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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Emergency Double-Update Weekend

Just a quick note: tomorrow will see the publication of two episodes, because reasons. Episodes 504 and 508 both episodes Belle, RyAnne, and Ana Molly. Episode 508 was actually the third game the trio played rather than the second, but there's a reason for that, too. Since this is a last-minute thing, here's the promo for 508.

The loser is strapped to the Greyjoy cross and becomes a plaything for the winners. And boy, do they really take advantage when they have the loser at their mercy. (This also happens to be something that was recently requested.)

There will be another blog post tomorrow with some promised promos. 


Gaynor said...

Does episode 508 contain the awesome shaving scene that you mentioned? The bush forfeit/Bex rule implementation episodes are very hot. I hope that you can find some more hairy hippie ladies who will put their bushes on the line for future games. Thank you.

Red said...

Gaynor, you'll just have to wait until this afternoon to see.

Anonymous said...

I must thank the Lord of Light because The Red Woman is back. I'll be tuned in at 7:31.



fanfan0449 said...

bojour j'aimerais savoir ou l'on peut acheter les jeux de carte de strip memory (ceux avec les vetements) merci pour votre reponse franck