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Friday, December 20, 2013

The ol' switcheroo

I'm changing around the order of the updates on this latest weekend of Double December. 377 will be published today, 376 on Saturday. The reason is that 376 is softcore. Now, it's really, really good softcore, but so was 375, and in fact they use the same forfeit (both times with excellent results.) It's high time we had more hardcore around here, so presenting 377 with Mouna, Olivia, Grace, and Bob. I liked it.

I'm going to pull the old switcheroo next weekend, the last of Double December, simply because I can't sit on 379 for one more day than necessary. Lela vs. Candle for a butt-plug and a strap-on, using Heather's beautiful naked body as a prop? How could I wait?


FederBear16 said...

You are my hero for this, Red. Christmas has come early! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Like another post-er already said, I also hope you can open Heather up, the way Julie developed as a LB player over the years.

Anonymous said...

Sassy and socks..... -_-


Qaz said...

Really liked the last game with Sassy/Madison!

I really like Madison's attitude! Not the anger aspect, but I think she's fun to watch, especially because she doesn't have the "pro" feel yet. Sassy is one of my favorite players on this site; she truly seems like she could be a "girl next door" type and she's fresh enough that she still seems to have genuine ENF reactions!

Madison's situation in the recent game was both intriguing and unfortunate. Attitudes may have been sour, but I love that there was genuine hesitancy... we rarely get to see that! Looking forward to the next game with this group!

Anonymous said...

hi, i wondered if there were anymore games with JC? and if not is she on any other sites?

Anonymous said...

Hey red any chance of seeing Camilla come back?


RS said...

If you're still looking for ideas for Episode #400, my vote would be to go big. At least six players, male and female. Either a dare-ring style game with lots of quick dares where what they do and who they do it with are chosen randomly. Alternatively, some sort of game show format like You Bet Your Ass, ideally with an audience (and perhaps even audience participation).

Anonymous said...

That would be pretty good...battle of the hardcore with newbies might be good. If Madison is truly up for it, and earlier we had talked about Mika...who did it once but as part of a group so I'll give wiggle room...she wasn't fucked with a bunch of people just watching or whatever. Maybe a third, but don't know who.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Eve said...

Hi everyone, this is Eve from the previous post (letter from a fan). Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself in case you haven't read the other thread.

Anonymous said...

Red, two things:

Bless you, bless you, bless for putting Candle into a game in which she is either giving or receiving a good screwing. Always a good day.

Also, after seeing what Heather has to offer, I think you need to put her in more games ASAP and raise the stakes! This girl could seriously be the next Julie, and frankly it would be a crime against nature and played with as much as possible. This is not an opinion- give some scientists a budget and a lab and they will prove this is an unequivocal law of the universe. And nobody should ever argue with science!

Anonymous said...

Hell-yes! More Heather!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Heather, all this talk of her motivated me to get Episode 375 (plus Episode 377, another example of one of my favorite types of forfeit). I agree, she's something to see.

Happy Lots Bets holidays, Red!

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Hey Red
Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed the last few videos especially Madison and Heather. I was wondering when we might see the return of Addie as she is one of my favorite players of all time. Thanks in advance and happy holidays to you and yours.

-Magic Man

Anonymous said...

I've seen a pic of Eve. Wow! Red, I hope we get to see more of her. Use your best persuasion to get her into one of your games. I'd pay for that one for sure. CA Boy

Riggins said...

Sassy, Madison, Piper and Bex, wow wow wow WOW!!!! I can't say strongly enough how stunning and fun this group is. One of my favorite episodes ever. I could go on and on about them, so I'll just ask: How long do we have to wait for the second episode with these four beauties?

Anonymous said...

Eve never sent me a picture /:

Anonymous said...

any chance of seeing Fern and/or Jennie back again?


Eve said...

We started to sent out pictures. If you didn't get one, then please Email again.

@CA Boy - It will be REALLY hard for red to convince us to go public with this. We are pretty set about not having a video of this.

Adam said...

Hi everyone,
It's Adam. We have been sending out pictures to those who have been requesting them as Eve had mentioned. We will post our first update once the new videos this week are released.

If Eve wins our entire game, the guy she chose is all set however, if I win the bet I have a chose of 2 different girls. One has agreed to share her picture, I will talk to the other one and see if she is willing to share a picture also. Do you guys want to pick which girl I should have if I win or would you all rather me just choose?

Also if there are any questions feel free to ask here or at our email (adamandevelb@yahoo.com) and we will be sure to answer them as soon as we can.

Thanks for your inputs and positive responses so far!

Anonymous said...

Sooo yeaaa.....this would be a crime against humanity if this is the single handed greatest Lost Bets game never recorded on camera. Or even the story accompanying some more revealing unrated pictures. This is the perfect beautiful amateur couple Red has alwayssss raved about and we all love to see. Think the big boss Red or us collectively raise the ransom to further materialize this true representation of just what exactly a Lost Bet is. Cause this is it. Incredible story. Beautiful couple. And several other very awesome participants I'm sure. All, completely amateur. Wow. Just wow. Don't know how it took this long for such an experience to happen here lol. Truly once in a life time. Don't know who I want to win D: I'd be happy and grateful to cheer on whoever does win. Sucks you both can't /: lol but very best of luck to both of you! And keep us updated as much as you can, thank you for sharing so much with us common folk here(:

Anonymous said...

Adam r u gonna put the other girls pic on here?

Adam and Eve said...


Us not recording this for Red has nothing to do with money. We just don't feel like it is appropriate at this point in our life to have this kind of footage on the internet for all to see. We are glad that you like our story and our 'adventure'.

Anonymous said...

So who picks this one adam or eve

Red said...

@FederBear16: Thanks, and I hope your expectations were met!

@Bw39: I would dearly love to work on Heather the way i worked on Julie. It was a wild ride the first time and I don’t doubt it’d be even more fun the second time around. Unfortunately, Heather lives much farther away than Julie did. I could see Julie a few times a year for a shoot, while it’ll be a lot tougher to see Heather. I’ll do what I can but my hopes are not high and neither should be yours.

@Quizzking, I still think a shorter list of acceptable answers would work better. We’ll see how it goes.

@Anon 10:57 (please sign your posts): Sorry. Those socks won’t always stay on.

@Qaz: I think you’ll like the next game with this group. And the one after that. And the three more games they played that day. I don’t think there’s a stinker in the bunch.

@ty: I don’t have anything with JC other than her encounter with Bob. I’m not sure if she can be found on other sites but I’ll try to find out.

@yomama: Camilla hasn’t responded to numerous attempts to contact her. Sorry.

@RS and @GWKS: I appreciate the ideas for 400. I’m considering the possibilities.

@Eve: Hey, you haven’t even sent me a picture yet! What gives?

@Anon 8:23 (please sign your posts): Thanks, I was glad myself to get Candle in that position. I hope the reality met expectations. As for Heather (and this goes for @Dan and @Bug Sam too), … well, I’ll say a bit more about heather in the next blog comment thread.

@Magic Man: Thanks, I’m proud of the recent series of updates and I’m glad they’re appreciated. As for Addie, look for her to return in the late 480s. Maybe early 490s.

@Riggins: Thank you. (I’m saying thank you a lot in this post, and I’m really appreciate the opportunity.) The minute I met Bex and Piper, I knew it was going to be a great day. The pizza boy agreed… but that won’t be until until Episode 384. You won’t have to wait that long to see this foursome again. They’ll be back in Episode 380.

@shredder: Yes, maybe. Not sure what I’d have Fern do, though… she’s pretty much done what she’s willing to do.

@Anon 11:11 (please sign your posts): I’ll have more to say on the subject of recruiting Adam and Eve to appear in a Lost Bets Production in the next comment thread, too.

Anonymous said...

@Magic Man: Red wrote "late 480s. Maybe early 490" but I'm sure that's supposed to be 380/390.

Johnny said...

Yeah. He meant 380's and 90's. No way were going to sit on stuff this good for another 100 episodes.