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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah, the sweet sight of bare skin under wet cotton

Ashton and Mia are back in this week's clip to play "Wet Rock-Paper-Scissors." The idea for this one came from a blog commenter... I'm very sorry that I don't remember who it was, but whoever you are, thanks, it worked great. And to everyone else, keep those ideas coming and you may just see your own personal fantasy on video. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This was an ingenious game! These two have great chemistry between them - they ham around with each other just enough that's it's funny but they don't get carried away and stop playing the game. And even when the water isn't having as good effect as was hoped, they improvise with the boob in a cup to get it wet approach and that's probably even better - well, I still would have loved to have seen Ashton and Mia with a sopping wet white t-shirts and pert nipples straining at the fabric! (That sounded like a Penthouse forum letter!)

----And the squeal that the loser gives out when the forfeit is performed is worth the cost of the clip alone!

A few years ago i saw a contest at spring break, where two men were sitting on an outdoor stage, and they had heart rate monitors put on them. The girlfriends of these guys gave a lap-dance - in teeny bikinis - to the OTHER guy! The guy who could keep his heart rate under better control won the game. The one guy did awful - and his heart rate wasn't the only thing that went up! His girlfriend was SO MAD at him, punching him in the shoulder and hollering, and all in front of a beach full of people!

I don't suppose Red has a few spare heart rate monitors floating around, but if he does set up any couple vs. couple games, and if they are willing to play opposite someone who is not their significant other in a non-explicit way (or maybe even a somewhat explicit way if you're lucky) then maybe a game LOOSELY along these lines might work. Maybe the guys get to tickle the other guys girlfriend until she drops something, and if she does then she and her boyfriend have to strip, or something like that.


Red said...

Thanks for the kind words, Gordon! Ashton and Mia were the first two girls ever to risk their clothes for my camera, and I still can't believe my incredibly good fortune in finding them... and to this day they're among my favorite girls. I know they read this blog every now and then, so hopefully they'll see the nice things you had to say about them.

No, I don't have any spare heart rate monitors lying around, but the concept is a great one, and by a strange coincidence I happen to be talking with a couple of couples about playing a four-player game. I'll see about adapting the "heart rate" thing to my available equipment. (Heck, I bet heart rate monitors aren't even all that expensive.) Something similar was suggested to me by a fan (I'm pretty sure he'd have no objection at all to being named, but I'm not 100% certain so I'll leave his name off for now): two guys get themselves aroused and put bracelets over their you-knows. Then their female partners work on putting on a show for them to try to keep them "interested". Whosever bracelet falls to the ground first is the loser, and male and female suffer a forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a great idea Red whoever came up with that one! Gordon your idea is fantastic too!


Anonymous said...

both girls look a bit nippy (cold) in those t-shirts another great clip damm more money gone out my account hahaha any new on the birthday special ? or an interactive game LMAO

Anonymous said...

hey red fantastic work!! :D
when are you going to give a full clip length promo!! i have dumb friends who dont wanna buy!! lol

Anonymous said...

Great clip Red. I do have a suggestion if you want to add a few rounds. Add a round for taking off the shirt and then another for the bottoms. You can also add in rounds for just watering the bare breasts, bottoms, etc.

Other suggestions, Supper soakers, a ground sheet to catch the water, test clothes for better translucentcy (more see through), and playing outdoors (fenced or rural lot).


Anonymous said...

Jeoffrey - have you searched the whole blog for a free full length clip? I think there is one at the start unless Red has taken it down. I now have a five/six clip collection but it all started with that one. If your friends are not convinced after seeing that one, I would seriously consider getting new friends.

Red said...

jeoffrey: I haven't put up any free full-length clips (lately) because I'm extremely wary of the legal risk involved in making content containing full nudity available without some very strict and formal age verification. Someday (hopefully soon) I'll have something better than a Blogger account for hosting and will be able to offer more and better stuff for free. As thesilentonepointed out though, there is one full-length clip available for free here, but you'll need to dig deep into the blog archives to find it. Look before August 2007. (Please only do so if you're over 18 and consent to viewing full nudity. I'm not going to put a direct link here to ensure that I have at least some protection against people claiming they were subjected to nudity without their consent.)

Jack: I am dying to do outdoor shoots... and I'd better hurry up, as summer is drawing to a close. I'll see what I can do. And I definitely want to involve high-performance squirt guns (without referring to them by their trademarked name ;-) Suggestions I've received and would like to implement include having girls engage in a squirt gun duel while wearing toilet paper or shaving cream "bikinis".

thesilentone: Thanks for the endorsement :) Tell you the truth, though, the clip you're referring to was from my very first shoot, when I had no idea what the hell I was doing. The content is great, the video quality... not so much.

Gonna have some new promos to show off this week.

Anonymous said...

another great, great clip. mia and asthon are defintely two of my favorites. you'd think that i'd get used to seeing them naked and semi-naked but they're fun to see every single time anew.
quoting the infamous chery "naked girls rule"
speaking of favorites what happen to ashley and her sister?

Red said...

Dave: Thanks! Look for more of Ashton and Mia in the future, and I hope you like them every single time you see them.

Ashley, sadly, moved away quite some time ago. She promises me that she will be visiting Seattle soon, though, and you'd better believe I'm gonna get as much footage of her as I can.

I saw her last weekend, by the way. She looks great. She's changed her hair, making it a much brighter shade of yellow, and lost about ten pounds. Can't wait to see what lies under those clothes.