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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Announcing a major change

Until very recently, lostbets.com has been pretty much a one-man show... well, one man and forty women, and maybe a couple of other men. But arranging the shoots, shooting the shoots, editing the footage, publishing the footage, updating the blog, handling technical issues, and answering email was all yours truly. And I was cool with that, but the thing is, lostbets.com has grown, and you guys keep demanding more. Okay, I'll do my best to give it to you, but I know I can't do it alone, so I'm going to start bringing in people to help with some of the tasks.

And I'm thrilled to announce the first (non-performer) employee of LostBets.com,
Crosis. I know we've all been impressed by his thorough, insightful blog comments, and I know for a fact they have helped make this site a better place. Several of Crosis's ideas found their way into my most popular videos. So please join me in welcoming our new Creative Consultant and Director of Marketing.

As you can see, Crosis wears two hats. The first is as creative consultant, provider of ideas for games, ideas for forfeits, tips for editing, etc... but he was already doing that job, and doing it for free. (He's not been my only volunteer creative consultant, and I'm grateful to each of you. You know who you are, because you've seen your ideas appear in my videos.) The other role he will fill, director of marketing, is all about helping people get to know lostbets.com. To that end: he'll take the screen caps that I don't have time to take. He'll cut together promotional videos. He'll help distribute this free content to sites, with the permission of the webmasters, of course. In other words, those of you who've been clamoring for more free material will soon get your wish, thanks to Crosis.

So with that, I'll turn it over to Crosis for anything he'd like to say.


First I would like to thank Red, both for the creation of this site, and for allowing me the privilege of helping him take this to the next level. I, like many of you, our fans, started posting ideas solely with the hope of seeing our personal fantasies come to life. I am honored that my ideas for bettering this site have been accepted so well. I'm looking forward to helping take this thing further.

Please, continue to send in the ideas for games, forfeits, and scenarios you might like to see. Many of them have been used in games already, and many more are on the way. We have begun to amass quite a list of possible games and forfeits, but there's always room in the database for more. Also, if any of you are webmasters and wish to help us promote the site, please let me know, and I'm sure we can find an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial. If you know of a place on the web that should really have a LostBets.com link, please let me know so we can make sure everyone knows about us.



Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard crosis, can't wait for the new material to come out. Can't help to ask, does this mean we might be closer to a membership website of sorts???

-The Philly Drunk

Anonymous said...

That would get my vote.

Hopefully will will start to se some interactive stuff too?

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...

This is disappointing. When you said big things were coming I thought a membership site was coming and we get this instead. It's good news don't get me wrong I think crosis is great.

Crosis said...

Anon... fear not, me being hired is NOT really the "big thing" to which we referred. It's only the start...

Red said...

Yeah, dude. Believe me, the decision that this was more than I could handle alone portends major changes to come, some of which you'll see very soon, some of which will take awhile longer, but all of which will be positive. Have a little patience.

But I will say, guys, just so nobody is bitterly disappointed later: if there is a change to the pricing model coming (and nothing's definite yet), you will not be able for a single monthly fee to get access to my entire back library. If you're hoping for that, don't.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Crosis and good luck. Looking forward to seeing the changes. The ones I like I will let you know and the ones I don't I will tell you that too. Always remember my comments will be in critiquing the videos and not in criticism them. Thanks for all you have done in the past year and keep up the good work. I do not expect to be happy with everything but I am not the only person looking. The variety you offer is great.


bert said...

I hope you keep the spirit that marks some of the best in the previous clips and keeps making unique material. The games are best when unscripted, when nobody wants to lose the clothes, when the losers get embarrassed and the winners gloat in a way that we believe is true. I don't believe interactive stuff can be done well and I don't need to be a member. As long as the video clips are fun, sexy, strippy and have cute losers I am happy.

Crosis said...

-gb, thanks for vote of confidence, and please, continue to offer your views. We always appreciate feedback on our product. Even if you think a clip of ours is complete crap, you can tell us, I'd just expect a reason why.

-bertie, I also hope we can keep up the spirit of the games. If the girls (and guys) aren't happy playing our games, it will show in the videos. I'm with you on the unscripted games, but there are those who really like the interactive games, and scripted games allow for some things that we wouldn't feasibly be able to do in a regular game.

As we like to say, there aren't too many things we won't do in the name of a good strip game, if we think we can get away with it.

I can't give any details about future pricing structures, because honestly, it's still in development. The only thing I can say is that it is our goal that being a paying member (when mebership comes around) will be much more advantageous (for you) than buying the videos ala carte.

Everyone, keep the ideas coming, there's always room in the game and forfeit database for more...

Anonymous said...

Good news.

Roll on membership.

Any chance of seeing those interactive games now?

Also I hope that the back catalogue will be ported over to the membership site?

Keep at it!

Cap'n. :0)

Anonymous said...


Crosis, if you feel unexpected pain at any stage in the next few days, don't worry too much.

It will only be me sticking pins in a voodoo doll of you, out of jealousy.


Good luck with it!

PS. Any chance of that electric-shock party game anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

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