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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jester says, "Strip!"

OK, so that title would probably work better with the real name of this game (damn copyright laws). As promised, the new clip features the return of Penny, Danielle, and Samantha playing Strip Jester. Follow the flashing lights, and above all else, pay attention. The winner of this game gets to pose the two losers in a variety of positions, and we're even treated to 5 jumping jacks from each of the lovely naked players.

On a side note, this is one of those games that I probably had never considered playing for clothing until seeing Red's videos. Between this video, and the previous Jester game (Danielle, Lily, and Aurianna) I'm beginning to like it more and more.

Red, It's good to have you back, but I think you need to learn sign language...


Anonymous said...

Forfeits/punishments with water are very erotic. Would like to see:
1. Loser has to go into garden naked and tip big bucket of cold water over head!

2. Loser has to go into garden naked and stand with hands on head while winner sprays her whole body with a hose - nice strong wide spray for maximum shock value! Loser to count seconds out loud while being sprayed

3. If indoor, loser has to take 30 second naked cold shower or (full) cold bath.

I like to see the reaction of the girls to the water but it would also be a great incentive not to lose!

Anonymous said...

Drat that penny and her winning ways. I sure hope you have more of her with maybe some losing going on for her!

Anonymous said...

Great clip,
To bad the girls lose consentration in the end and just start giggling. This sort of ruins the forfeit, in my humble opinion.

Piss Tron said...

I'd like to see more randomness in how the forfeits are delivered. Keeping the ladies in the dark until the end and more user participation should help.

For example: The forfeit is placed in an envelope. It is a random forfeit selected by internet vote on the blog, and the girls don't know what it will be until the end. Or perhaps there are three envelopes and the loser draws one. Or three forfeits and the winner picks from them, but I guess this would only work with groups that are really competitive.

I also like the idea of an outsider administering the forfeit. I think a guy would do a better job of posing the losers than the girls. Better yet, use poses suggested by the internet. Even better than that, lottery or auction off a call from the loser while you are doing the shoot and have the internet winner select from a set of forfeits.

Anonymous said...

cutting the weekend streak pretty close again Red, or is this one going to end it?

Anonymous said...

He's missed it!

Anonymous said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (I need my strip game fix for the week.)

Anonymous said...

Was hoping for just a delayed update, but it looks like we just won't have one this week

Crosis said...

I got a text message from Red last night saying he was having MAJOR computer issues. Considering that he's the one with the keys to the store (and all of the product), this week's update will obviously be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience, I can only assume that we will not only have a an update at some point, but also a clip next week for which we will all give thanks.

Anonymous said...

How about all of the people playing the game write down a forfeit and place them all in a bowl. Then after the game whoever the loser is has to select one of the forfeits from the bowl, not knowing what it will be. It could be the one she wrote down, or it could be something she doesn't expect.