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Monday, November 10, 2008

The new video is up!

Yes, I know I've been AWOL. I'll have a post about that shortly. This week's update is posted, a bit late, I'm afraid. Crosis, if you make an image for this one, please just edit this post to add it.

It's something new: a single-girl POV game. I figured I'd try my hand at one. What do you think?

And on that note, see the new poll to the right. Comments about this new format should go here. Other things I've considered doing with this branch: multiple girls (and/or guys) playing against the POV, and on- or off-screen spectator/voyeurs. Then again, that last could work with my more usual format, too.

Hope you like it. More posts to come tonight.


Anonymous said...

Since my computer can not do high def movies I was wondering if you will be doing the updates in reg def still since the last two did not get those?

Red said...

I sincerely apologize for that, iain. You'll see the SD version of this one on time, and the missing SD versions of the last however many updates I missed shortly after.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand the poll Red. Wouldn't an unseen player and you/the camera man be basically the same thing?

Anonymous said...

I love the new POV style game. many more please.

Red said...

Shifty: That's a good question, and you know, honestly, I'm not quite sure what I meant. I think the former option would involve the girl not acknowledging the camera's presence, just be playing a stripping game against an (imaginary) opponent. Hmm, that includes some options for novel shoots... voyeurcam, anyone?

Ng: Thanks very much, and I'm glad you liked it! Unfortunately the only other POV games I've filmed also involve Lily, and she's gotten a bit overexposed lately. But next time I find a girl who's game for a shoot I'll get some more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I loved the pov!!
Some ideas: Make it more sexy with more sexy frases.
The girl teases you, with win and lose outcomes, she can say:
"When you win, you get to look between my legs" or "when you win, would you like me to bend over?" or "You know, If I win.. you have to get COPMLETELY naked for me!" or
I,m SO going to enjoy seeing you naked!" or "I have to warn you, I ALLWAYS win at strip-games!"

Things like that realy spice up the game(pov or not).

In future pov interactive games I hope you will make it fun to win.. but also fun to lose!!
And with fun I mean the girl makes you deliver a proper forfeit!
(I hated it when Raven went all soft on Alan, went easy on him when she won)

ps I think reasing the stakes during the game is realy sexy to.


john 7 said...

could you please release a single-girl POV game promo

john 7 said...

I agree with anonymous
its great when the girls use sexy phrases

thank you so much for lostbets.com

John 7