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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new point of view for 2014

I've published a handful of "POV" games, where the girl is actually playing against you, the viewer, through the camera, including Episodes 059, 157, 180, 211, 214, 246, and B046. People who've been following the blog for a long time know that Lily Cameron, once a player here, has moved to the other side of the camer, and I've had her shooting POVs for me, which I've been stockpiling. For a long time people have asked when they'd be released, and for a long time I've been dawdling. Finally, early this year, I promised I'd have them out by the end of the year. As usual, I've procrastinated, but now, at literally the last minute, the deed is done. Just as the ball drops to ring in the New Year, the first 10 clips will hit the new Lost Bets POV store. From then, there will be a new clip every Wednesday.

POVs are very different from the usual "reality porn" we usually shoot. We normally tell our players to just be themselves, while a POV model has to act. Lily didn't direct these in quite the same way we would have, but I hope you like them.


Red said...

"****** THIS STORE IS UNABLE TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME ******" Fantastic. Probably someone at C4S needs to flip a switch or something. Oh well. Hope it's up soon.

mismanager said...


The link to the new site at the top of the blog takes me to the membership site not the new one.

Happy New Year!

Red said...

Whoops. Fixed, thanks.

mismanager said...

You might also look at the link to your "web log" at the top of the page on the new site. It just takes you back to the same page. Did you intend it to say "web blog?"

Anonymous said...

Hi, the POV site is briljant. You gonna have game their the girls win?


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to watching a couple!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Red

How do these work
Do you have an example??
Are the results already set or will it vary ??


Anonymous said...

Love it, Red! FINALLY! :D Glad to see so much expansion and growth of your empire here lol.

But quick ponderings if you'll ever put spoilers up for the clips? That seems pretty crucial to games such as these lol.

And if you'll try to have mainly your own roster of POV girls or some girls will cross over and do both types? Don't really need to tell you that most guys here have their own favorite players and girls lol. Great it's finally up Red, great job.


Anonymous said...

Red, I thought of possibly a good idea for a series...I don't know if it'd work out in a big bang like for 400, but you haven't done anything like this I don't think.

What if you did it like a "first time hardcore" type of thing...so you get people who haven't really done it before...I don't think this would be as good with porny actors. And the thing is, it's more of an elimination. Maybe you start with 4, and every week one loses and has sex, and the next week it's only the next 3. And finally on single winner. To change it up, maybe the hardcore forfeits are different for each, like one guy for one week, or a gangbang for the last. It'd be actually pretty good if they were really competing for something, like there's some sort of actual prize they could win. That'd sort of up the stakes.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

RS said...

Something I've always wanted to do, but lacked the talent and resources, was to create video games with actors and actresses filmed in segments stripping and performing forfeits. You could set it up so one or more humans could play against one or more computer opponents, with the opponents stripping or performing forfeits as they lost. Sounds like this POV footage could be a basis for such a thing.

Viredae said...

Red, if I weren't straight, I'd want to kiss you on the mouth.

Can't wait for the store to go up proper.

Adam and Eve said...

Happy New Year Everyone!

We wanted to post a few updates on some questions we have been receiving.

1. The reason why Adam has 2 picks and the reason why I only have 1. This is because when we first approached Red he tried to recruit us for video and/or pictures to post on this site. The original girl was against this so we ended up finding another girl for him. However we both decided that maybe videos/pictures were not the best for us so that idea got scrapped. If Adam ends up winning the entire bet (he is leading 2-0) then you guys can pick which one.

We will not be sending out any nude pictures or us 'doing it' with another person. We will give a detailed report of what happens.

Adam definitely does NOT want to see me with another man and I can say that I would not be the happiest seeing him with another girl. But this bet is a bet and no backing out now.

Please continue to ask questions if you have any or if we skipped yours by accident.

Anonymous said...

Do any of these clips have the girl winning yet Red? Like mentioned foreverrrr ago in the Ashley/Julie POV game that it's definitely the girls winning masturbation instruction type games I'm looking to purchase from yor fine establishment(:


Anonymous said...

This is excellent news, Red, and definitely a fun surprise to start off 2014. (A happy Lost Bets new year, indeed.) Also a good selection for launch, and I was quite surprised (and pleased) to see a Starli clip in there. Looking forward to Wednesdays now, and I will happily throw money at this project as soon as I have money to throw. =)

— Big Sam
Or "Bug Sam", according to a previous reply. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I just watched "Strip Hi-Low with Mindy for Masturbation with a Dick Lollipop" on Lost Bets POV.

Great Clip!!

Here's some feedback(spoiler alert):
+ I really loved Mindy's general attitude!!!!
+ Mindy has a great body
+ I loved that Mindy sat with her legs spread during the game
+ Mindy performed an excellent forfeit

- I didn't like Mindy's negative comments on the viewers body. If she doesn't want to see the viewer naked, then why does she want to play a strip-game?? I like POV better when the girl actually wants to see the viewer naked.

Looking forward to seeing more if Mindy in POV, preferably interactive POV!


Anonymous said...

"- I didn't like Mindy's negative comments on the viewers body. If she doesn't want to see the viewer naked, then why does she want to play a strip-game?? I like POV better when the girl actually wants to see the viewer naked."


I see lots of PoV / masturbation instruction vids out there where a major theme is humiliation of the viewer on some level. Some people are into that. Fine. But way more people are not.

For me, it's way more enjoyable when she's slightly embarrassed but still excited by losing, or if she wins, she's into it and excited by it.


Johnny said...

@JP @M I totally agree regarding Mindy's negative comments. During editing Red and I were cringing about that. I'll let him elaborate more on that particular issue.

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible for you to note in the descriptions of the POV videos whether the girl denigrates the viewer or not? I mean, I know that some people get off on being demeaned, but I would like to avoid such videos.


--- Mycroft

mismanager said...

You can watch with the sound turned off - works for me.

Johnny said...

@Mycroft - We'll make sure there is a warning when this kind of attitude shows up in a POV in the future. We understand this sort of thing isn't what everyone wants and we want you guys to know what you're getting.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you mean by "play against you". I'd say the viewer should have influence on the outcome but I bet that's not the case here.

Johnny said...

@Anon 2:57 am (as Red would say, please sign your posts) - You are correct, the viewer cannot influence the video. Some of the upcoming POV's will have alternate endings but each time the ending for each video will be the same. We just mean that it's in POV so the model will be looking into your eyes and speaking as if she were talking directly to you. We do have some interactive games in development in which the player will indeed have some influence over each round of the game, but I'm not sure what the target date is at this point.