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Friday, May 24, 2013

Addicted to inkahol

Today's update, Episode 339, features an ink model. Usually, I prefer the girl-next-door type, meaning few or no tattoos, but this time I made an exception. No regrets. If you want to see more of Missy in her element, you can search for Miss (or Mrs) Inkaholic. Enjoy,


Brian said...

Hey Red,

saw the introduction story and didn't check the outcome yet. (for once)
Don't really care about he outcome anyway the be honest i just started wondering about 1 part in the text. "She approached you". I know there are a lot of professional models and probably some amateurs aswell. In the beginning you most likely had to get professional models but once the site has a reputation i can imagine some volunteer. Question being: how do you get your models (nowadays)? Most are hired but are there really girls contacting you they'd like to play a game? And if so, do you accept just any girl or is there some sort of selection procedure or conditions they have to attent to? Maybe this question has been here before but " forgive me" if haven't read all posts before yet. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

the Lostbetsgames site hasn't updated this week (again). Also, having 3 weeks of Julie/Ashley was kind of a gyp--It was really the same thing.

Red said...

@Brian: No need to apologize for asking a question that might have been asked before. I certainly don't expect people to read through 6 years of blog posts before asking anything, and I enjoy talking about this sort of thing anyway, and I don't mind repeating myself. And also, I don't mind repeating myself.

In the very beginning, I found my players by putting an ad on Craigslist. "Get paid to play games!", that's what that ad said back in 2007. Turns out that Craigslist is a really bad way to find reliable talent, and i was fantastically lucky that Ashton and Mia responded. If I hadn't gotten such awesome players that first time, it's very possible that I might've just given the whole thing up as a bad experiment.

After then, I found a few players from pro modeling sites like OneModelPlace and ModelMayhem, until the latter kicked me off for running a porn site. But for the past several years, the vast majority of my new players have been referrals from previous players. Shooting with us is a lot of fun, and like I said in the last thread I like to thunk that the payers are well-compensated, so my players are eager to refer their friends. The referral bonus I pay doesn't hurt either. The referrals are especially helpful when it comes to finding amateurs. So for example, I met Lumen at a party (to watch Episode 1 of Game of Thrones, if my memory serves me right) and she referred her friends Salem and Fern. Fern, in turn, referred a bunch of her friends, including Jelly and Anastasia. And yes, I get emails from random girls who've seen the site and want to play.

As for your second question, I'm not very selective when it comes to choosing players. As long as she's willing to play and risk her clothes (and is over 18, of course) , I'll hire just about anybody, at least once. I figure that girls who are really hot are great, but girls who aren't as smoking-hot might be more embarrassed to reveal their bodies, so it balances out.

@Anon 8:44: I'm very sorry about that. Ive already contacted the guy who runs that site about the missed updates and he assures me that the problem is fixed and shouldn't happen again. I'll talk to him about the repetition of Episode 246 and get him to post some bonus updates.

Viredae said...

For this game's Red, I don't know whether to shake my head in disapproval at pulling that trick on her or giving you the thumbs up, but either way, one hand is already occupied, if you know what I mean.

RST said...

Red, how about couple vs couple games, where the couple risks stripping their partner and maybe the loser has to watch helplessly while winners have their way with the partner

Anonymous said...

@RST: That's a good idea in principle, but it'd probably be really hard finding couples that would go for it. And the ones who would are likely open enough to do that kind of thing regularly, thus it wouldn't be that hard of a forfeit for them. However if I'm wrong and Red could pull that off with truly reluctant couples, that'd be a great clip.

You might be able to tone it down a little bit to make it work. No sex or even touching. Maybe just have one guy's girlfriend/wife give the other a lap dance or something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red!

I was wondering if you could do a game where the loser had to do something with either beads (including the really big ones) or Benwa balls.
I'd also love to see more creampie forfets (like where the loser is blindfolded and can't see who cumming inside of her) or one where the other players are taunting.
Would it be possible to get a model or two with long nails?



realnot said...

A forfeit where a girl has to walk around in public for a while with ben-wa balls inside her would actually be pretty awesome.

RST said...

Joe, I'm sure money could make any person do things they normally won't do. Then again, it's not my money haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Any chance of a forfit where both guys and girls risk having do something bisexual?


RST said...

+1 to your forfeit VL

Brian said...

Hr Red.

thanks for the response and information.

Mia and Ashton are cuties and still missed every day in today's games. Although they were probably the main reason for success in the beginning, it would have been nice to have seen them in some more hardcore forfeits. For me, the would be restraints. To see 1 or both of them in handcuffs or door jam cuffs would be arousing. I have searched the net but could only find 1 photoshoot of Ashton tied and stripped in door jam cuffs. So she would have done it as a forfeit i think.

Just 3 more questions: Everybody, and most likely the girls who play aswell, have some ideas of what forfeits could be played.
1. Has it ever occurred that the girls who played came with ideas for forfeits themselves? Or that they mention in advance what forfeit they would like to play?

I know there are games where the winner(s) get to do to the loser(s)
whatever they want. We noticed that recently.
2. Does the forfeit really gets decided at the spot or do they already have an idea in advance what they want to do if they win.
I expect to games to be true, so the loser(s) doesn't know what to expect but i assume also limits are set in advance so nothing happens that someone absolutely doesn't want to do/ to be done.

3. Are these limits discussed just before such an "winner gets to do whatever he/she wants"-game?

Final question: Do you think you can get Charlie Laine soon again? Any game with her will do. ;)

Thanks very much and good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

This week's update on the member site is the exact same update we had on March 8.

Anonymous said...

any news from the shoots with Sassie you were mentioning earlier this year?


Anonymous said...

@anon 9:26 I haven't tried it but perhaps it has now been fixed as the March 8th update cut off part way through


Red said...

@Viredae: Well, hey, I figure if a girl wants to keep her legs closed, it's her responsibility to do it. If a camera just happens to catch a flash of pink, that's hardly my fault, is it?

@RST: We've done similar things before, probably the best example being Strip Darts with Kat and Daisy being the "prizes". (I'm not home at the moment and can't look up the episode number.) There's also a couple v. couple game where the men play and the women strip coming up in Episode 348. The forfeit is a bit tamer than "winners have their way with the loser's girl" but hopefully it won't disappoint.

@Joe: Maybe. I seem to have a knack for talking people into risking their modesty, so it's possible. But as it turns out, Episode 348 which I mentioned above, is close to what you suggest. As I said, the forfeit was pretty tame, although still embarrassing for the loser who ended up exposed before the gloating winning couple.

@Beatrice: The clip of Kat vs. Johnny in You Bet Your Ass I published does feature beads being used, but it's been quite awhile and I've never used Ben Wa balls at all. It's a good idea and I'll try to get it involved. It's also been way too long since the last creampie, and I really dig the idea of a blindfolded loser being fucked by a guy she can't see. I've never specifically attempted to find players with really long nails, but I can give it a try.

@realnot: Yeah, and it could be a good way to do some sexy public forfeits without risking an arrest for indecent exposure.

@VL: Yes, and I'll address that in the next blog post.

@Brian: It would have been nice to get Mia and Ashton to do more than they did, but honestly I thought I did pretty well just to get them to open their legs on camera. Restraints would probably have been possible, but at the time I didn't have many restraints and now that ship has sailed.

As for your questions:

1. Yes, this happens all the time. I'm always looking for creative ideas from any sources I can find, and the players are sometimes have some of the best ideas. I've lost count of the number of times I've told the players what was going to happen and one of them has come up with an idea for improving it.

2. It varies. Often the players do have an idea of what they want to do to the loser(s) if they win (or what will be done to them if they lose) but sometimes it's a complete surprise, subject to limits. Which brings me to:

3. We generally discuss limits at the beginning of a shoot, not before each game. We also use safewords so people can escape if their limits are totally transgressed but we try to discourage their use unless the loser really means it.

Finally, I would sincerely love to get Charlie back but I've lost touch with her. I'll try again to reach her.

@Anon 9:26 (please sign your posts): I talked about the recent issues with the guy who runs the membership site and he's promised to take care of them. Please let me know if things don't improve.

@Zed: I did talk to Sassy and she is interested in coming back, but it hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Red, why haven't you made a new blog entry?

Also, I don't know if you ever said why, but you stopped updating your episode guide at like, 218. Any chance of getting that back up to the present?

Yo Momma