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Friday, August 1, 2014


Welcome to August, everyone. Hope your summer's going well. We kick off the month today with Episode 415, featuring Caroline, Star, and Michelle playing one of my favorite games, Earth and Fire. The first one to cum shows everyone her pussy, in extremely intimate detail.

I've written about Bex before, and why I'm totally in love with her. She's hot (and getting hotter every day), she's spunky, energetic, and competitive, and she's got an uncanny knack for recruiting 20-year-old amateurs to join her in betting their clothes. She's also the star of some pretty incredible published and unpublished games, including some very steamy hardcore. Unfortunately (if this could really be called unfortunate) I've got so much of it that it could take half a year of more for it all to be published. I know a lot of you are impatiently waiting for these videos, especially the ones from her last shoot with Sheri, Keenly, and Sassy, and I don't want to make you wait that long.

So in September, we'll be doing another month of double-update weekends. But it'll be a little different from our traditional bonus months like Double December or June Jubilee or Midweek May. Those involve simply accelerating the production schedule, keeping the episodes in the same order. Bextember, on the other hand, will have the Friday updates continuing on the planned schedule ,with the Saturday updates all being Bex-centric episodes. We'll see what happened the rest of the day with Zahara, Sheri, and Piper, and maybe also see what happened when they came back, and invited a couple more people to join them.

With a few exceptions, this summer has seen mostly softcore updates. So if the summer's been a bit cool for you, don't worry. Things are gonna heat up in a big way this winter.

By the way, if you're a Bex fan, you should really check out this week's POV update. The two versions feature two new sides of her we haven't seen yet: as an embarrassed naked loser being penetrated in a very uncomfortable place (and not the back of a Volkswagen, either), and as a gloating, gleeful CFNM doling out extremely harsh punishment to an unfortunate male loser.

Finally, check out this promo for Episode 417.

Caroline is back for this one, along with perennial favorite Candle, and super-smart, super-hot Isobel, whom we haven't seen since Episode 289. It's a two-part game, with the first part being a simple game of Pod Stomp to two losers. Things get more complicated for the second part, when the two losers have to climb aboard a pair of Sybians, each take control of the other's machine, and try to make the other girl cum while fighting off her own orgasm. The girl who gives in first is punished with a spanking.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea! Plus, the fucking. The softcores can be okay but I don't get many of them.

So I'm sure Red doesn't want to say anything yet, but does the Bex, Sahara, etc group include GUYS as new players? Funky.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

I so love this site. I probaly have My bigger fantasy To play same of this girls in à strip game, it would be so great. Maybe om really competetive girl like Olivia or Madison. You Ever thought about à webcam strip service. People pay and play With à girl.


Gade said...

I don't know how practical it is, but it would be very fun if you could attach wheels to a sybian and have an actual 'sybian race'.

Red said...

@GWKS: Sassy, Bex, Keenly, and Sheri were joined by two guys, but neither of them was new to LostBets.com.

@Swedishguy: Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. As for being in one of our games, well, let us know if you're ever in our part of the world and maybe we can work something out.

@Gade: Yyyyyeah... probably not terribly practical.

@Anon 12:03 (please sign your posts): Episode 197 wasn't our only creampie. There was also Episode 350, featuring a creampie that I may never be able to top.

Anonymous said...

Red as a huge Addie fan I'm excited to see her next game (which I believe sadly may be her last) of her return. Can you give me any details about when I might expect it or as to what game they played for what stakes?
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Magic man

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, thanks for teh answer...but I meant the other group you mentioned, Bex Sahara, Sheri and Piper...did THEY have dudes join them?

Anonymous said...

Whops, forgot to sign, that was Guy Know Knows Stuff

Red said...

@Magic man: I have four more games featuring Addie on film waiting to be edited, but they haven't made it on the schedule yet. To be perfectly honest, I haven't been in a rush to publish them because I'm afraid they might not be very good, through no fault of Addie's. There have been plenty of times when, after a shoot, I've thought, "well, that didn't go well at all," and then later been pleasantly surprised at how the final episodes turned out, but this time I might not get so lucky. The problem was one of the other players. She was new, and frankly, I don't think she really fit in, and didn't really get what Lost Bets is all about.

I'll still publish them eventually, maybe somewhere in the 450s or so, and perhaps they'll be better than I think they will. However, the good news is that these four games will probably not be the last we see of Addie. I don't want to say more lest I jinx it. Stay tuned.

@GWKS: Yes, they too were joined by dudes. Their first shoot was of course the first time Sheri or Zahara had ever been naked on camera, and at first they were only comfortable doing things with each other. But by the end of the day, Dante and Johnny had made them comfortable enough, and Morgan used a little feminine persuasion to convince them to come back for a second round, with penises. One of the reasons I'm accelerating these series is to get to that stuff sooner.

Anonymous said...

As extra forfeit you could force a loser to read out the rules of a game sitting nude on a sybian at the beginning of your next show.
To make it more interessting the two players to whom the rules are explained can take control of the sybian and if the reader is not able to finish her explanation cause she can't control her body the two must not play the game and they are allowed to do whatever they want to her. If the reader finishes her explanation the game is played and she and the winner can do whatever they want to the poor loser.
We would see a hysterical explanation.


Anonymous said...

ideas for forfeit:
- 2 losers are tied up in the stockade. Then they get their assholes tickled. First girl to give up is the ultimate loser. The assshaking during the tickling is great.

Loser gets punished like this:
1) she gets shoved a inflateable and vibrating butt plug up her ass. The butt plug is inflated and switched on. then you give her some further stimulation with a vibrator on her pussy.
2) after she orgasmed you remove the butt plug. Then multiple guys cum on her wide open ass which the second girl holds open by spreading her butt cheeks. Then she plays a bit with the sperm inside her butt by moving her butt cheeks.
The view of the sperm inside the hole dripping and the cum on her buttcheeks will be great.


Anonymous said...

quit spamming and re-spamming the same fetish request. you're looking like a fool.


Anonymous said...

Damn Red, sounds like you got a lot of good stuff coming.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Poker with girls playing without clothing covering up their nude bodyparts only with five poker chips. One for each nipple and three for her huhaha. The poker chips are selotaped.

The fun is we see the girls barely covered up and see even more, when the girl has to place her ante and remove the token from the bodypart he covered up.

Because the game outfit itsself is very embarressing perhaps you could determine the poker players in a quick sudden death game before.
Have four or five girls drawing cards lowest two or three cards lose. They have to go the restroom where they undress and stick on the tokens. Then chippoker not strippoker starts.


Anonymous said...

Enough with the spamming of the same requests over and over. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

i think its the same person, writing style and grammar usage gives it away...
he's probably chokin his chicken while posting.


Anonymous said...

I only have one Bex clip so far, but it was great, IMO, so I'm all for a Bextember. That'll be fun. As it is, I'm happy to hear that there's more Addie and Isobel in the pipeline.

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

no pov uploaded this week?