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Saturday, August 2, 2008

*Yawn* good morning.

Yep, I was up all night editing this clip. I haven't missed a weekly update since I started them and I don't intend to start now.

The clip itself will be published before the end of the day, but for those of you who can't wait (or are unsure you want to purchase), here's the first eight minutes of the clip, absolutely free. I really, really like the way this turned out.

UPDATE: the full version is now available in the clip store. Go nuts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
That's a nice promo video. How did it turn out ?

Anonymous said...

That dude looks like a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

I apologise profusely to the guy but I must say, I agree with Anonymous 03/08 12:25.

Glad to see vid includes a guy, a new player and the return of two older players - if this doesn't keep everyone happy I don't know what will. As I've said before - at least one newbie and one old person in each shoot is my ideal situation. Some girls I'd like to see back if possible: Paris, Stephanie and Kala.

Actually on rethought, if I had played a strip game with three girls then been compared to a serial killer, I would consider myself ahead on balance - please retract my apology above. :o)

Anonymous said...

The prices seem to be back in Euro's (€) on my screen that makes it a very big price jump

Anonymous said...


Do you mind sharing what the forfeit involves? That will determine whether I buy the vid or not, since I'm not a big fan of guys being involved. Have bought bunches of your other clips and love em all. Especially the spanking/paddling forfeits.

Ric Flair(whoooo)

Red said...

Anon 12:52: I'm sorry to inform you that during the entire time Sean was there, I didn't see him attempt to kill even one person, let alone a series of them. In fact, to me he seemed like more of the hippie-pacifist type than the serial killer type.

Thesilentone: My goal is never to "keep everyone happy", but if everyone is happy, so much the better :)

john: I have no effing clue. Could you do me a favor and take a screenshot showing prices in euros, and email it to me? Thanks.

Ric: I won't spoil the outcome but I'll tell you that the forfeit did not involve contact between the guy and any of the girls. Okay?

Anonymous said...

screenshot sent

Crosis said...

The hippie pacifist types don't make good serial killers. However, should he get the munchies during the game he might kill off a box a Cap'n Crunch. Yes, Red proudly presents Sean the Cereal Killer!!!

I like the preview and can't wait for the SD version to be posted at the store. Having a fourth for spin the bottle definitely completes the circle nicely. It's good to see the co-ed games finally making their appearance. Hopefully we'll see more along those line down the road.

Since I haven't seen the full version yet, I don't know how the posing plays out at the end. One thing that would make that sort of forfeit more exciting would be to have one of the winners grab a digital camera and snap a few pics of the losers getting posed (I'd suggest a camera phone, but we've heard what cell phones do to audio recordings). All the while "threatening" to post the pics online.

As always, keep up the good work...

P.S. We have a former 16 time world champion posting on the blog??? Cool ;)

Anonymous said...

No Male Nudity? What a Croc! Will still buy the clip I guess, but would enjoy seeing a mixture of genders, losing the bets.


Anonymous said...

I assume that Red uses his blog name because of either the color of his hair or that he liked Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. I seriously doubt that he is "a red", but instead he believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of playing a game fairly - so if those are the two that lost the game, then so be it! The dude almost lost!

Spinning the bottle might not have been 100 percent fair, it hit peoples toes - and there were iffy calls, but the players agreed those things amongst themselves. I don't think the girls were playing to make sure that the guy didn't win.


Anonymous said...

Don't read this if you don't want to read any spoilers.

Elise is an EXCELLENT addition to "Red's harem"! I think this was the first clip with 4 players, and lots of players make for a great game. But filming with 4 players must be a bit difficult. If Lily had lost or was showing alot of skin, we would have seen her bare back alot and not the ta-tas. Heads were getting in the way sometimes too. Red, I would have no problem if you say things like "Sean, please move to the side a bit more, we can't see Amber" while you are filming - I'm sure Sean didn't realise that.

Maybe one way to get around a lot of that is by not playing the game on the floor. Maybe an idea for a four player game like this is to have poker chips or something like that in a bowl. Each player takes a turn pulling a chip out of the bowl, whoever's chip it is loses one item. But if you pull your own chip, you lose two items, or something along those lines. Maybe have one "killer chip" in the bowl that whoever pulls that chip loses all their clothes. The odds in a game like that are interesting because if someone still has alot of clothes on, they also have alot of chips in the bowl. The game will probably end with one (or two) players with just one item of clothing left on. And if the bowl is sitting on a stool or small table, then they can all stand around it and we can have a good look at the game going on. --The basketball game was good that way, we got to see alot of the girls while they played.


Anonymous said...

How bout a scripted boyfriend/girlfriend team vs another boyfriend girlfriend team and the members of the winning team get to make the opposite sex member from the losing team orgasm.

Red said...

travess: Sorry. All I can say is that the game wasn't fixed and Sean came by his victory honestly. There were other games played that same day where he wasn't so lucky, they'll be published soon enough.

Gordon: thanks for the vote of confidence, and nope, I'm no Commie :) It's been pointed out before that standard spin-the-bottle isn't always fair, since the players aren't always evenly-spaced and the judgement of when a spin lands exactly between two people is subjective. What I've found is that the advantage usually goes to whoever's willing to be most assertive about the interpretation of the rules, which in this case was definitely Lily. Using a spinner would definitely be more "fair" (and I do have and will continue to have games of pure chance), but I kind of like the added personal touch of the players squabbling over vague rules.

Tony: thanks for the compliment and I'll make sure Elise (if she's not reading this already) knows that she's welcomed into my, uh, harem :) And yes, I was definitely concerned with the logistics of playing a 4-player game on the floor. The problem is with spin-the-bottle, it's sort of necessary. Other games played that day, where it wasn't necessary to have the players seated in a circle, were played on the couch and offered better visibility.

Axe: I've thought about doing something like that, and in fact am talking it over with a few couples I know to see if I can find some who'd be up for it. But your forfeits are a little reversed from what I think would be normal... usually, it'd be the case that the winners were rewarded by the losers having to give them oral sex or some such. But actually, your way could work really well, as long as I made sure to bring the camera into the scene, make the players acknowledge the camera and the viewers behind it, and the losers get humiliated by coming for the whole audience. Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

For me it's even more humiliating because the girl has to watch another girl make her bf come and the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration Red!

Red said...

Always glad to, axe.

Actually, there's something I want t say to everybody who's asked me to do more scripted games, which is quite a few of you. Those scripts that you enjoy and want to see more of, those are my scripts. I had no experience at scriptwriting in my life until I did this. So I just wanted to say, if I haven't made it clear, I'm very proud that you like my scripts enough to want to see more of them. Thank you.

I wanted to say that because I'm usually pretty dismissive when people ask for more scripted productions. They're much, much more expensive in both time and labor to make than the candid games. They're not nearly as much fun, although maybe a touch more rewarding. So I haven't been all that gung-ho about doing more scripted stuff. But I will. Promise. I've already written a new script and am working on another.

Bogart said...

I think Elsie is a great looking girl, and would love to see more of her. It was a great vid, but with ywo naked girls here, I thought the forfeit was a little lame. If you are going to pose them, I think they can do better than what they did.

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