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Monday, November 10, 2008

Um... hi, guys

[UPDATED] below

Hey there, loyal fans. I know I've been AWOL for awhile, and I do apologize for that. Before I get into that, though, if you haven't noticed yet this week's update is posted. Announcement post below this one. Check it out; it's something truly different from my past work.

Now, as for the absence: old-timers (and newbs who've read the blog archives) know that this is not my primary vocation. I do still have a "real" job (which, sadly, I still need to keep), and at times it keeps me very busy. Even before I started Lost Bets, sometimes my job plus the sporadic timesinks that go by the name "life" would keep me too busy to turn around. And there are times when job + other stuff has kept me away from Lost Bets.

But that's not what happened this time. To make a long story short, I burned out. The stress of working two jobs plus a number of other non-work-related things just took me past my limit, and I shut down. Haven't even looked at my email or this site in a couple of weeks.

That comes to a stop now. I need to recapture what makes this job fun, and I think I've got it. I reminded myself what I love about this job. Like, one thing I love is to provide variety, and I think my format was starting to become a bit too formulaic. This week's update helped a lot. Now I just have to get off my ass and actually do the software for interactive games. One step at a time. But any suggestions for how best to keep the site fresh and exciting are always welcome.

I'm back. I hope. I have a lot to catch up on. I'd better get to it.

UPDATE: Yes, I'm aware that I'm behind in the SD department. Some of those SD videos still need to be uploaded or even rendered. When I do finally get them up (before the next regular weekly update I promise) you will find the discount from HD pricing to be a bit greater than usual. My sincere apology to everyone I've pissed off with my laxitude.

Oh, finally, that shoot I mentioned I had coming up between Lily and long-lost Ashley? Didn't happen, Lily came down with something. Fortunately, I was able to find a last-minute replacement, who was all too happy to take on Lost Bets's most popular girl. Used as many of your ideas as I could remember. Also, I enlisted the aid of a PA, who was mostly a spectator for this shoot but an active (behind-the-camera only, alas) participant in the next shoot. But more on that later.

Man, I haven't used that tagline in awhile. I could definitely use a new one.


Anonymous said...

just downloaded the clip and i love it software to play it would be good one day maybe lets have some more i say, oh and good to have you back .

Anonymous said...

On a selfish note I am glad to see that Lily got replaced with someone I would rather see. Either in losing or winning the game. Looking forward to these future updates.


Anonymous said...

I love Lily, but agree with gb that we've just seen a lot of her and am kinda burned out. It's nice to have some variety in girls and I personally love seeing an occasional shaved girl :) I also hope we see a lot more of Danielle, Penny, and Samantha. Danielle was stunning the two times we've seen her and we didn't get to see nearly enough of Penny and Samantha from their only game.


Crosis said...

Here's to hoping that Amber fared better against Ashley than she did against Mary. Otherwise, Ashley will make that poor girl suffer...

Anonymous said...

Did Amber ever win against Mary? I bought a few of the games but hardly saw any of Mary - although Amber made up for it!

Plus put me down for more Penny Danielle and Samantha.

PS I thought the last few updates seemed generally great so very intrigued to hear that you think you can do better!!

Crosis said...

Silent one, Amber did indeed win ONE game against Mary on their first shoot. She won the game of strip darts (with the first appearance of the paddle). After that, she lost, and lost quite badly in most of the other games. Also, the shoot where Lily lost her girl/girl virginity also featured Mary and Amber... (and a game which was written by yours truly) but I won't say how well she fared in the other games...

Anonymous said...

While I love lily that one game tease was too much, so put me down as another for more of danielle, samantha, and penny


Anonymous said...

So I have attempted to keep my comments off this blog, for fear of being, well, inappropriately verbose. The proprietor of this website, and his much esteemed accomplice, will know be by a different President's handle.

I have selected Jefferson for the blog primarily of concern that my original President would want to box me (the only hint), and for the following reason.

I sense, in this thread and others, a grass roots campaign (perhaps rebellion?) for more Danielle-Penny-Samantha. Seeing as their prior game was one of my favorites, I can easily add my name to their company. Take notice, Red, the people are rising! ;)

I'm also glad that Amber was called in from the bullpen. I've mentioned this in an email, but Amber grew into one of my favorite girls after an initial period of indifference. Needless to say, I'm anxious to see some of the Ashley-Amber games!

While it's on my mind, allow me to express my hope that Mia/Ashton have at least one more rematch for a certain forfeit in Red's vault, and that the rematch (with a different loser!) finds its way to this website post haste! I might be a minority, but as fan from the founding of this site, Ashley, Ashton, and Mia will always hold special place for me on this site.

Time to get to the point:

In a broader sense, however, I would like to give back to this site. It always upsets me a little when Red notes he is a little (or a lot) burned out, in part because I would miss his productions, in part because I feel Red's sacrifice is not fully (or remotely) compensated by my payments for videos. Before people kill me, that's not a hint to raise prices!

I do have an affinity for these games, however, and a distinct style. To the extent my opinions of a game would help people make decisions, I will attempt to oblige. If there is enough interest, I will attempt to regularly post reviews to applicable threads.

But for now, I am open to emails. In case you failed to guess the President, I can be reached at (your second and final hint):


PLEASE PUT "LOSTBETS.COM" in the subject line. That will make it easy for me to get timely responses out.

I am completely independent of Lostbets.com, and, as much as I love the site, would love to keep things that way. I believe, as someone with nothing to gain by providing my opinions, my opinions might be worth something to someone less able to buy videos at will. It is my hope that, in some small way, this contributes to Red's efforts, and makes this site slightly better. Of course, if there are no requests, I will not push this concept.

I believe I have most games, but cannot help on all (and don't buy some due to certain personal tastes). That said, for anyone who needs to be selective with their budget, I will do my best to provide what guidance I can. Letting me know your preferences would help -- if you don't, I will try to make my preferences obvious, but (caveat emptor) might overlook some.

Either way, thanks for hanging in there, Red. I remain a loyal fan.

I warned everyone I was verbose.



Red & Crosis, let me know if you would like me to cc one or both of you on any emails I send. I'm certainly not trying to go behind your back in any way, and would hate to create the impression I am anything but grateful for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get what you need personally from your work Red

The videos are great. The mix of women is spectacular.

I wish I could buy more...

Tip: Croisis' post over at OCC really influenced a past purchase so keep that up if possible C

Red said...

Hey guys... just a quickie before I leave for work. In re. Mary and Amber, as has been stated, yes, Amber won one. (Darts, I think? Yeah.) But there's still one more game from the Mary/Amber series. I haven't published it yet... it's Battlestrip, and I have a lot of those I haven't published, the reason being that I want to come up with some sort of graphic overlay like I use for the Memory games. (I did publish the one Battlestrip game with Ashton and Mia as a test, and as I suspected it's not a favorite. I think it'd be much better to watch if you could see what each player's board looked like.) But anyway, back to the point... it's entirely possible that Amber won that game against Mary. (Or not; no spoilers.)

Again, I gotta go to work, I will write more detailed responses later, but I just wanted to keep expectations from running too high: guys, I didn't get many games with Danielle. I have (I think) one more Danielle, Penny, and Samantha game in the queue, and that's all for Danielle. She certainly is popular though, so I will make an effort to entice her back. (I do have a couple more games with Penny and Samantha sans Danielle, and some of 'em are pretty good.) More later.

Anonymous said...

Since this is the most recent thread I will post a suggestion for a future game or games. In the past there had been talk of Strip Pool. For 2 reasons you said that it would be a problem. Number 1 lack of a pool table and number 2 you would need girls who could play. My suggestion is why do the girls need to play, couldn't some player or players do the shooting while the girls do the stripping. If you edit it right you should be able to get away with using a pool game shot at some bar with the girls stripping.

For strip cut throat you could have either 2 or 3 girls with 1 shooter. Each girl would either pick 5 or 7 balls randomly and for each one of their balls that is suck she would remove an item. The shooter would not know who had what so it would be somewhat random. In fact each pool could represent a specific piece of clothing. For 2 girls, 7 pieces of clothes with 1 of the balls being for the forfeit. For 3 girls you have 5 pieces of clothes and the girl who is stripped first has to do the forfeit.

If you end up with a regular game of 8-ball, the winner of the game can end up getting to watch the forfeit as a reward. Just some thoughts on how to get some pool games into the mix.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pry that Ashley loos