ashley is one of my favorites but it's super frustrating to see her win instead of lose.
i'd pay anything to see her lose, getting tied up naked and brought to orgasm by Candle. :)

Keep up the orgininal work you're doing.

Red said...

@Furrychris: No spoilers... but as I said earlier, I definitely saw a side of Amber I'd never seen before.

@Dex and @RS: Well, here's a hint. The two of them are from Portland, which is where the incident which brought them fame (or notoriety) took place.

@Billy: It doesn't necessarily mean that Billy lost. The game was free-for-all and the girls didn't play as a team. Could've been that Billy and one of the girls won and the other girl lost. Not saying that's how it went, just saying that one winner and two losers doesn't mean it was the boy who lost. And I know it's frustrating when Ashley wins, but she's a highly competitive girl and always tries her hardest.

Red said...

Er, I meant @Brian, not @Billy.

Anonymous said...


I don't need a hint. I know what you are talking about and have already said "so" as you requested.


Red said...

Ah, got it. I misunderstood the "so".

Pretty cool, though, eh? I had no idea, until they mentioned it between games.

Anonymous said...


Are we allowed to say when Belle and Alexander embarrassed themselves? I must say, that one was a good story! I'm impressed with them to say the least!

Any progress on the shaving front? Or are your efforts still being thwarted by a general lack of pubic hair - even amongst amateurs?

Hope you're well.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

double update weekend seems to be missing its friday update...

CA Fan

Red said...

@TrueS: I'd rather you not tell everyone about Belle and Alexander's Great Adventure, at least not just yet. Let other people figure it out for themselves for now.No progress on the shaving front yet, but that's more due to not doing any shoots lately than a lack of pubes. I'll do it at the first opportunity, for sure. I'm pretty well, and I hope you are too.

@CA Fan: It's there. It's just not at the top of the default sort order 'cuz 338 was published out of sequence. Look under 338 (or sort by date) and you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

i find it amusing that some are surprised at what Amber will do/say.

she's not that innocent, i seen what she's done... in the past... and she's a bit wild, ok...
she's not true amateur.

but still... she brings an innocence/naturalness to the camera that even most amateurs cant muster.

she's been a favorite of mine since the moment i first saw her, and have bought (and will buy) every clip that she appears in, win or lose.

CA Fan

Hans said...

Hi Red,

I really REALLY admire your great work! I already bought 282 of your videos (~70% through membership, though). So keep it up and consider me another fan.

I wanted to ask about my favourite girls, will there be additional shoots with Jelly, or RyAnne?

I also asked for Sienna and Mariah quite some time ago, but you mentioned, they were from the East Coast. So I guess that didn't change?

All the best,

OD 99x said...

Red, I’d love to have you be able to have a format where we could each paste our top ten without having to dig into old blogs. Maybe a link on the side of the blog site like your surveys. I’m going to share my top ten as well. My favorite clips are where the girls don’t really want to do the forfeit, but go ahead anyway. I love embarrassed and reluctant (Julie), but not without bitching (Lily) or bad acting. Having sought out some of my favorite players on other sites, it’s almost a disappointment when you find out a girl you thought was pushing her limits has her own very graphic web site or is featured on kink.com on a weekly basis. I still enjoy those clips, they just lose some of that embarrassment factor. So with too much more explanation here are my favs, that I’ve watched so far, of the first 300:
10 Tristen and Stephanie play Strip Surgery (Great Embarrassment)
9 (#245) Strip Noname with Xena and Zayda (Embarrassment and exposure)
8 Amber and Mary play Battlestrip (There is something about Mary)
7 (#152) Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Cory, Renna, and Britney (Cory, hot forfeit)
6 Shockinaw with Raven and Alan (Hot babe, Hot BJ)
5 Strip No-Name with Charlie and Cyndi (Great banter during Forced-O)
4 Johnny, Lily, Jane, Kat, and Amberly play Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor (Great banter while M-Bating)
3 (#147) Strip Memory with Cory, Britney, and Renna (Cory+ hot forfeit)
2 (#223) Fuck 'Em Suck 'Em Robots with Lily and RyAnne(Bondage and dripping O’s)
1 (#38) Mary and Amber play Strip Mogadishu (Hot, Hot, Hot)
Special Honors: Jaime Lost a Bet (So embarrassed she wore a mask, great body and great forfeit that she was a little afraid of.)
#308 Strip Ball Blast with Fern and Salem (after #300, but they curse me during the forfeit, next best thing to being there)

Anonymous said...

If you would have 2 of those wonderfull sybians, you could play nice sybian-games.
Spin-the-bat for example. Have two girls sit on the sybian for x amount of time. When you say go, they have to run to the bat, spin a few times, and run back to the sybian. Last one to sit again strips. I will be fun when the girls are dizzy, tired and have had some big-o's, they won't be able to run a straigt line.


Anonymous said...

I must be becoming ever more cruel, because I like Luca's idea!


Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I just finished up your vid of Catherine and Caroline paroding around naked but for a c-string. Good stuff.

I know it might be expensive but I hear there are C-thongs with built in vibrators that can be remote controlled. Just putting it out there- the one thing better than a nearly naked walk of shame is a nearly naked walk of shame while the clit gets teased.


Anonymous said...

Faithofheart idea sounds great.

Have you thought of hiring the circus bunch as an audience so you have a sort of semi-public environment where amateures can do forfeit? The loser would still be in front of a group (strange) strangers.

Also, I would like to see a girl masturbating and coming standing up(maybe only in high heels) in front of several onlookers.

Lastly, for the forced orgasms, i like when the loser has to say or do something as the orgasm starts.
For instance simply "I come", "I lost at LB.com" or "I come for all my fans at LB.com", count the orgasms if she has multiple, ect. ect. Also (if they can remember), ask if they can keep eyes open and look straight in a cam.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the cumonherfaceroulette was great. It's much fun to have two girls trying to make a guy cum on the others face. But they should keep their eyes and mouthes wide open all the time.
I have another idea for a game between two losing girls. I call it "Dusty Dicks" you have two guys the girls kneel in front of them and now they have to try to make the guy cum by only using a dust cloth. The girl who first finishes her guy wins and the other one has to clean the house naked.


Anonymous said...

next time you could use this toy for anal fun



RS said...

AV suggested: "Have you thought of hiring the circus bunch as an audience so you have a sort of semi-public environment where amateures can do forfeit? The loser would still be in front of a group (strange) strangers."

I bet you wouldn't have to hire anyone. I bet Red could find a lot of people -- friends, friends of friends, etc. -- willing to be fully clothed in the audience for free.

Red said...

@CA Fan: I'm glad you like Amber and have bought her clips, but I prefer that people not talk too much about what some girls have done for other sites on this blog. Some would prefer not to know, and there's no need for spoilers. As for Amber, she might not be that innocent, but I sure was back in 2008 when I first met her, and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for her as the first girl I ever saw forced to orgasm.

@Hans: Thanks very much for buying so many clips! Even if 70% were acquired from the membership site that's still more than 80 clips bought at the store, which is pretty expensive and I really appreciate it. I've said things similar to this before, but the money means less to me than the fact that you're willing to pay it, that you think the videos are worth it. It's a huge compliment and I can't tell you (and others) enough how much it means to me.

Jelly, I think, is unlikely to play again. U've asked her, and while she didn't seem totally opposed to the idea, I got the impression that LostBets.com sounded like a fun and unique experience, and sometng she wanted to try, but now that she's done it, she doesn't need to do it again. But never say never. RyAnne you will definitely see again, but no promises as to when. And as for the other two, I'm planning another trip out East and I'm bringing the cameras and the games, and I'll at least try to contact Sienna and Mariah.

@OD 99x: Thanks for the list. It's a good one, and Johnny was stoked that he made your Top 10. It's useful to hear what you like about your favorites, and I hope others find it helpful too. I'm gonna create a page for people to post their favorites.

@Luca: Hmmm, it's got potential (I definitely like the idea of girls trying to do something after/while being stimulated by the Sybian) but I see a few problems, of which the first is that Sybians are really fucking expensive. Also, every woman I've seen get on a Sybian has done so carefully, while it's off. A girl who tried to hop on quickly while the thing was running could very well injure herself. Or break the Sybian, which again, is fucking expensive. Again, I think it has potential but i needs some work.

@TrueS: Yeah, me too, on the cruelty front. The longer I do this the more willing I get to torment the players.

@Faithofheart: Cool idea! I found some and I'll buy some. Not sure when I'll be able to use them though. And as for the expense: see above about the Sybians. After buying one of those, a $40 vibrating C thong seems like a trivial expense.

@AV: As @RS said, I can probably scrape together a crowd without hiring the circus folk, who in any case live in Portland. Last time they came up, I chartered a bus. Your suggestions for orgasms are great, though. Ashley spontaneously came up with that; she made victims cry "LostBets.com!" as they came a few times. Eyes open looking in the camera wsounds awesome.

@Analfun: Err... that looks pretty scary and I don't know if the girls would be willing to risk it. Today's update, Episode 336, coincidentally features Anal Fun, but not quite on that scale.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of forfeits like do a lapdance, get your boobs grabbed by a guy while in hand cuffs, come in front of a bunch of strangers, pick 3 strangers and allow them to grope you. If you'd get an amatuere/college girl to agree to go that far, you'd need a audience that both gets in the the spirits of things and is (somewhat) professional. That's when the portland crew game to mind.


Anonymous said...

Maybe use the Sybian howard stern style, with the FlatTop and have the girls sit on it together. And use a finish line, instead of using the Sybian as such.