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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paybacks are a b...

...beautiful thing!!! (and you thought I was going to say something else). A while back Red took a chance and hired me to do promotional work for him. In addition to the screen caps I've been posting around, and the photo montages I've been making, I now have the ability to do some video editing. I must (in the spirit of the holiday) say a big THANK YOU to Red, both for being the driving force behind this site, and for allowing me to do this work for him. Instead of a screen grab for this week's update, I give you a teaser promo. Fair warning, it's not going to show much (I need to keep it in line with the TOS of this site and others), but I think you'll enjoy.


Edit: in the further spirit of the holiday, here's a quick glimpse into their last game of strip jester (along with Danielle)...



Mark said...

it was not much of a foce orgazam I do not think she even had one

Anonymous said...

Say, with the cold weather coming on, is there a way to use snow in a forfeit? Maybe taking a bucket of snow into the hotel room and the loser gets some frosty nipples? I don't think a snowball fight would work too well - and SOME girls, well, let's face it, they throw like girls!

-yes, that is a bad joke!

I've noticed a nice trend in some of the games - the players already know each other. Ashley played against her sister. Ashton and Mia, I understand, are long-time friends. I've seen Mary and Amber in a few photoshoots together. Addie and Psymon are an item. I think Lily and Sean are an item as well. I think that familiarity puts a comfortable dynamic in the games - and then the players aren't behaving like a teen-ager's first day at a new school, all shy and quiet.




Crosis said...

Gordon, how does naked snow angels sound??? that was a dare in a rather heated (or should I say chilled) game of truth or dare from back in my college days. It may depend on the location of the shoot, but I definitely would like to see one (or more) of our girls laying down naked in the snow.

I guess my promos have left the rest of you utterly speechless (postless?). On a brighter note, they have earned us "Creative Content" status at dailymotion. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to make teaser promos for each new videos, as well as some compilation promos I'm working on.

Anonymous said...

Crosis, your promos do tend to leave me postless as there is just nothing to say other than great work. Granted I'd already bought for these promos, but I still think you did great work. On a different note, have we heard from Red after his holiday business on if he's just skipping last week's update?


Anonymous said...

Hey Crosis,

Id love to get these games, problem is I only have paypal. Any updates on how else i can get these games?

I got some money to spend, problem is I can`t get these games yet!

Anonymous said...

So, just to keep the blog fresh, I would like to ask an open question. Red and Crosis have hinted about a website for downloading other than at clips4sale. Obviously they're pretty busy already with updates and such, and I don't want this to come across in any way like I'm saying "hey what's the story on the website thing".
It's just that I've seen a few of the ladies on other websites before, so it's got me thinking this: If a website starts up, what does the average viewer for the site want to know about the players? Like, OBVIOUSLY privacy is privacy, but often websites have a little bio page on them. Do some people want to know absolutely nothing about the ladies - that any kind of real world info might change what they think of one of them? Like, if they knew that "lady X" is actually 33 years old, or is married, or (gulp) has kids - and some do, they have real lives after all - would that be something cool or would that be a bummer?
Ok, for example I saw a film clip where one of the lost bets ladies was being interviewed for her pictorial on a website. She said certain personal but not too personal things, like she lived in such and such a country with her husband for X years, etc. etc. I thought it was cool trivia to just come across - not the stuff for potential stalkers see and drool! But, maybe if another person had seen that they would have said "ARRRGH, I didn't want to know that!"


Crosis said...


Thanks as always for the insight, ideas, and refresh. I think I know of the video interview that you're talking about, and I do like the idea of knowing more about the players. One of the things we are planning on doing in the near future is player bio interviews. I don't think they will be as "life" detailed as the one you've seen, but rather be more "game" oriented.

Anon, PayPal still has rules about money for digital adult content. The best thing I would recommend if you can't get a credit card is to use a debit/check card.

BJ, thanks, hopefully the promos will entice people to buy games they might have passed on. I intend to work both forwards and backwards with the promos. I'll try to have quick 30-45 second promos of each new game, and some longer compilation promos of the older games.

All, I have heard from above that we will indeed have an update this week. stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I noticed the new update for December 08. Thanks for getting it up last night. Have not downloaded it yet. I guess a discription in the blog will follow. Followers can look at clips4sale. Jack.

Crosis said...

Sorry guys, I won't have my teaser up until tonight. But when I do get home, I 'll have two teasers and a question for y'all...

Anonymous said...

I read something about old lostbets photo games, from before the video's.
Do these exist, and can we see them?