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Friday, December 27, 2013

End of December

It's the last weekend in Double December, and Episodes 378 and 379 are ready to finish out the month. Today, Episode 379 brings back Heather, albeit in a featured role rather than as a player. Since that featured role entails her being gloriously naked the whole game, I don't think anyone will complain. On Saturday, Episode 378 has Ashlyn and Richard duking it out for an ass-whooping. By the way, did I mention before that the lovely Ashlyn is just 19? I don't think I did.

Last week, Bex and Piper made a very successful debut against popular amateur Madison and long-awaited returnee Sassy. See them in the very first clip of 2014 in Episode 380, in a very intense game of Elefino that leaves one of them masturbating on the couch while everyone else enjoys the view.

There's a few more new girls working their way through the production queue. Say hi to Savannah:

...and Sage:

Here are a couple of promos of Episode 376's losers:

There are a whole lot of blog comments in the last thread I haven't responded to yet. The holidays have been a bit hectic and I haven't had the time I've needed. I'll get to them, and soon.

Finally, a few years ago, I mentioned that Xena had gotten a for-real no-fooling actual ink-and-needle tattoo of Lost Betsy on her wrist. I posted a picture of it, but pictures aren't too hard to fake. so for any of you doubters out there, check this out. It's totally legit.


Anonymous said...

Incredible sounding updates to look forward to Red. Hope your holidays were healthy and joyous! Can't wait for the 1st run of 2014 already :D kudos for not only the consistent but always improving quality here for soooo many years. You truly have lots of loyal dedicated lifetime members here for sure. Being said, don't how many you shot, or if any are plannned in the future but I'll withhold .1% of my gushing and gratitude until Sassy fixes that sock problem of hers. Namely the burning of them. Naked is naked, no damn gray are already :P haha. Glad to have another year in the record books sir!

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward To the next list of coming games


dave35 said...

Happy nude year to red and the lostbets crew I still love your work but a little disappointed about POV and game still not posted you did promise some POV before 2014 but did not arrive :( :(

Anonymous said...

This too!^ I was the one who raveddddd about the one with Ashley and Julie! One with Sassy or Heather would be absolute heaven. So almost perfect here Red, no pressure lol but always new and intriguing ideas to experiment with or further on here :D

Anonymous said...

Red- what exactly are Heather's limits when it comes to forfeits? I'd love to see her tied back up on that door and vibed into submission if you can tempt her there.


Eve said...

Hi everyone, it's Eve again. Unfortunately I did not have a good weekend and lost both updates. Adam now has a 2-0 advantage. I get to pick first during the next weeks update so hopefully I can redeem myself. The majority of people are hoping I win so thank you for the support. I will try to do better for you guys.

The two girls for Adam both agree to send out picture but only/if Adam wins.

Please let us know if you have any more questions. We will try to answer/respond to all post here and all emails we receive.

Anonymous said...

Sorry To hear eve. How many points you need for win the bet?


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your first round loss. I'm in the camp that is totally rooting for you to win so I feel your pain.

I have some questions,

How did the picking of the candidates for the bet go? We're they friends or did you have to pick them up randomly?
Why does Adam get 2x choices and you get one? (Variety is the spice of life)
How did the choosing of the lost best contestant's go this week? Did Eve pick first and get unlucky or did Adam pick first?

Final question,

Have you thought of what you are making Adam wear when he loses? :-) My idea is that Adam pays for you and your companion to go to a super nice restaurant while the loser wears something showing they lost a bet. It's a bet within a bet! What are your thoughts?

Thanks Eve in advance for the feedback and sharing your story with us. You are going to pull this off. Let us know how your fan base can support you.



Thanks for being a good sport but you are going down! :-)

Anonymous said...

Adam and eve I think the loser should have to do something...maybe naked pic posted on here...no face if u r worried about that...jill

Anonymous said...

did any of you pay attention?: the loser has to watch their partner get it on with another person.

thats forfeit enough, aint it?

and stop asking Eve for naked pics. she's already said it was beyond her limits. show some respect.


Anonymous said...

K there tough guy

Red said...

Hey everybody, if you’ve been waiting for a response in the last blog thread (“The ol’ switcheroo”) just wanted to let you know that I’ve responded. Sorry for the wait. Holidays, y’know.

@Anon 12:29: Thanks, but please sign your posts. Not that I don’t mind having my praises sung, but I like to know who’s doing the singing. My holidays were indeed joyous, although if “healthful” doesn’t include heaping servings of sugary goodness, I’m afraid not. I hope yours were as well (and everyone reading this, and everyone not reading this too). We try hard to keep our quality going consistently up. And as for Sassy’s socks, you just wait until 380. I promise, she won’t have them forever.

@Swedishguy: Yeah, I’m running out of previews, aren’t I? I’ll have to do something about that.

@dave35 and @Anon 3:38 (please sign your posts): The year isn’t over yet.

@Faithofheart: She was not willing to engage in any sort of sexual activity, and that includes masturbation and forced orgasms. Technically, nobody was supposed to touch her in intimate areas, but Candle and Lela got away with it in 375.

@Eve: This weekend’s update features Bex, Madison, Piper, and Sassy playing Strip Elefino. There is only one loser, who has to masturbate to orgasm on the couch. More than once. You guys should post your picks to win.

Speaking of Eve, there have been a few requests that I try to recruit her and Adam. I did.I also suggested they post pictures of themselves, starting with four pieces of clothing and posting a picture (possibly with faces obscured) after each round, with the loser shy one article. But it’s a plain fact that posing naked on the Internet is not for everyone. And I respect that. I love making the girls blush, but I also want to send them home happy, and I don’t want anyone to have regrets.

Anonymous said...

God I hope Sassy loses 480 but I just do not trust a 4:1 odds ): I more trust her complete lack of ability in seemingly all of these games though :P lol. And sorry for always forgetting to sign posts Red! I'm guessing like most the having to sign in to an account just to comment isn't always the fastest or even woks. Never has for me lol. I'll remember to sign more often! Anon was the only way to actually get my word posted and readable


Anonymous said...

Sorry first time poster here, and for the time being I would like to keep anonymous. I was raised in a fairly conservative family, and porn is something which is still awkward for me. I often avoid the more hardcore forfeits that very reason, but I enjoy watching the stripping and competition. The way I look at it is you can't condemn people for doing something you yourself do, and as a person who has done some strip bets before I think it is a bunch of exciting fun. If I did not live completely across the country, I would even be willing to participate to some extent in the games ( probably more on a Heather level though). That neither here nor there though. While I know Red you are good with the hardcore, I love the softcore. Someone like Heather is awesome, and while you miss out on the greatness of seeing the "deed" softcore is great for humiliation. You've used my favorite forfeits quite a bit: the spanking, the wet and messy (why not have a forfeit with two girls w/ a red balloon filled with a substance of like mayo and lemon-lime soda that would look like a substance we all know and have the winner pop it over the loser's head and say the loser is having her cherry popped), having losers kiss and worship the winners feet ( I'm not a huge foot guy, but it still great watching people having to humble themselves on their knees kissing someone's feet), my personal favorite the simple pie to the face and I would like to see more that in the future, and even dog walks similar to Alan and Raven when they played strip dice and the song and dance situation like Paige and Madison in their game of strip pool. There are plenty of great ways to play games that can be sexy without being hardcore. Another idea I have which I think would be good would be similar to some your parties you do, but like get 8 girls and have a leg or arm wrestling tournament ( more leg wrestling too please) down to one winner. Each time you lose you take an article clothing and you keep going until you lose switching girls along the way to get different match-ups. The seven losers then, if it was me, would have to get down on their hands and knees and kiss the winners feet showing her dominance over the losers, but if you wanted to go more hardcore you could have each loser go down on the winner, but I don't know how much fun that would be getting fucked seven times in a row. You can also use a similar format with other games and forfeits as well, but I think those would be good. Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to post some ideas and suggestion for your site.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Eve have an interesting thing going. I was thinking how about a game between players who have never seen a game before, picking the winners from old favs. It would be a good chance to put together a highlight reel.


Johnny said...

@JB Nice! I like that idea. I'll second it to Red.... actually I guess I just did.

Cofo11 said...

I have a couple of ideas for the 4 girl games. These could be played as individuals or teams. The first one is play until two losers. Then have the two losers vibe themselves and the first to cum wins, but with a wrinkle. The loser can have the vibe taken away for a set period of time by paying a penalty. Ideally for me she would have to slap her pussy, or even better have the winner do it, but it could be breast slapping or a certain number of paddle licks given by the winner. The paddle would work best if the losers were in the stockade. The winners would also play a quick game, rock paper scissors, blackjack, etc. to determine the ultimate winner. Once that is determined the ultimate loser would lick the ultimate winner and the losing winner would lick the winning loser. By involving the winners in the penalty it would make sure it was a real penalty because whoever can keep the vibe on the loser for the longest will get a reward. Whoever doesn't will have to pay. The second one involves the two losers playing a secondary game. The first loser would bend over and take 3 paddle licks from the second loser. They would then switch places. The first girl to cry uncle loses. If possible, she would then take 5 each from each winner. If not, proceed directly to a three on one gangbang. Hopefully with a DP or making the ultimate loser airtight. The more Dominant minded the players in this game the better. What does everyone think?

Also, when will the dildo gag show up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Seems like your videos have gone missing from this blog. Hope you can fix. Thanks, Jack.

mismanager said...


In a recent reply you said that Fern had done just about all she was prepared to risk. I'd be delighted to see her back risking the same things again. What is the problem? Get the yoga position cards out and invite her back.

Anonymous said...

What about posting longer preview/teaser/samples of each new video on one of the mant tube sites, or dailymotion, or the like? The 10 second previews on C4S just dont give a great idea of what's going on in the video. You could actually promote new vida a LOT bettet with a 60 second preview/commercial on a site with a link to the C4S site where the vid can be purchased.

Anonymous said...

I think what Adam and Eve are doing is awesome and commend them for it. All the requests for pictures made me realize that there's no reason that others on here who are more comfortable appearing naked online couldn't partake in a similar kind of wager, with the loser posting pictures or videos (with Red's permission of course, we wouldn't want to turn this into a forum for our own strip games). I wouldn't partake, as Red said it's not for everyone, but I figured I'd throw the idea out there.

Similarly, Red, have you ever considered having a remote game? I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as in person, but for some of the long distance girls who are fan favorites or maybe amateurs who would be more comfortable in their own home it could be a good option. I'm not picturing a full back-and-forth game, but maybe a bet or contest that doesn't require constant interaction (some online game that would let us monitor the results, for example) with a video or two for the forfeit and maybe some banter beforehand. I know people have mentioned the Super Bowl in the past, and that could be perfect for something like this since it's difficult to turn into a game otherwise. Each girl records a video and picks a team beforehand, then the loser records another video performing the forfeit, which could even just be a strip tease with the right girls, or of course could be more severe. Maybe throw in an additional video at halftime if they're up to it (depending on the girls and the forfeit you could tweak it a lot with the quarters/halftime, side wagers, etc.).

- Mr. X

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

How long will we have to wait for Sage's debut?

Thank you, sir.


Red said...

@Deez: True, 4:1 is a bit long, but longshots pay off sometimes. By the way, in case you were wondering, nothing in this game or any other that day was rigged in any way. (Other than the players cheating, that is.) Sassy was a big winner last time she was in front of my cameras, and a lot of people were really disappointed that they didn't get to see more of her. In this latest batch of games, so far she's 0-2, and she's shown us everything we didn't get to see last time, plus we've seen how she cums. This is great, but I didn't do anything to make it happen other than put her in these games. That's just the way it worked out. Things "just work out" to produce the most awesome possible outcome so often here at LostBets.com that I think Fate must be a fan.

@Anon 10:54: I don't ask you to give up your anonymity, I'm just asking you (and all others who post anonymously) to please come up with a pseudonym for yourself and sign your posts with it. First of all, it helps me address you when answering comments. Second of all, if I answer you on the blog and you say something back, I'll know it's you. Third of all, if you comment on another blog post, I'll know it's you. Fourth of all, it's just polite to introduce yourself when talking to someone. Please sign your posts.

As for hardcore vs. softcore, I'm trying to have a good balance between the two. Truthfully, games with full-on sex aren't my personal favorites. I like embarrassed nude females, and a girl who's willing to fuck on camera probably won't blush to strip naked. But the hardcore ones are very popular, and I kinda like 'em myself, even if they're not my favorites. They're both here to stay. Variety, that's what I aim to have.

I love the balloon-filled-with-goop angle for wet-and-messy. Also, I've kind of moved away from really quick forfeits, like pies to the face. But a pie to the face could certainly be part of a larger forfeit. As for your tournament idea, it's a good one, and it would work well with leg wrestling., I'll use it next time I've got 8 girls to play with. Lastly, don't apologize for writing a long post. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.

@JB: It would make a good highlight reel, but if the girls are going to actually watch the episodes, it could take up a lot of time to film.

@Cofo: An interesting idea, and it reminds me of a Poser-illustrated Japanese story I once saw about a topless boxing competition. Four players, they fought two bouts one on one, then the winners fought each other and the losers fought each other, and the winning winner stripped off the losing loser's trunks and fucked her with a strap-on. Not bad.

The cock gag you've been waiting for is currently on the schedule as episodes 387 and 391, which are kind of a two-parter. In 387, Dakota, Lela, Kandii, and Addie play our first ever four-player game of Candy Passing. The loser has the cock gag strapped on her, and the winners humiliate her a bit. The second game is Ring Toss between the three winners. The loser, still wearing the cock gag, is the target. And the loser of the Ring Toss game gets fucked by the dildo gag. Sound good? I've used the gag one other time, but that's not on the schedule yet.

@Anon 7:42 (please sign your posts): Don't know what you mean. The videos on the blog work just fine for me.

@mismanager: Maybe. I just worry about doing something that's too much like something I've done before. I want to keep things fresh. But she is a beautiful young woman, and an amateur at that. I'll contact her and see if she'd still be interested in another shoot. And if she can lure in any more friends.

@Marco: Really good idea. Done.

Red said...

@Mr X: Hey, I wouldn't mind at all being the host of a bunch of amateur remote strip games. But in all honesty, Blogger would suck for that purpose. It's not great for Adam and Eve's, either. I think I may have outgrown Blogger and I really need to move to a message board system. Resolved: this year.

i really like the idea of remote games. As you say, it will be a great way to get fresh looks at long-distance fan favorites. And amateurs, yes, I'm already composing the ad.

@bob: Sage was in two games, neither of which is on the schedule yet, which means a bit of a wait, I'm afraid. Mid-to-late 390s, possibly.