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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mary Mary quite contrary

Let's all raise a glass to the late Andrew Dice Clay, unless of course he is not dead. It's a shame it ws Lily rather than Mary, but actually... no, it wasn't a shame at all. For me, anyway.

Here's a completely candid and genuine slice of, uh, life. Lily arrived and realized that she needed a trim. I brought the camera along.

She asked me, "Red, do you have scissors?" I bet she wishes she brought whatever tool she normally uses for the job, because all I had were the scissors I use to play Snip games, and they're made to cut cloth, not trim pubes. I wonder if I should show this video to the next two girls to play a Snip game.

Anyway, guys, if you want Lily to bet her bush at lostbets.com, speak up! Post in the comment section, let's get the peer pressure going!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the bald look but I think to lose and have only half of it (one side) would be even more humiliating than if it were all shaved. That would lead to a follow-up game or bet of double (all) or nothing. And to be tied (or held) and spread and trimmed/shaved would be definitely better than getting to do it herself.

Crosis said...

Lily, Lily, oh so silly,
how you tease us so.
You trim your bush,
and show your tush
but still you let it grow.

But Lily, oh Lily can't you see,
I just can't seem to let it be,
and really really all the same,
would like to see you play the game.

So Lily, oh Lily if you care,
take the challenge, take the dare.
Lily, oh Lily won't you play,
1-20-09 "Bush's Last Day"

Sorry hon, I'm incorrigible and insatiable.
~Please, don't murder me. :)

Anonymous said...

Good idea for the poll. I voted to make it shorter rather than to get rid of it entirely...it was about Lily's pubic hair wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more of the natural look...not less!

If only more models would leave it neat and natural.


Anonymous said...

I prefer bare or almost bare.
Whatever it is, it must be neat.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of it looks bad would be a great bet.

Anonymous said...

crosis wins for best forfiet idea. Shame we'd have to wait for January to see it, but it just begs to happen!


Bogart said...

I thimk it would be a great bet and I think Lilly is a very sexy girl.