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Friday, October 10, 2014

Spin that Wheel!

It's a group game today, as six girls take their chances with the Wheel of Torment. Ultra-veteran Ashley (first appearance: Episode 002) returns along with high-energy girls Kym, Nikole, and Lela, with Cuban Hannah returning after being gone for a couple of years, and debuting blonde Harley

Next week, Episode 430 continues the series with Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri. This time, it's Dante's turn to dip his wick as the two losers of the game must serve his sexual pleasure. (Although, to be fair to him, he puts forth the effort to ensure the girls enjoy themselves, too.) The trivia questions were courtesy fan RS, who kindly provided them for us. Thanks, RS!

Coming up over at LostBets POV on Wednesday, Episode P033. What happened to P032? No idea. But in P033 you'll meet new girl Lilly.

(Yes, her name is spelled wrong in this image. Ignore that.) She's tiny and energetic, and wants to play for high stakes. Multiple endings for this one, including a really great JOI.


RS said...

Woot! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Multiple endings, hot girl, with high stakes. looks top. cheers red.

Anonymous said...

thanks for previewing the POV offering.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only having an issue with the preview clip for this weeks episode.


Anonymous said...

Two things... regarding boobjobs, there are good and bad boobjobs. The ones shown here are not good. But I've seen some really good ones over the years as a photographer... the ones making you guessing.

I still prefer excellent naturals but I saw some before/after pictures, too, where "God" was a real bastard, but the surgeon was good.

So for me it is (simplified):
good naturals, good fakes, bad naturals, bad fakes.

The other issue is a real one: fat color management problem in the clip from today... especially obvious when Nicole loses her panties and the perspective changes. Blue to pink.


Red said...

@RS: Took awhile, but it's finally here. Hope you like the way it turned out.

@PQ and @m: Hey, I do listen to the complaints every now and then. I hope Lilly is to your liking. She's a little fireball, that one.

@Urple: No, you're not. I'm not sure what the deal is with that but I'll try to fix it.

@CC: You're absolutely right. I do have my prejudice towards natural beauty (I'm not a huge fan of excessive tattooing or piercing, either) but surgeons have different levels of skill, and the fact is
that I've seen some fantastic fake tits. (Some of them will even be showcased in some upcoming episodes.) It was unfair to imply that all artificial breasts are inferior to their natural counterparts.

As for the other thing, we've been trying to improve our color balance across multiple cameras, but as you see, we're not quite perfect yet. We'll try to do better.

Anonymous said...

I like the situation where girls have to weigh themselves, keep it up with new girls coming please


Anonymous said...

Been missing the B endings on the pov, really glad to see multiple endings on the next one and will get it for sure. Continue being top notch.


Anonymous said...

I know we will be getting the first of 4 game featuring Sassy on Halloween, but any idea on the rest of them? Can we expect them throughout the month of November?

Hoping to get a more detailed preview soon as we are getting closer.


Red said...

@John: Duly noted. I'll try to incorporate more of that.

@Tox: I'm glad you're glad to see more alternate endings in the POVs. One thing, though: the versions where the player loses aren't always the B versions. Sometimes the player loses in A and wins in B. It's chosen randomly each time. I do this so people who want to take their chances, without knowing whether they'll win or lose, can do so. If you care which version you get, be sure to check the spoiler.

@DK: Sure sure. As you noted, the first of the series to be published will be Episode 432, on October 31. But it wasn't the first game played that day. I'm publishing it out of sequence because it's got a Halloween theme.

The first game played that day won't actually appear until after another one that got skipped over by 432: Episode 435, which is the last of the series featuring Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri, plus Dante and Johnny. It's got some features that I know for a fact that many who read this blog will appreciate. That'll be on November 21. The first game from Bex/Tobi, Sheri, Keenly, and Sassy will be two weeks later in Episode 438, on December 12. (There are only two weeks between Episodes 435 and 438 because of Double December.) It actually just has Tobi, Keenly, and Sassy, because Sheri was running late, but it introduces a brand-new piece of hardware. CA Fan, you'll be getting a free copy of this one.

The second game of the series will be Episode 442, currently scheduled for December 26 but I think I may bring it out a day earlier, on the 25th. It'll make a fine Christmas present, I think. The fourth and final game of the series isn't on the schedule yet but should appear early in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Hey red,

I know this is a little off topic, but im really wanting to know bit more about the Addy shoot you did reciently.

Im a big fqn of Addy, any chance of giving us a little bit more info? When there schedualed ? What might be the forfit shes risking, i have a real hope it is the one ing ahe has mentioned before in her oer stuff shes never tryed, but sadly i think i might be wrong.....

Also, any slim chanve you have used any of my wedgie ideas in any of your recient shoots?

Peace out,


Red said...

@WelshChip, I did indeed shoot Addie recently. She was in one game, and one game only, but it was a real doozy. And yup, she did something she said she'd never done before. Not gonna say what the forfeit was yet, though. It's not on the schedule yet and it'll be awhile before it's ready to be published.

Anonymous said...

For POV offerings, I wouldn't mind if you included both A & B endings in one clip as you did with the fantastic strip poker game with Ashley and Julie.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to have the option to be random or choose the ending depending on the viewer.

With POV's I definitely like winning, but sometimes that submissive kick comes around and I wish I could lose instead.

Plus seeing only one option to win or lose makes the POV videos feel too scripted for me, since the girl in the video knows the outcome she has to obtain; though scripted or not the videos are still well worth it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Do you have any of the interactive games?

I have seen the RPS vs Mia online which is great.
Do you have any more with different girls or different forfeits?


Red said...

@JC: We worry that multi-ending clips break the continuity and suspension-of-disbelief, but we're considering doing it anyway.

@Tox: Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like the POVs.

@Jmz: There will be more interactive games someday, but I'm not promising an actual date. There would be more now if not for my pathological laziness. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

The addition of the wheel of embarrassment was a nice addition to this game. As a Hannah fan, I just wish she had lost. In her 3 appearances so far, her only forfeit has been to wear the skimpy swimsuit and go down for a drink.

Also, 6 girls and only 2 losers? I think as a general rule in these larger groups, half to two thirds would give a better bang for the buck. Unless of the lower odds of losing encourages the players to take on heavier forfeits.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Great POV with Lilly! If this is the new high standard for POV's then there is a lot to look forward to!!
A lot of things where done right in this episode: Lilly is well casted and gives an excellent performance (also verbally), multiple endings and no major srew-ups.