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Friday, May 10, 2013

That didn't go as planned

When I was setting up what became Episode 336 (Earth and Fire with Belle, Zoe, and Amber), I remembered that quite a few people have asked to see more anal play. So I told the girls that the winners could use whatever they wanted from the collection I laid out in front of the couch, but I made specific mention that there were butt plugs there and strongly suggested that they be used. All three looked somewhat apprehensive, but agreed.

So what happened? They remember I said "butt" but forgot about the "plug" part, and shoved a glass dildo up the poor loser's hinder. Oh well. Hope y'all like it anyway.


Red said...

By the way, Belle and Alexander achieved their international notoriety for an incident that happened on Valentine's Day. The hints offered so far should be enough: a Google search for those terms returns the story in the first few pages of results.

Mindworm said...

Hot as Hell!
I'm glad you've got girls willing to do some anal playing, and hope to see more of such stuff in the future!

Anonymous said...

Just tracked down the Belle and Alexander story- very hot!

Would love to see a bukkake forfeit and see one of the hot girls absolutely covered.


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find the Belle and Alexander story. I am pretty dumb about searches and things. Could somebody send a link, PLEASE?
Thanks Bob

Anonymous said...

I'm in same boat as Bob on the Belle & Alexander story.
HELP Please

Thanks Billy

Anonymous said...

Also can't find it-- what are the hints?!

RS said...

Found it!

Red said...

Please don't post direct links here. I'd rather not have anyone trace them back from their embarrassing run-in with the law to LostBets.com, and while it's unlikely, if one of the news stories is posted here, search engines just might link them.

The incident occurred in Portland, on Valentine's Day. I'll even throw in that it was Valentine's Day 2012. And seriously, Googling for those terms should turn up the result quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

thanks Red found it.

Mismanager said...

You said recently that Jelly was unlikely to appear again. This is a great shame as I was hoping she would become a regular. Do you have any unpublished games in which she appears? If you have, I'd urge you to put them near the front of the queue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the cumonherfaceroulette was great. It's much fun to have two girls trying to make a guy cum on the others face. But they should keep their eyes and mouthes wide open all the time.
I have another idea for a game between two losing girls. I call it "Dusty Dicks" you have two guys the girls kneel in front of them and now they have to try to make the guy cum by only using a dust cloth. The girl who first finishes her guy wins and the other one has to clean the house naked.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

the anal toy is very good I've seen it on several porn sites used. You pump it up slowly so it won't hurt the girls.


you can see descriptions how to use it at youtube:


you can see a girl using it here.


I've also seen it at


Anonymous said...

hey Red, any possibility that you will invest in one of those X bondage things in the near future? it would sure be a better device than door jam cuffs.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I know Zoe had to leave after that game but I really hope she comes back for more. She was extremely hot.


Anonymous said...

Ditto. You keep posting repeats on the game site. What gives?