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Friday, August 15, 2014

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

I've always had a thing for smart girls, so I've got a soft spot for Isobel. Easily one of our smartest players (not that Candle and Caroline are intellectual slouches), when I first met her in 2008, she was doing nude modeling to pay her way through college. It's some years later, she's gotten her undergraduate degree, and the nude modeling is to pay her way through grad school. Soon she'll be Dr. Isobel, and we all wish her the best. See her today in Episode 417.

Next week will be a double-update. Well, more of a one-and-a-half update, as Saturday's video is pretty short, more like a vignette. It's a mini-preview of Bextember as Cheri, Bex, Piper, and Zahara spin the Wheel of Tormet in Episode 418 until there are two naked losers. The first loser has to wear the cock gag. The second loser gets fucked by it. Then on Saturday, Episode 418b we see what happened when I tried to convince the girls to play Shockinaw. 

What do we do when we have a group of three girls, one of whom has much lower limits than the other two? One solution is to play Body Shots, and let the timid girl spend the whole game completely naked and getting shot at while the more adventurous girls risk higher stakes. Such was the case in Episode 419. Lika dispels stereotypes about hot blonde Russians by being unwilling to have sex, so Kym and Cheyenne step up to the plate, hoping to win the other's services. Usually a forced orgasm is a penalty, but neither of these girls is particularly shy and they both wanted to cum, so in this game, the orgasm is the prize.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I love watching the Sybian races. Its something i have asked for in the past. You good sir just love answering us.


Anonymous said...

"If you can read this, you're over-educated"... Nice quote, although IMHO there's no such thing as "over-educated".

Red, I totally agree that "smart is sexy", so I'm glad that Isobel made the decision she did about her university funding arrangements... We ALL benefit ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoops, forgot to sign my post...
the translation post was by me.

Simon Templar

Anonymous said...


I posted this at the end of last week's comments, continuing a 'conversation' on the topic of forced bi. I doubt you saw it because you had already moved on to this week's update, but I had hoped for a response. So I am reposting here.

I could see how forced bi would be difficult (near impossible) to set up. I totally understand Shredder's point.


But I have a question: when the game is two girls and a guy, and the winner gets anything he/she wants, was there any prior agreement that the winning girl would not make the guy snowball his own cum with the other losing girl, or eat his own creampie or something? I'd like to think that Dante was risking something pretty big in that recent threesome game.

That is not forced bi, but it would be pretty damn humiliating for the guy.

- JW

Anonymous said...

Last week's episode (417) was some of the best softcore you've shot produced in a while. Both losers are very attractive.

Will Isobel return? If so, do you think you could convince her to stretch her limits and participate in any hardcore?


Red said...

@Monsoonrat: You'd better believe I love answering fan requests. I just did a couple more recently, in fact. RRFrope, if you're reading this, your long-requested armbinder will be making its appearance next year.

@Simon Templar: Well, if I had to defend the quote, I'd argue that education has an opportunity cost, and that time and money spent learning, say, dead languages is time and money not spent doing something else. But I fully agree that it's good to learn and keep learning, and I'm a bit biased, not having an overabundance of formal education myself.

@JW: Sorry I didn't respond to you in the last thread, and reposting was totally the right move.

When we do a "loser does whatever winner wants" forfeit, there is usually a discussion beforehand about limits. For example, most players, guys and girls alike, won't tolerate having their butts violated. (And three cheers for the exceptions, am I right?) But in the specific game you asked about, Episode 414, I don't recall such a conversation taking place, probably because the players knew each other well and were presumably familiar with each other's limits. I never asked Keenly and Sassy what they'd have done to Dante if he'd lost, but both had good reason to make him pay dearly, and both had a certain vengeful gleam in their eyes when I told them about the "winner's choice" forfeit. They might have done what you suggest, or even worse. Who knows?

@MC: I'm glad you liked 417. although I'm not sure I'd call something as graphic as that Sybian race "softcore." Isobel will return in a few weeks in Episode 421 with the same players, with a forfeit that I really would call softcore. Beyond that, I recently filmed her playing two more games, against Catherine, but those are not likely to be published for quite awhile, and neither is hardcore. I don't think it's likely I could persuade her to risk having boy/girl sex, but you never know. Maybe in a few years she'll be going for a post-doc.