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Monday, August 18, 2008

New poll, new promo

New poll posted in the sidebar to the right. Please let me know what most influences your decision to buy or not to buy a clip. Select as many reasons as youd like, and if you choose "other", please let me know what you mean in this post. Thanks.

So... anyone like goth girls? I met these ladies in a hotel, and after I told them what I did, they were intrigued enough to try their luck. On the left is Faith, on the right is Brigid. Between them, wearing the green hair and the shit-eating grin, is Arwen. Look forward to their debut soon!

High-definition version here.


Anonymous said...

Mmm Mmmmmmm. Thems some fine looking ladies. Can't wait to see Good work Mr Red sir!


Anonymous said...

nice promo!

Red said...

You= ain't seen nothin' yet.

Anonymous said...

On the subject in the poll, I voted forfeit. A good forfeit is what will get me to buy a new video featuring girls I have already seen naked. Most of the girls seem to arrive resigned to the fact that they may get naked, but the forfeit seems the only chance for genuine embarrassment for some of the veterans. Speaking as someone who has purchased more than half of your videos, this has been the deciding factor on which ones I ponied up cash for on 90% of them.

Spoilers are important too. I always want to know what I am buying. I would never want you to change the randomness of having real games played out, but who wins is a big factor in my purchase decision.

Still waiting for certain favorites to show pink . . . .

Anonymous said...

A comment to elaborate my response to the poll. I find strip games exciting because of the sexual tension they can create. First, I get to see the models risking losing their clothes, so that I may get to see them naked. Second, the forfeits can play a major role in enhancing that tension - especially if they are more on the explicit side. That's why when new models are introduced to the site, I am more inclined to buy their clips, for the excitement of the striping aspect. However, once I have already seen a model lose all her clothes, the prospect of seeing her lose her clothes again is not as exciting. That's when the forfeits become the major factor in my decision. Of course, the price is also a factor and any clip above $15 or so would have to be really really hot for me to decide to buy it. Mind you, clips that are too short (the ones around 6 minutes) also don't allow the tension to be built and are therefore not as attractive to me. I think I've mentioned this before, but co-ed clips are certainly higher on my favorite list, because it's much easier to build the sexual tension in them. It also easier for me to imagine myself as the guy in the clip. Losing a strip game to a beautiful woman can be just as arousing as winning one. That's why I don't even mind the guys losing the game here and there. Last, but not least, the attitude of the players plays a major role in building the sexual tension. If the models don't really seem to care that they are losing and seem very comfortable being nude, that certainly detracts from the sexual tension for me. It's the forbidden fruit thing - if it doesn't really feel forbidden on some level, it's not as exciting. I hope this helps.

Red said...

Thanks Duke... that actually helps a lot. Who are some of your favorite girls?

Anonymous said...

I look first at the price - unfortunately the higher priced ones are off-limits for me. Second, the forfeit - the more embarrassing the better. Third is who lost, not so much as who is in the clip.

The big turn-off that would keep me from buying a clip - any that have a guy in them - just not interested in spending my little cash on it.

The one negative is when the game is over and they just sit there making comments and taking up too much time. Some talk is fine, but too much makes the clip too expensive and I would rather pay to watch them than to listen.

Crosis said...

I suppose I should comment on this poll as it was my question...

Duke, thank you very much for your response. You definitely understand the "strip game" genre. Trying to capture that "sexual tension" is the key to a good strip game video. I've often said that the true "money shot" in a strip game starts the moment the "loser" of each round is revealed and continues through the removal of the clothing. I completely agree that seeing a guy lose to an attractive girl can be almost as hot (if not hotter) than the girl losing. Also, having a guy in the game definitely helps me put myself into the fantasy. the problem of capturing sexual tension when there is camera rolling is one of the big challenges in doing strip game videos (how do you get someone to be embarrassed when they go into the game knowing that it's being done for general release?).

Ray, I completely understand your feelings on the cost. I understand that it can often be a difficult expense to justify. I will however ask you this... Let's just say hypothetically, that our pricing model changed, and length of the clips no longer had an effect on the cost, would you still feel the same way about the "banter" after the game? I ask this, because I personally like seeing some of the aftermath of a game (but again, I do understand the cost factor). I can't say anything yet, but let's just say that big things are afoot...

To all of you who voted in this poll, thank you. I've been following the results and tracking the trends. The fact the the forfeits are the number one choice is not really a surprise. Also, if you add the results for the two player sections (players regardless of outcome, and players who lose) it is obvious that it is our players and what they make each other do that sells our product.

The one initial concern I had was the low response to the "game" selection (especially considering some of the brainstorming and prep work that goes into some of the games). After thinking it over for some time, watching a variety of the games, and then cleaning up afterward, I came to the following conclusion. Our games are like the referees in sporting events, the best ones are ones you don't notice. The games are what get the the players to act "naturally" and differentiates our product from the mass of porn that is available on the internet (or so I've heard).

Again, thank you all for your response. We will take it all into consideration for future events.