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Friday, August 22, 2014

Congratulations are in order

First things first: big hearty congratulations to LostBets.com's own Johnny Niceguy, who this week celebrated one full year of sobriety. Way to go, buddy. I knew you could do it, and we're all proud of you.

Speaking of Johnny, you'll see him (although not much of him) on Saturday in Episode 418b when Bex challenges him to an unplanned quickie game of Shockinaw. She'd never played it before but wanted to try it and to convince her friends to play so Johnny was her test subject.

That's just the dessert, though. The main course comes today with Episode 418, as Bex and her friends Sheri, Piper, and Zahara challenge each other to spin the Wheel of Torment. The amateurs are gradually expanding their experience into newer, sexier areas. The first loser wears the cock gag. The second loser gets fucked by it.

Coming up in a couple of weeks, we have this:

Indigo is back with her best friend Lavender and her sister Luna. Unlike the last set of amateurs, these three have really tight limits and aren't willing to risk doing anything sexual. That's okay; if we can't make them do sexy things, we can make them do embarrassing things, and this one's a doozy.

These shoots happened in Dante's loft in the heart of downtown Seattle, which happens to have a balcony overlooking a very busy street indeed. And when I found out that all three of these girls are smokers I knew I'd found the right forfeit for them. The two losers have to go stand on that balcony stark naked and smoke cigarettes, in full view of that busy street, for the entertainment of the passing traffic, not to mention a few passing pedestrians as well. It's pretty awesome. And besides, isn't a smoking-related forfeit perfect for Episode 420?


Anonymous said...

Whats up next on the POVs?


UK Fan said...

Sorry if this has been mentioned already but I've got an idea for a forfeit based on the latest Twitter trend; the ice bucket challenge (YouTube it if you don't know what its all about). Naked loser gets covered in ice and cold water, preferably in public. Sounds good to me!

Also, can we ever expect to see London make a reappearance? By far the best ever boobs in LostBets.


Anonymous said...

ditto the congrats to johnny for one yr sobriety.
its a big fucking deal!


Johnny said...

Many thanks Shredder. It's turned my entire life around.

Red said...

@PQ: In next week's POV, meet blonde Kaylie, who'll play a game against you where the loser has to masturbate. (She seems way too shy to agree to such high stakes, but there you go.) Two endings.

@UK Fan: Interestingly enough, something like that (but not entirely) happened at a recent shoot. Three babes competed in an ice race, and although it wasn't planned, the victorious winner hurled her bucket of ice at the losers in triumph. Again, not entirely like the ALS ice bucket challenge that's sweeping social media, but sort of. And both the dousing with ice and the forfeit that followed were in public, the latter extremely so.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Johnny!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Johnny said...

Thanks Guy

Anonymous said...


You have show us 419 and 420. Now its Bextember can you present the long list over all updates in september. Please.


Anonymous said...

Red do you have a time frame yet on the publish dates for Sassy's last shoots?

Sassy fan

Zeo said...

Hi Red & Johnny,
Firstly, my congrats to Johnny on his sobriety. Well done.

Secondly, to Red. I know it's been a couple of weeks now, and I am happy to see the new POV clips of RyAnne posted, plus the upcoming episode 420 (sounds very interesting).

Been reviewing your past episodes playing Strip Memory and noticing the changes from the early days to the current episodes.
Where early on, clothing cards didn't exist, so you used ordinary cards and wrote the clothing on them (pen, pencil).
Then later on your new colourful cards for multiple players were developed and made the game much easier to follow based on the colour of the clothing cards.

However, my only problem with each episode is knowing which player is which colour clothing card, until the first couple of clothing items have been located, and they start stripping.
If there was a brief intro or note about which players were issued certain colours would help me to understand the game better.

Otherwise, still happy with the content of the website, keep up the great and fine work.

Anonymous said...

Deciding whether to purchase this clip...can you please tell me whether Luna has hair down there or shaved? thx !!

Red said...

@Joe: I'll provide an in-depth preview of Bextember in this Friday's blog post. Stay tuned.

@Sassy fan: A big part of the motivation for Bextember was that the Sassy/Keenly/Bex/Sheri shoot is part of that sequence. I didn't want to skip around too much in the order, but I also didn't want to wait forever to get to it, because there's awesomeness there. Bextember won't quite get us there, but it'll get us close. There's other awesomeness in other shoots that I don't want to shortchange so it'll still be awhile, but probably by November at the latest we'll start seeing episodes from that shoot.

@Zeo: Thanks very much for the feedback. Yes, I remember well the early days when I had the girls scrawl their own memory cards on blank 3x5 index cards. They were nearly impossible to read on camera so I had to add incredibly cheesy overlay graphics. Things are way better since Hippo made our current set of clothing cards, I think.

Usually I either have the girls say who is what color during the game introduction, or have them announce the cards as they're turned ("your skirt... my bra.") Sorry that I forget to do it a few times. I'll try to remember it better in the future.

@Anon 6:43 (please sign your posts): Luna was the only one of the three who started the day clean-shaven. She wasn't the only one at the end of the day, though: the Bex Rule was invoked.

Anonymous said...

Gee, how many Bex episodes ARE there?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

November?! For a shoot you promoted in July?! I'm all for building hype like you do, but man that's a long time. I've personally been passing on games I would normally consider hoping we would see this shoot in bextember. I imagine others might be doing this as well.

Hoping I read this wrong and we will see it sooner. Been a loyal fan for many years and have bought many games. This would be my first disappointment.


Anonymous said...

is there a forfeit for the bex/johnny game?


Red said...

First of all: I screwed up about Bextember. Apparently I can't read a calendar, and I thought this weekend was still August, and planned accordingly. Turns out there are actually five Saturdays in September this year. Who knew? Anyway, we can't do five extra updates this month, not if I also want to do Double December this year, so we're going to pretend that I was right and September actually starts next weekend. One update this weekend, two updates next weekend and for the three weekends after that.

@GWKS: When Bex first brought her friends Zahara, Sheri and Piper to play in February, they played six games (plus the quickie that became 418b), the fourth of which was just published, leaving two more. Those will be published the first two weeks of Bextember. That whole shoot was strictly girl-girl, which was all that the girls were willing to agree to (and the two who'd never been on camera before were apprehensive about even that.) By the end of the day, though, they'd grown comfortable enough that some excellent persuading by Morgan got them to agree to risk boy/girl forfeits next time.

"Next time" took place in April and featured the same four players, plus Johnny and Dante. (Johnny hadn't been in front of the camera since I believe Episode 278, unless you count the unplanned 418b.) They played four games, the first two of which will finish off Bextember.

Then in July we got word that Sassy was leaving town and it was now-or-never if we ever wanted to have her back as a player, so we hastily assembled what turned into an epic shoot with Sassy, Bex, Keenly, and Sheri, with Johnny and Dante again. Four more games were played, but the first one won't be published until after the last two from the April shoot are published, which won't be until after Bextember is over, hence my prediction of November at the earliest. The whole shoot won't be published before the end of 2014, even with Double December.

@DK: One of my biggest failings is that I can't keep my mouth shut when I'm excited about something. When I come home after a shoot, I'm usually super-stoked about what I've just seen and filmed, and I can't wait to tell everybody about it, often forgetting that it'll probably be months before any of it is ready for publication. In the case of the July shoot, it was even worse because the new episodes were behind ten others in the same sequence.

I hope I've explained how there really wasn't any other option, at least not after I opened my big yap and talked about the shoot instead of waiting until it was closer to publication. I'm rushing these episodes into production with Bextember but this is as fast as I can go. Like I said, there are other awesome episodes that shouldn't have to wait too long either. I'm very sorry to have disappointed you, but if you've been a loyal fan for many years and this is your first disappointment, I can take some comfort in that. I'm glad we were able to satisfy you this long. I'm also a little glad that you're disappointed that you have to wait another couple of months, which in my eyes is way better than being disappointed in the quality of a video you'd purchased. I hope that when the games in question are published, you find them worth the wait.

@shredder: Nope. It wasn't planned at all, and nobody thought of it as an official game. Johnny wasn't even supposed to be on camera that day.

damndable said...

@Red Seems like lately you have a backlog that's growing faster than you are publishing, even with these double updates, and from your twitter you seem to be shooting more and more lately. Do you think there'll ever be a time in the future where you find yourself shooting enough that you can comfortably start regularly publishing more than once a week?

Fish said...

Red, this weekend is 8/30 and 8/31. There are only 4 weekends in September this year.

Anonymous said...

Is it really that big of deal if some of the videos go out of order. If you have something that is "epic" it should close out bextember.


Anonymous said...

Forfeit idea girl as birthdaypresent of one guy of your crew.
Losing girl laying on her back with her ass in the air while a burning candle sticks in one of her holes. She sings Happy birthday then she says:"Extinguish the candle without driping wax on me and I will fulfil all your wishes."
The guy extinguishes the candle and then the birthday boy has fun with her.
I think you must buy some special candle in a sexstore to make sure the hot wax doesn't injure the girl. You should only use the idea ic you are sure that nobody gets injured.

What do you think about the idea?


Red said...

@damnedable: The backlog is always growing faster than I'm publishing, mainly because I like shooting and can't resist doing it even when we don't need to. (It also happens pretty regularly that as soon as I vow "no more shooting for awhile", an incredible opportunity presents itself.) The bottleneck is in editing and postproduction. It takes time, and there are only so many hours in the day.

@Fish: Damn it. It appears I still can't read a calendar. Yeah, forget what I said about skipping the first weekend in Bextember. I was wrong about being wrong.

@GWKS: No, it's not that big a deal to publish clips out of order, and I've done it in the past. But in this case, the episodes follow a progression and I want to keep them in order.

@Birthdayboy, I've got a similar (but not identical) video filmed already, and I did use candles that were specially designed not to injure. They were, however, quite big, and they couldn't all fit in just one hole so we had to use extra orifices. Hope that's okay. And please, could you pick just one name and stick to it?

Anonymous said...

hi red.

Any more anal forfeits coming in the pov clips?


Brian said...

Hi Red,
on the updates of lostbetsgames is an episode with Billy, Ashley and Candle with Billy losing. There are probably a few people excited about this but i will never understand why you would added a male to a game with Ashley and Candle in it.
I would pay anything to have seen Ashley tied and vibrated and to know you actually had the opportunity but didn't do it, is very frustrating. Candle vs Ashley would have given it a 50-50% chance in theory.
Still, there are worse things in the world.
My question is; some time ago you shot some final games with Ashley in it, when do you expect to publish these? If a recall correctly it were 6-8 games (some of them with Ashley as a judge only sadly). According to my calculations only 2 of them have been published so far. Any updates in the near future?

Brian said...

Oh, and UK fan,

(not a bad idea with the ice bucket challenge as a forfeit)

You might like these links:



Anonymous said...

Hey, who's GWKS? Do I have an impostor?

Unless that stands for "Gorillas Who Kneel Stupidly."

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Johnny said...

@ Guy W.K.S. I thought that was you. I was going to attempt to come up with an alternate joke acronym, but I got nothin'.

Johnny said...

Grandpa With Kangaroo Socks? Naw.. no good.

Anonymous said...

Forfeit idea:
Losing girl sits on a vibrator or sybian. Then she has to read a book for 10minutes while getting vibrated. If she gives up before time she has to do another forfeit.
You can see how funny a vibrated reader is on youtube just search for "hysterical literature"
What do you think?


Red said...

@PQ: Yes, there will be further anal forfeits in the POVs in the future. Wait 'til you meet Lilly.

@Brian: I'm sorry the Ashley/Billy/Candle games didn't work out the way you'd hoped, but neither game was rigged and all three were trying their best to win, and this is the risk we take and the price we pay for not rigging the games. I truly believe that instilling genuine suspense in the players, and the genuine excitement that results, are worth the occasional disappointing outcome.

I have four unpublished (and unedited) videos featuring Ashley, but none is likely to see publication any time soon because in my opinion they're just not very good. It wasn't Ashley's fault at all, but one new player just didn't seem to get what LostBets.com is all about, and didn't get into it at all. She has not been invited back.

Thanks for the links to the naked ice bucket challenges!

@GWKS's doppelganger: C'mon. Please sign your posts with a name that's unique and unambiguous.

@Birthdayboy: That hysterical literature site is, well, hysterical. I'm not sure how well it'd translate to a LostBets.com forfeit but perhaps I'll give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, that was me up above who wished you well, just not the guy near the bottom who signed with an acronym. The worst part about that is his punctuation is shitty, I don't want anyone to think that's me!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Johnny said...

@Guy Who Knows Stuff. Right on. Thanks again my man.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party (not unusual), but adding my congrats to the pile for Johnny on his sobriety.

— Big Sam (Who Doesn't Know Stuff)