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Friday, February 17, 2012

Public wedgie

First off: the shoot I talked about in the last post went off, a day late but otherwise according to plan. I asked a lot of the questions you suggested, although Lumen refused to answer some of them. (Fern was a bit more outgoing.) I also used a few of your suggested forfeits: anatomy lesson, crab-walk, tickling. I think it went pretty well.

Today's update features the fourth (and final, for now) matchup between Angel and Brianna. The loser puts on the Borat-kini for an extensive tour of the hotel and surrounds. Did I mention that the slingshot swimsuit has a real tendency to get wedged tight in cracks? It does.


Anonymous said...

I like this one. I liked the way the loser was forced to interact with individual passerbys. Maybe the lose could invite the folks from the pool area or bar area back to the room to watch them undress.

ALso I like the idea of interviewing the players. It could be a great addition to this forum. It would add a sense of character and competition to the players.

Finally how about a forfeit where a bunch of uys are invited inside, where the loser serves drinks and gives a toast to clothed winner toasting every part of her own naked body. I think the phrase "I lost al my cloths on LOSTbets.com" should be incorporated into more than just slingshot march forfeits.


Anonymous said...

I finally got around to purchasing and watching the pod stomp video (263) and I had mixed feelings about it.

First the game is too long. New rule if you make a mistake and stomp on an incorrect number/colour then you should instantly loose a piece of clothing. This will speed up the game.

Second the criss-cross manouver is great for seeing the ladies split their legs. Good camera work. More between the leg shots on more games would be good.

Lastly I also was disapointed with the lack of good shots during the forfeit. Some between the leg shots would be good here too.

So a relatively good shoot, but room for improvement.


Red said...

@K: I'm glad you liked this episode. I love dancing on the line of what I can get away with making the losers do in public, and this was a great one. I like the "bringa bunch of guys back to the room for a naked toast" idea, and I think I might be able to pull it off sometime. Stay tuned.

@Jack: Thanks much for the feedback, which is always appreciated. I often discover problems with games (too long, too short, too visually-uninteresting, etc) only the first time I try them. In this case, I think that having people strip every time they make an error would interrupt the flow of the game too much. I'll just play it with fewer than four players next time. Or have more than one player strip each round.

As for the forfeit... yeah, it would've been nice if it was longer and there were better camera work. But we were worried about hypothermia, and also about the neighbors. Definiteky room for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Hey red, how about a poker game with several players (mixed) with rounds of betting to be firstly clothes- of their choice, and continuing into sexual forfits- agreed in the game, played to people drop out as dare to much for them - so ending with one winner with a possible prize? D.

Red said...

@D: I've often been asked why I haven't used THE classic stripping game, strip poker, more often. The reason is that, believe it or not, a surprising number of young ladies have no idea how to play poker. But I do actually have a poker game (not quite using the rules you suggest, but poker) on film and it'll get published. I'll use poker more frequently when I have the players for it.