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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On deck

Ah, episode 120 (this Friday) is one I'm looking forward to bringing you guys. I think a lot of you are going to like it. Lately, I've been making an effort to be more responsive in answering requests, and this will fill a lot of them, specifically:
  • More mixed-gender games
  • Hardcore mixed-gender forfeits
  • More Raven
  • More Shockinaw
Good stuff. Hope you guys like.


Sabastian said...

Hi Sam
There I finally picked a handle so
no more anon. You got me looking forward to this friday already. However, in reference to some things said before, I think bringing Lilly back is fine. She is plenty attractive and sexy, and maybe we have seen alot of her but so what. Actually I saw her recently on another site. But just to thrown in a couple more items here I would like to see Elise again, I thought she was great and Amber too, has been absent for a while. How about a "Lost Bets" all-star squad game, let the guys vote for who should be on it. Just a thought, probably got too many.

TheSilentOne said...

^^ In respect of Sab's comments above, I vote Penny, Sasha and/or Vivian who are currently on top of my "please bring back" list.

Anonymous said...

Has Lily ever discovered the wonders of shampoo yet?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was uncalled for whoever posted about the shampoo. I may not be a big fan of hers myself, but you should be grateful for any girl who is willing to do these things for our enjoyment. You learned it a long time ago and it still holds true: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Red is open to constructive criticism, but the girls don't deserve anything like that.


Anonymous said...

Actually if I may, I would like to request and comment. My request would be the Lily, Mary, Stacy, and Addie series, I am hoping we get to see more of Stacy. However I must say since alot of people have given comments about Lily, granted she is not my favorite girl but I loved what has been released so far of these 4 girls in their series, and you must admit what makes the series so good if you are a fan is the banter, and if you take out Lily's banter\interaction to me it wouldn't be quite as good as it currently is. Which is why I loved it and am requesting more :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with Bj concerning the shampoo comment be inappropriate. It was one thing to have gotten on her about wanting her to shave or at least trim because that was a preference in appearance being voiced but it is quite something else to complain about a persons washing, especially when we can't smell them. As far as bringing Lily back I am sure at some point she will be. The problem had been she was in almost everything for a while. She first showed up with Elizabeth and Julie, then Mary and Amber, then Amber, Elise and Sean, then Addie, Stacy and Mary, then Aurianna and also with Kat, Johnny, Jane and Amberlee. You start to get the point and I think I missed some. Also, she lost a lot. It became very repetitive. By now I am sure it would not be a problem for Lily to be back, there has been plenty of variety this year.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bringing some players back, how about Amberlee and Jane. I would really enjoy seeing Amberlee again and would want to see more of Jane.


Sorry about not signing the previous post about the Lily saga.

Red said...


I know for a fact that Lily knows about shampoo, 'cuz she asked to borrow some of mine once. And I have been in close proximity to her on a number of occasions, and I Can assure you, she doesn't stink. Quite the opposite. Lily likes the natural, hippie-chick look, which can be achieved in ways other than forgoing bathing.

gb: Thanks for the succinct explanation of why everybody was getting tired of Lily clips. It's not that people didn't like her (although some people didn't), it's just that she was getting a little overexposed (so to speak). And you did miss some: Lily's also appeared in solo clips, in our only (so far) POV game. There's more of that stuff sitting in the film bin, too.

There are also two games remaining from Addie, Lily, Mary, and Stacy. One of them though has a paddling forfeit, which all seem to agree have been overused lately. The other... it's a new game and I'm not sure how well it turned out. I'll review the footage and see.

Mismanager said...

Since Lily is a topic of interest here, you might like to know of a website I stumbled upon recently that has a number of sets of photos of her, also Amber, Mary (who calls herself Ashley Haven there) and Amberly. The link is: http://www.figurebaby.com/models/

MIndworm said...

I like Lily, I think she's cute and sexy, and I like the way she push her limits to do naughty forfeits. Many of my favourite games feature her, and I would not mind seeing more games with her!

That being said, I would have liked her even more if she had shaved her armpits, but this is not really a big subject for me!

Another thing; Red, I know you're wotking on your own website. Will LostBetsGames then close down? I also hope you will make the site a bit different from this one, as the pics at this site, reveals too much of the outcome, and I would rather prefer to not know who is losing the games, before I've seen the video!

Anonymous said...

yay - this video makes me so happy. I am curious to see where this will go, I wonder what happens when the guy looses... If more videos like this come out - I don't know if one video a week is enough.

Red said...

Mindworm: I''ll pass your comments along to Lily :)

As for LostbetsGames.com, I need to make this absolutely clear: I have basically nothing to do with it. I license them my content for them to market and distribute as they see fit. Now, they're using some of my distinctive marks, so if they do anything that makes me look bad please let me know and I'll take care of it, but in general if you have a problem with the way they're running their site, take it up with them.

Will they continue to remain open after the new lostbets.com launches? That's pretty much up to them. Our subscription model will most likely be different from theirs.