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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet the amateurs

I love recruiting amateurs. I love talking girls who've never been naked on camera before into playing stripping games for my cameras so I can share their blushing bodies with the world. Mind you, plenty of my best players have been at least semi-professional models, but there's something about the real girls who never even really thought about posing nude until I brought it up.

Friday's update stars James and Madison, both of whom are amateurs who'd been virgins to naked video until LostBets.com. Friday's update also introduces Delilah, without whom I'd never have met James and Madison. 

Delilah was Johnny's girlfriend. She's also pretty hot and I would not have minded at all having her in front of my camera, but she's also got fiercely protective, mean, and armed male relatives, and while I'm sure Delilah's body is worth seeing, I doubt it's worth my life. She makes an appearance in Episode 374, but as a fully-clothed designated clothing-remover and spanker which I'm hoping is tame enough to spare me the wrath of her kinfolk. So instead of posing naked, she did the next best thing: she referred her friends. Madison tends bar at a restaurant where Delilah used to work.

Delilah also introduced me to Bex, who tends bar at a different restaurant where Delilah used to wait tables. (Delilah now waits tables at yet another restaurant. I'm waiting to see if they have a hot bartender.) Bex, in turn, lured in Piper, her friend and, I think, her nanny. Meet the two of them here:

I am not a very good interviewer, but I hope I'm getting better. See them debut in Episode 376.

But first, Double December continues on Saturday with Episode 375. I'm very excited to introduce Heather and Lela, both of whom I think will be popular, as they face off with Candle, who's  already popular. Heather is a blonde angel in human form with impressive all-natural knockers and a sweet disposition to match. She wouldn't risk anything sexual  (she's not that kind of girl) but you'll like what you see of her. Her first game is Pod Stab (which we've previously called Puck Off) with the markers positioned in a way that guarantees that the increasingly naked players have to run and bend over a lot.  And for the forfeit? Well, once upon a time I had a PA named Prudella DePrude, and she made me some cards depicting stick figures in revealing yoga poses. I dusted them off, and wow, do they work well.

Heather's opponent Lela, by the way, really deserves her own special mention. She's definitely the girl next door type, bookish and smart and cute, and like Heather, her boobies are large and they are real. She's fiercely competitive and loves a good challenge, and unlike Heather, she was game for big, risky  bets.  We'll see that the next time this trio appears, in Episode 379.

That's it for this weekend. Next weekend starts off with Episode 376, and the not-very long-awaited debut of Bex and Piper vs. Madison and Sassy.

Bex and Piper were willing to risk a lot (even though one of them had never even been with a girl before) but the night was young and I thought it best to introduce them to LostBets.com gently, so the first forfeit was merely revealing and embarrassing: the yoga cards. The two newbs teamed up against Madison and Sassy, who didn't have nearly the rapport that the two longtime friends had.

I think it's a good lineup so far but pretty softcore. Balance is restored in Episode 377 on Saturday the 21st. Bob, Mouna, Olivia, and Grace return to play a free-for-all game of group Rock-Paper-Scissors to one loser, whom the winners use as their plaything.

Yeah, that's the stuff.

The following Friday we open with Ashlyn battling Richard (Bailey had to go, damn it) with the loser bending over for the paddle. The winner applies it with gusto.

Finally, on Saturday the 28th, Candle and Lela return, along with Heather. Lela wanted to bet big. Candle was willing. Heather was not. So the game was just Candle vs. Lela, as they fire ink-coated darts at Heather, strapped fully naked  in spread-eagle with targets painted on her body. That's what she gets for not being adventurous, although considering what was at stake, I can't say I blame her. The loser gets a good strap-on fucking. After, that is, a butt plug is inserted into the loser's poor asshole, where it is held while she's getting fucked.

Thanks to Phillip Payne (any relation to Ilyn or Podrick?) for the name Body Shots for this game. (The players don't call it that. I shot the game before I had the name.) Contact me via email (red@lostbets.com) for a free copy of this one.

That brings us to the end of Double December. I leave you with Star.


Anonymous said...

The category game would be great. One great category would be 'sex toys' or 'sex positions', etc... Great viewing the girls having to name things like that. They might get red and laugh a lot while playing. I think you would not violate any copyright by using this game.

Anonymous said...

Interesting planning, especially next week.
I know you don't like to tell but i hope that it will be the opportunity for us to see more of Mouna or Olivia than we did in their first game (exciting but a bit deceiving regarding those two newbies). If it ends up like in the game with Bailey, Ashlyn and Richard, it would be great.
By the way, how many more games did these players had together? Did Mouna and Olivia also played with others (or with one another) or just with Grace and Bob?

Really hoping that Sassy and Madison will lose too. Sorry, but it's beeen way too long since we've seen Sassy for wishing her to win.

Thanks for this Xmas present. Looking forward to seeing what's coming (and who's coming?) next year.


Anonymous said...

Asking girls questions in a category game sounds great. If a girl has no answer she has to remove clothing. If then the others know answers she has to say another answer or remove another item of clothing until a sevond girl gets out of answers and does her part. This goes until nobody knows an answer.
Other cool questions could be 'pornstar male' or 'pornstar female' or 'name of adult paysite' and so on. Would be interessting to see how much the girls know about porn.

Anonymous said...

Asking girls questions in a category game sounds great. If a girl has no answer she has to remove clothing. If then the others know answers she has to say another answer or remove another item of clothing until a sevond girl gets out of answers and does her part. This goes until nobody knows an answer.
Other cool questions could be 'pornstar male' or 'pornstar female' or 'name of adult paysite' and so on. Would be interessting to see how much the girls know about porn.

Anonymous said...

My mistake: in my message,i wrote
"exciting but a bit deceiving regarding those two newbies"

i meant disappointing and not deceiving

Can't wait to see how that game with Mouna and Olivia will end. High hopes for this one.

Anonymous said...

Red you get my e-mail?


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the post, but I just bought the only video I didn't have with Mika in it. Now I have all of them!

The question is: Will we have new Mika appereances in 2014? :) It would be great!


Riggins said...

Great lineup, Red, as always. Can't wait to see the Designated Stripper/Spanker in action!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I'm wondering, without giving away too much, how this week's clip is edited in regards to the stockade and the hard whack. Do we see the loser get strapped in twice or is it cut to put the loser in there the whole time as if there was no stop?


FederBear16 said...

Great stuff on the horizon! Can't wait to see 378, really hoping Candle wins that one! Would be great to see Lela taken advantage of!

376 was great also. The whacks didn't look that hard to me, but I'm guessing Madison has a pretty low pain tolerance. Either way, still a hot scene!

Red said...

@Gamefan and @Quizzking: The problem with having categories like 'sex toys' or 'porn stars' is that I'd like the MC to have a complete list of acceptable answers. I don't want there to be disputes about whether Rick Hardman is really a porn star, followed by trips to Google. I think the game will work best with a relatively short list of answers.

@G: Yes, I don't like giving away the ending but I really don't think you'll be disappointed with 377. Does it compare to 367? You be the judge, but again, I think you'll like it. And Mouna and Olivia did play quite a few more games, both together and seperately. You'll see them together again, along with Dakota, in Episodes 382 and 386. Olivia will compete against Ashlyn and Brooklyn in Episode 390, and teamed with Ashlyn against Brooklyn and Ashley in Episode 393. The other ones with Mouna aren't scheduled yet but I think we're already into March by then.

@DaM: Yup. Been too busy to reply but will shortly.

@David: Thanks very much for all your purchases, and I'm glad you like them. I don't have any specific plans to see Mika again but I could definitely try.

@Riggins: I hope Delilah lived up to your expectations!

@PP34: Neither, exactly. After the fateful hit, as the loser cries out, we fade to a black screen saying "A Brief Intermission..." and then cut back to Madison back in the stockade. We don't see her strapped in again... but if there's demand for it, I can look at the raw footage to see if we got any of the second strapping in.

@FederBear16: Well, like I said to @G, I don't like to spoil the games ahead of time, but I really like 378 and I think most people will. It's one of several really good ones coming up, through and beyond Double December.

It's good to hear that you liked 376. At the time, I was worried that the interruption would ruin the game, so I'm glad it turned out well anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've posted before about it, but yeah, Mika! She'd be pretty good with someone like Madison for some hardcore forfeits.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey Red!

Great to see Olivia back so soon in the lineup! Here's hoping the rock, paper, scissor gods are in everyone's favor!

Also, just wanted to point out that this episode and the next one are both episode 377. Unsure if this is intentional, but just wanted to help out if this is a typo.

Have a good one!
Lord Sheep!

Red said...

@GWKS: I'm already thinking about what the hell I'm going to do for Episode 400, and maybe I'll see what Mika's up to these days. (As always, no promises, but I love fulfing these kinds of requests and I'll see what I can do.)

@Lord Sheep: Whoops! Thanks very much for pointing out the error. What happened is that Episodes 377, 378, and 379 were originally scheduled to be 376, 377, and 378, but everything got bumped back a slot after the shoot with all the amateurs to make room for the new stuff. I accidentally chose old images for this blog post. It's fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red if you're planning to hove 10+ players around with interesting limits (as in 300) - how about holding several games in a tournament format (the Pussy Open??). Simple elimination, winner advances to next round. The loosers could be implicated in each subsequent forfeit (you loose in 1st round you are implicated in 3 forfeits, you loose in second round, you are implicated in 2 forfeits, etc).

This could work with any game and any forfeit. Each "match" would be a separate episode it could go on for a few weeks...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, man! That's what I like to hear, Red. I keep hearing other people mention Mika so I think there's a demand for her. And it would be cool to see a few old schoolers in the big 400. If it doesn't work out, that's understandable...but she was always cool.

Anonymous said...

Oops, the last post was Guy Who Knows Stuff, which is me too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red, 376 was fairly hot. Something hot about Madison wanting to finish her forfeit---or feeling obligated or whatever the word it even though she prob really didn't have to and its shameful and all. Submissive and hot. She deserved to have the clip bought


Anonymous said...

For the category game you could also ask for '100 most famous pornstars listed on
http://www.fameregistry.com' so it would work without long google searches.

Anonymous said...

Heather's big naturals are effing awesome. Nicely done Red!!!

Obelix said...

Episode 400? Why not a scene with 2 or more losers being fucked? Perhaps with all the very popular Ashley. Naked twister with 3 girls for instance. I liked the group screw you neighbour with a large group of people.

Have you thought about scenes with girls in a specific category? For example, all blondes, all without tattoos or all big breasted. Something like that.

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say that Heather is great. Ranks among the best looking girls ever on this site, besides I buy everything with Candle in it. I would also like to see more of Maddie and Brooklyn. I thought they were both hot and really fun to watch.

JJ said...

Yeah. 400 has to be a special one. Take two veterans like Ashley and Addie, a younger girl who is a recent favorite (like Brooklyn) and try to find a young newbie that has never undressed on any nude/porn website and make them play some very different games in league mode.
For example: highcard, darts, trivia quiz, ropeskipping. Loser of a single game undresses completely (3rd takes off two items, 2nd one item) but they are all allowed to play on (even if they can't take off anything) because everyone can still rank up in the end as players are ranked 10, 5, 3, 0 points after every single game.
In the end the last girl in the league ranking is the ultimate loser. She will be the sex slave of two guys and will get fucked and give head to both of them.
The other three girls are ranked by their points, with different possibilities:
6 to 9 points - same treatment as the ultimate loser
10 to 12 points - fucked by one guy
13 to 15 points - give a blowjob
16 to 18 points - watch and masturbate
19 to 30 points - nothing happens
33 to 35 points - she may get the ultimate loser to fulfil her any wish
40 points - as before, and the ultimate loser has to pay her all her fee she got for the shooting

This would be an epic game with all players staying very competetive right to the end.
And, of course, it would be the right ending for that jubilee to see Ashley first time get fucked on lostbets.com ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope we get to see more of Heather. She is a very awesome addition to the scene. I wonder if you are going to be able to open her up like you did with Julie. I'm sure it will definitely take time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red will Jelly be having more games anytime soon? Thanks. -Rey

Anonymous said...

is bex/Tobi on any other sites? If so, what is her stage name to find those?