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Friday, March 4, 2016

Redhead returns

I've had a few requests lately for more boy/girl. That arrives today with Episode 502, with Anneliese and Krystal battling to find out which will get to dominate the loser along with Trace. It turns out that the winner is a nice girl who has a hard time really bending the loser to her will, but that's okay, because Trace is quite willing and able to take up the slack.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to start introducing the returning veterans I recently shot. Here's the first one:

Yes, RyAnne is back, and yes, she did lose more than just her clothes. You'll find out in Episode 504.

But before Episode 504 will come Episode 503,

Lela is back. She's one of my favorites. (In a recent blog comment I was asked if we'd see Olivia again. Desperate attempts to contact her have failed, but I think Lela looks a lot like her.) Also returning is Monica, last seen with Kasady in Episodes 487 and 493, They're joined by Trinity, who I think makes a great addition to the roster. She's the very picture of the Asian gamer girl, and she's very good at the games. Loser strapped to the Greyjoy cross and ticklevibed. The loser had an unusual reaction to this...


Skipping over 504 since I can't promo it without spoiling next week's reveal, let's take a look at Episode 505.

Originally slated to be Episode 503 but pushed back to make room for other videos, this one features cute brace-faced blonde Kasady taking on a wild Bailey. I wasn't sure what forfeit to use for them and was pondering it when Bailey chimed in with "How about toe fucking?" Okay... thanks, Bailey. After procuring a reluctant Kasady's consent, the game went on. Turns out that toe fucking is surprisingly hot.


Anonymous said...

"I've had a few requests lately for more bog/girl."

Can't wait for that hot girl in swamps action!


PS: I'm sorry

Red said...

Aargh. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Yay for RyAnne. I'm hoping that she does a bit of hardcore this time.


Red said...

Sorry, Hugh. RyAnne has pretty tight limits and hardcore really isn't on the table. I'll let you know if she ever changes her mind.

Chris said...

I'd like more G/G strap on action and G/G in general for the punishments there's been a little too much B/G lately for my taste

Mung said...

FYI - The latest video doesn't have the spoilers hidden (or they are not working properly).

Anonymous said...

Too bad, but she is still really, really hot.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see RyAnne back. I hope forced orgasms are within limits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, two things. Was just wondering if Ginger featured in any more episodes from her time at Lostbets? Also any chance that Luna would come back in the future?

The Pin

Red said...

@Chris: Well, that's why I try to shoot a lot of variety, so there's something for everyone. Plenty of people would complain that there's not enough B/G, while others would complain that there's way too much. It's a balancing act. I try to keep everyone the same amount of unhappy.

More strap-ons, check. Got some good ones coming up but no reason we can't shoot more. (One will be coming later this year featuring two girls using a strap-on for the first time ever. Does that sound interesting?

@Mung: Ugh. I blame C4S and their silly text entry form. It accepts most HTML but then it eats your apostrophes and quotes unless you replace them with the appropriate HTML entities, but then it also eats your quotes around attributes. Anyway, fixed now.

@Hugh: Yeah, she sure is, especially if you like your boobs big and 100% natural.

@AV: Probably, as long as it was with a toy as opposed to fingers or tongue. But that wasn't done this last shoot. Perhaps next time.

@The Pin: Regrettably, the only material I have with Ginger has been pulished. I haven't seen her in a year or two. There's a good chance I could get Luna back, but she's another girl with very tight limits and I think I've had her risk doing just about anything she'd be willing to risk doing. Got any ideas for what I can ask her to put on the line?

By the way, in the recent Episode 500, there was a segment on the sisters we've filmed. It included Ashley and Kala, Ember and Rainy, and Catherine and Nikole, but somehow I totally forgot about Indigo and Luna. Oops.

Anonymous said...

@Red: It's always tough with girls who have tight limits but maybe some possible ideas could be a WAM forfeit, exercise routine, anatomy lesson, rubbing baby oil or a making out forfeit.

The Pin

Anonymous said...

Red, I always appreciate how you try to shoot a lot of variety. At the same time, I would have to agree with Chris, there has almost been too much boy/girl action and not enough girl/girl action.
My girl and I both love watching the girl/girl action you've had over the years. It's especially hot when you have a bit more reluctance on that, where girls are clearly stretching your limits.
All the same, love all the hard work and wonderful content you put out.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...


Delighted to see the new video, loved seeing the look on the loser's face as Trace "finished off". IMHO I think you get the forfeits about right in terms of B/G and G/G.

BTW did you see the email I sent yesterday. It relates to the 500th Ep retrospective...

Thanks in advance.

Simon Templar

Anonymous said...

tighter limit girls might be talked into a spread eagle tickling. i like that one a lot.

btw: i take it a return of Fern is a no go? :(


Red said...

@The Pin: The problem is that she's already done (or risked) most of those. Also... well, I still have one game with Luna, Lavender, and Indigo, which I haven't published. The reason is that other episodes with those players sold pretty dismally, which I take to mean they're just not very popular.

@Jack Casper: Well, it's like I said: some people think there's too much B/G while others think there's not enough, so as long as everybody's unhappy, I guess the balance is about right.

@Simon Templar: Hey, glad you liked 502! Trace is not at all what we were led to expect when we invited him to play, but I think he worked out just fine. Also, saw and responded to your email.

@Shredder: Duly noted. We did a forfeit at our most recent shoot where the loser was tickled on the Greyjoy Cross, but to be honest I don't think it turned out great. I'll try again. Fern hasn't responded to my attempts at contacting her lately but I'll keep trying. I want her back too.

Gaynor said...

I would love to see more bush forfeits. I love watching hairy ladies shaving or getting shaved.

Red said...

@Gaynor, you will not have long to wait. It's getting harder to do bush forfeits these days as bush is increasingly rare, but there's a hell of a shaving scene coming up in Episode 504.

Red said...

Hey, by the way, today is March 8, the 9th anniversary of our very first shoot. Break out the party hats and streamers.

RS said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just wanna say I love your work. I really like the POV challenges among other things. 1 thing though. I have seen you did a few where the loser has to suck their own toes/feet the one with Ruby losing comes to mind but there isnt as many where the viewer is the loser. Might be something to consider in the future. :) Grats on the recent anniversary btw.