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Friday, November 14, 2008

What you've got coming

Okay, gents, you've shouted, you've begged, you've demanded, and I've listened. This weekend's clip (which I really hope to get up on Saturday but more realistically will probably be up on Sunday) features Penny, Danielle, and Samantha.

Unfortunately it's a bit delayed... to make a long story short, I will be visiting a shotgun range at some point and I will be bringing one slightly fist-pounded MacBook Pro. Had to recapture the video on a different computer and start editing all over again. But it'll get done.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Don't worry yourself overly about delays. I'm sure most of us aren't too worried about the next clip being a little late as long as it's up to your usual high standard.


Red said...

Thanks, Edge, I appreciate that. As it happens, the clip is done, rendered, and uploading to Clips5Sale as we speak. I get a chance to look like an idiot in it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red for a hot video. It was amazing I love those three girls. The one thing I want is to see Penny naked now! She's escaped from 2 games and I believe it was said she's in some other games, so bring those on!