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Friday, August 8, 2014

Shit be goin' down

There was no POV update this week, because we're out of town and I didn't get it ready in time to publish it before we left. (For the same reason, no promos for upcoming episodes today) Sorry to disappoint, but next week you can look forward to challenging RyAnne in a game with multiple endings.

This won't affect today's scheduled publication of Episode 416, fortunately. We introduce Luna and Lavender, two young ladies who've never been naked on camera before, and we bring back Luna's sister Indigo, who lured them into it. I like these girls and I hope you do too. See them again in Episode 420, risking some very public nudity. That's what they get for being smokers.

So why am I out of town? Shooting. We're in the middle of a five-day shooting binge, and holy hell, the things we've seen. We've met lots of new girls, and a few new guys too. We've reunited with old friends and made them risk doing things they've never done before. We've used our new equipment, and it is awesome, especially the St. Andrew's Cross. We've seen cocks, pussies, and assholes licked. We've managed to fill several fan requests, but the amazing thing is that we didn't  ask for any of them. It's not like we ever actually told anyone, "Okay, after he cums all over the first loser's ass, make the second loser lick it up," but it happened, and that's one example among many.

Among the girls who've come back: Dakota, who's been working out and whose body has gotten nicely toned. Lela, who's taken up kickboxing and whose body has gotten really toned. Bex, who isn't Bex anymore, but she'll explain that to you (naked) later. Bailey, who's stopped straightening her hair and let it go to its natural frizz-fro. Catherine, who retired from modeling last year but who came back just for us "because you guys are so much fun."  Addie, a kinky girl from way back who nevertheless found herself doing something she'd never ever done before, either on- or off-camera.  And then there were the newcomers: freckled Tara with her pale skin and tight body, Lizzie, who reminds me of a redheaded Bettie Page, and Kevin, with his absolutely enormous balls. And that was just on the first day. It keeps getting harder to raise the bar, but we keep managing to find ways.

The LostBets.com inventory was getting very softcore-heavy. This will restore the balance, with some almost unbelievably hot hardcore. Which isn't to say we haven't shot any almost unbelievably hot softcore as well. We have, are, and will.

Anyway, that's why no POV.  Busy. Writing this on an extremely rare break. Remember, I do this all for you  :-)


RS said...

Very excited to hear that your vacation was actually a "working holiday." Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts.

A while ago you mentioned in a comment that you finally had a chance to use the trivia questions I sent you. I'm curious to know more about that, including roughly when you think that one might be posted. Did it go well?

Also, as someone who likes the co-ed games (especially, as a CFNM fan, when guys end up embarrassed), will the new guys from your Strip on Spades game (CJ, Dragon, and Eric) be back to film more? They definitely had that "real guy" non-porny vibe I like (especially Eric).

Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool. Whats the forfeit for next weeks pov?


Anonymous said...

Upcoming videos sound great. Will Jasmine feature in any of the upcoming action? (If not, here's one vote in favor of bringing her back.)


Anonymous said...

I also look forward To see Eric again and hopefully he lose and get used by girls

Swedish guy

mismanager said...

"Yoga poses" is just about my favourite forfeit and this was a good one. Well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Are you think about a earth and fire game With guys involvd. Either 1 Guy and 2 girl or a game With 3 guys and 3 girls play in two games guys touch losing girl and girls touch losi g Guy. Ultimate losers get used by the 4 winners


Anonymous said...

Loved 416! How many more in this set and what are the forfeits?


damndable said...

Been quite enjoying kink's stuff lately, hogtied, sadistic rope, etc. Do you think any of the girls would be willing to risk doing something like this? Perhaps you could find someone specialising in this kind of bondage to carry out the forfeit? I understand if you think this is a little extreme for your audience, but I think as a one-off there would be some interest.

FederBear16 said...

I'm inclined to agree with the above comment! I think it would be pretty sexy to see two or more girls play, but at the end, there is a professional that carries out the forfeit and not the losing girl. It could be bondage, spanking, etc...
It would be great to see this happen!

Red said...

Okay, currently on the plane back home. In my backpack is a hard drive containing about 1.7TB of new footage, enough for more than 40 episodes. All of them are good, and a clear majority are "holy shit, that's awesome" good.

With the exceptions of Keenly and Dante, I haven't seen any of the players from 400 again yet. I'd be happy to have any of them back, and will see But about getting them next time I shoot locally. That may not be for awhile, though.

But several of your requests are for things I happen to have just filmed last week. (This happens a lot; more than you'd expect if it were just chance.) Co-ed game lost by a guy resulting in his naked humiliation in front of several fully-clothed girls? Check. Earth and Fire with male players? Yup, got our first one of those, too. (Well, kind of. I've changed Earth and Fire to avoid the probblem of endless ties, and it's called Magnitude now. Still the same two-on-one attempted forced orgasm gameplay. though.)

@RS, I'm afraid it'll still be a little while before the Strip Trivia game with your questions gets published, since it's part of the long queue of Bex episodes I'm trying to trim down with Bextember. It went pretty well, although I suspect that you're a Gen-Xer, like me. A lot of the questions seem to be geared towards people in our age group and have cultural references that don't mean a lot to a 20-year-old girl. But like I said, it still went well.

@PQ, either you or RyAnne will be masturbating for the other, depending on how the game turns out.

@mismanager and @K: I'm glad you liked 416, and I'll pass your compliments on to the players. I don't have access to my server here on the plane, but if memory serves correctly, they played six games. The next one, as I said, involves public nudity. I'll keep the rest to myself for now, although they were all obviously relatively soft, considering the comfort zones of these young amateurs. Also, the Bex Rule was invoked, more than once.

@damnedable and @FederBear, that is a good idea. I've used professionals to administer the forfeit before, like the pubic waxer, but I'll try to do it more often.

RS said...

Yeah, I am a Generation X -- and in the oldest 25%, too. I was hoping many of the questions would be more timeless, but my Jeopardy viewing has probably skewed my perception of what a typical person would know. Oh well, no worries.

Looking forward to seeing these new shoots.

Anonymous said...


I have an idea for a game that would likely sell like hotcakes:

Make the guys risk something very, very bad, instead of the girls taking all the heat.

What if a guy had to win a game against a girl, and he won he got whatever the fuck he wanted from her and a friend(s), but if he lost he had to suck cock?

Talk about pressure!

- JW

Anonymous said...

JW: how many guys do you know (straight ones) who would risk sucking cook in the first place???


Anonymous said...

RyAnne doing a POV with multiple endings? Oh, my. I'll be throwing my money at that, I do believe. And "redheaded Bettie Page" is a very good phrase for getting my attention. Sounds like there's a lot of fun left in store, Red. Safe journey!

— Big Sam (Big Fan of Redheads)

Anonymous said...

What forfeits are coming up in the next few povs?


Anonymous said...

Red, by my count you have had 195 different girls (not counting b-sides and pov) published so far. With the two new ones you just mentioned that leaves 3 more til your 200th girl. Any big plans for her?


Red said...

Forced bi is something we haven't done but would like to. Like @shredder pointed out, it's hard to find guys who'd even consider risking it, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere. Some day.

@Pareto: Keep in mind that the players I listed were just those from the first day of the marathon (except Lela, who showed up on the second day.) The returning players I listed aren't the only returning players, and the new girls I listed weren't the only new girls. So I suppose we've already blown through 200 girls without me even noticing. That's what I get for losing count.

Anonymous said...

With all the new footage is their going to be any player interviews? How about some new ILAMC promos?


Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you had thought about providing a version of the POV games that have multiple endings as one clip with both endings.

I like Ryanne and am interested in both endings but not in paying full price when only the ending changes. I don't mind paying more for a combined ending clip, just not full price again.

One of my favorite POV games was the Julie and Ashley game from the main site because it offered both endings in one clip. Also, it seemed like that version sold better than the two separate versions, but you'd know better about that.

Bob M.

Anonymous said...

I get your point, Bob M. but for me, just one version of each clip, with the spoiler alert, is more than enough.

For me, if the forfeit is something reasonable to me, the possibility of "losing" actually adds to the thrill.


Anonymous said...


I could see how forced bi would be difficult (near impossible) to set up. I totally understand Shredder's point.

But I have a question: when the game is two girls and a guy, and the winner gets anything he/she wants, was there any prior agreement that the winning girl would not make the guy snowball his own cum with the other losing girl, or eat his own creampie or something? I'd like to think that Dante was risking something pretty big in that recent threesome game.

That is not forced bi, but it would be pretty damn humiliating for the guy.

- JW