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Friday, March 18, 2016

You're welcome!

Ask yourself this question: if you could pick any retired LostBets.com player to come back, who would it be? Take a moment to think about that while you read this blog post.

Double updates today. (For more info on this and a promo for the second episode today, see previous blog post. Today brings us Episodes 504 and 508, with the debut of Ana Molly against Belle and RyAnne. I just talked about 504  last week, but to recap: a simple game with a simple forfeit to ease the new girl into the concept. (I hope you like her, by the way, because she may be coming back for more in a couple of weeks. And she may be bringing a friend.) And a really awesome yoga poses forfeit, mainly because the winner is hilariously entertaining as she puts the losers through their paces.

The second episode, 508, fills another recent fan request, mainly by accident.  I'll take it.

After draining the pool of ready-to-publish episodes nearly dry, it's starting to get built back up again (thanks, Johnny) so let's continue the promos. Episode 507 will be published in early April.

Raquel makes her debut. (Yes, her name is spelled correctly. I double-checked.) Her ILAMC promo was published here. The loser of her first game has to go for a Sybian ride, which can be quite a shock to the uninitiated. Girls tend to completely lose control of themselves on the Sybian, turning into thrashing, snarling animals. Many of them find it humiliating to be seen in such a state. Raquel had never been on a Sybian before and was very worried about it, not knowing what to expect. Star knew exactly what to expect. having expertly driven Dakota to orgasm using one, but I don't think that reduced her apprehension about what the device would do to her and what the device would make her do.

Okay. so at the top of this blog post I asked you to consider which inactive LostBets.com player you'd most like to see back. I'm sure that if I asked everybody that question, I'd get many different answers. In fact, when I recently ask a similar question, I did get many different answers. But a few names kept coming up over and over, and one name came up more than all the rest. She's a player I'd thought had retired and there was no hope of ever getting her back. I've gotten dozens of requests to see more of her, and while I love fulfilling fan requests, I had to disappoint everyone in this case. Sorry, I said. Never, I said. She was great, but we've seen the last of her, I said.

So never say never, I guess. I'm very, very happy to have been wrong. I think that I've hyped this reveal enough, or perhaps way too much, and I'm sure that by now many of you have guessed who I'm talking about. So without further ado:

Along with the introductions of Georgia, Catalina, and Aurora, Julie will be making her first return appearance in Episode 509. Promo for that one next week. To everybody who's asked over the years to see more of her:  you're very welcome.


David Wells said...

OMG!!!!! Thank You Red, I love Julie, Welcome back Julie! Can't wait to see what she does!

Anonymous said...

hooray! welcome back julie!


Bammy said...

Congrats on bringing back Julie! Now is there any hope of getting Ashley back?

Rene said...

Julie returns? Great.

A question I've asked before. When is the next b/g forfeit?

Unknown said...

there's a problem when you try to download the spades one you uploaded today it won't play :(

Pengy said...

Same thing happened to me Chris. Was really looking forward to this download too :/

Unknown said...

please give me a copy when it's fully ready I was so looking forward to it :)

Red said...

Should be fixed now. Clips4Sale says they've sent out fresh download links to anyone who bought the glitched version. Please let me know if this isn't the case. Also, if you bought the glitched version, forward a copy of your Clips4Sale receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com and pick any clip from our catalog and I'll send you a free copy to apologize for the inconvenience.

Red said...

@David Wells: I think you'll like it. Her limits have gone down a bit since last time, but that doesn't mean she didn't do (or risk doing) some pretty hot shit.

@m: +1

@Bammy: Oy. I just got done saying "never say never", but don't get your hopes up too high. I would dearly love to have Ashley back, but she's made it pretty clear that her modeling career is over. (Then again, that's exactly what I said about Julie, so who knows? Just don't hold your breath.

@Rene: Currently scheduled as Episode 511, to be published in late April.

Okay, now about the other thing. It's a comedy of errors.

My internet service suddenly, for no reason, started getting shit bandwidth upsteream... something like 120 kbps. I checked with the provider, who assures me I'm not being throttled. They're sending a tech out to troubleshoot on Sunday. I resorted to tethering my cellphone to complete the upload. But despite the C4S interface assuring me that the upload succeeded, apparently it did not. I had to upload a few more times, each time being told the upload had succeeded, each time being told by C4S that the clip was still corrupted, before it finally worked.

I'm pretty angry. Yesterday was supposed to be a good day in LostBets.com history, and instead it got fucked up thanks to my ISP and others. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I know you are not a huge fan of ball busting (sadly), but I think it would be amazing if there was a POV were the forfeit was to be ball busted by the lovely model. As each article of clothing is removed, I can imagine being taunted with immanent punishment. At the end, the winning model could offer the loser to humiliate the himself with masturbation instead, all the while taunting the loser with "what could have happened."

- Bob "from artillery"

Rene said...

Speaking of Dakota.... Is she still in the business? Any chance of seeing her again?

Viredae said...

Well if we're making impossible wishes, I'd certainly love to see Ashton make a comeback one day.

I'm really glad Julie's back though.

Andrew Breckler said...

Since Julie's limits have gone down. That just means you can work your magic to bring them back up, like last time.

Red said...

@Bob: Hey, just because I'm not a huge fan of something doesn't mean I won't film it. I'm always out for variety, and there are plenty of episodes that aren't exactly my biggest turnon. My only concern with filming material that isn't in wheelhouse is getting it right. I worry that I'll miss the nuances of what makes it hot to those who like it. So if ever ask me to film something that isn't necessarily up my alley, just be specific.

Just want to make sure I'm clear here: you don't want an actual ballbusting POV, you just want the opponent to taunt the player with her plans to crush his nuts before letting him off with a wank instead. Is that right?

@Rene: As far as I know, she's still in the business. I don't have anything more of her on tap, but I may get her back in the future.

@Viredae: Getting Ashton back may not be as impossible as you think but it's still looking like a longshot. I'm trying.

@Andrew: I'll try, but I'm not a miracle-worker. I'm actually pretty happy with the material of her I got. It's actually quite a bit harder than her earliest work with us, but don't go looking for BJs or buttplugs anytime soon.

Unknown said...

I sent an email about the free clip but still haven't heard back just letting you know

Anonymous said...

Red, Well done! I can't think of anything more to say!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Julie is back, great news! Maybe she can be a key for Mika's return? If I am right, she was some years ago... Greetz!


Red said...

@Chris: Link sent. Sorry for the delay.

I've so far gotten three requests for the free clip. I hope I hear from the others who bought the glitched version. Oddly enough, all three of the folks who contacted me wanted the same freebie, Episode 498.

@TrueS: Thanks! I just hope that the episodes live up to the expectations and hype. I think they probably will.

@Dave: I asked her about Mika. She promised to contact her for me, then a few days later she asked me if I'd heard from her. I hadn't, which I take to mean that Julie told Mika I was interested, and Mika was not. I'll follow up, but this is another instance where you shouldn't get your hopes up too high.

Anonymous said...

Red - Absolutely. I have seen some POV ballbusting before and it always comes across as a bit silly. I'm not really sure that there is a good way for it to be done. That being said, for many who share my fetish, the kick or the knee is not really the turn on. It is the taunting and/or the threat. You do amazing work and I am especially a huge fan of the POV stuff. It is exciting to actually feel like a part of the game, win or lose. The added element of being playfully teased about the possibility of having my nuts crushed by one of your beautiful models if I lost would put send me (and others who share my fetish) through the roof.

- Bob "from artillery"

P.S. I share your love for red heads.

mismanager said...


Ana Molly is a great addition to the site: she is a real fun girl. Well done for finding her. I've never seen her before but Mr Google tells me that she is quite well known. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, long time watcher, first time on the comments!

Man, thank you, Julie is amazing!
I'm really happy she's back.

On other girls coming back: Any news on Bibi or Kodak?

Keep up the good work


David Wells said...

Thank You Red, for continuing to do great work, I know you are trying your best to get our old time favorites back!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the poll, I know a lot of us asked for sassy. I see she is still pretty active on social media and modeling. Any chance there?


Anonymous said...

Wow Red, you're cranking them out! Very cool!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Red said...

@Bob: Okay. I really wasn't sure how to make a ballbusting POV work, but I can have the girl taunt the player with the possibility. I'll give it a try. In fact, see below.

@mismanager: Ana Molly is going to be back for some more games on Tuesday. I've got some intesting things planned. Also, at her shoot we shot some POVs, but none of Ana Molly. She expressed regret about this and hope that she could do some POVs in the future. Maybe I'll have her do @Bob's request.

@GFO: My attempts to reach Bibi have failed, and believe me, I've tried. I was able to get in touch with Kodak but she made it clear she wasn't interested in further nude work. Sorry.

Welcome to the blog! I hope you stick around, I'm always glad to hear feedback or suggestions from fans.

@David: I will keep trying. I've got a few more people to try...

@DK: Sassy is definitely a possibility to get back. Any ideas for what she could risk, though? She's already done pretty near everything.

@GWKS: Thanks! Credit where it's due: Lily helped recruit the new girls, Johnny's been kicking ass on the editing, and Hippo built the new workstation that's partially responsible for the aforementioned ass-kicking.

Anonymous said...

While in no way was I disappointed in her last forfeit, I would love to see her in more b/g forfeits. Perhaps one where she gets used by someone like Trace or even a threesome. Her last scene was so "tender" for a lack of better word ha, would love to see more of her wild side!

I can't imagine I'm alone in this.


Anonymous said...

Awesome shaving scene! I hope you can do more of those in the future.

Anonymous said...


That would be AMAZING.

Bob "from artillery"

Red said...

@DK: I'm sure you're not alone in this, and I hate to keep saying this in a thread where I explicitly said that I've learned to never say never, but: don't get your hopes up. I'd rate that as "extremely unlikely."

@Anon 12:13 (please sign your posts): Thanks! I think it was one of the berst we've done. I'll try to more like thos in the future, but I'll need to find a) a girl with a nice thick bush that b) she's willing to shave if she lost a bet and, hopefully, c) has never shaved before so the winners can offer helpful and hilarious advice. It's a tall order.

@Bob: Will do what I can, bro.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, I don't think you have to worry a ton about drastically different forfeits when it comes to hardcore material. If there's bonin' we're probably good, we're all guys here. Sassy was once up for a gangbang, that would be a good one to try again if she was willing. Bring that whole group back for it if you can, I liked all of them. Jasmine is very cute and Keely is funny and hot.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

I'm a take what I can get guy! Anything with sassy works. Totally agree with GWKS.


mismanager said...


I think you worry too much about repeating forfeits with the same girls. I'd say "go ahead regardless". This doesn't have to apply just to hardcore forfeits: repeating yoga poses, for instance is fine with me. You've given this as a reason for not having girls such as Fern and Jelly back and I, for one, would be glad to see them return and risk the same penalties as before.

Anonymous said...

Another thought on repeating forfeits: there's a real, significant difference between "having risked" and "having lost". If you don't make a player repeat a forfeit they've already lost, we're going to see something new, and there's really no repetition. As an example, in episode 323, Fern risked walking along a rope where knots would rub against her intimate parts; she won that game, so Salem did the forfeit. Match Fern against anybody other than Salem using this forfeit, and it's all good. Having someone risk something more than once isn't at all the same as watching the same player repeat the same forfeit. Just mix-and-match the players, and keep track of who lost what in the past, and bring on the repetition!


Viredae said...

Speaking of other players, while they might still be available, I'd also like to see a certain "collection" of players, mainly, Dolly, Nettle, Sheri And Zahara.

If those four played together, I'd probably die of joy, among other things.

Nettle somewhat reminds me of an old crush, both in mannerisms and body type, and the other three? Well, I have a certain "type", shall we say.

It's probably not easy to swing those four together, But I'll take any video those four appear in, together or separately.

jumping from that, I really liked the POV game they played a while back, and I'd like to see them do more.

Anonymous said...


When you said an "old favourite" was coming back I went to the entry you linked to, and as well as Julie there seemed to be a lot of requests for Raven, so I was really hoping it would be her, as IMHO she was one of the best models you ever had & I would LOVE to see her back doing some more BJ type forfeits.

Keep up th amazing work.

Simon Templar

fanfan0449 said...

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