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Friday, March 2, 2012


UPDATE: This post contains spoilers for Episode 258. In fact, it's more than a spoiler as to the outcome, it's a peek inside, which you may not want. Read on at your own risk.

Folks, I have a confession to make. It's something that's been eating at me for awhile, and I feel like I need to come clean.

I try to be honest with people in general, but especially with the viewers of LostBets.com. When I say something, I want you guys to be able to believe me. If I go out of my way to recruit people in unusual circumstances -- like sisters, or like 18-year-old amateurs -- I need to have credibility when I tell you who they are. Otherwise, I may as well just hire actresses, who are a lot easier to find. This is why I'm ticked that Ember and Rainy may not have told me the truth about being sisters. They're both great girls, and hot, but if they lied to me about that they won't be working for me again.

Veterans have heard me say this before: while I try to "keep it real", I've never claimed that every game played here is completely genuine. The vast majority of them are. The vast majority are played completely fairly, with either player (or any of the players) having a fair chance to win. But a few of them aren't. On rare occasions, I've rigged the games for various reasons. And I don't think this is dishonest, as long as I don't make a point of saying something like, "no, really, this is totally real" when it isn't. But there are limits. If I stretch the fakery too far, nobody will be able to believe me when I manage to pull off something impressively real.

Which brings me to Episode 258. Jerk-a-Mole with Julie and Kandie. The one with the boob job.

As you might have gathered by now, that one was, fake, as fake as Kandie's new tits. The whole thing started when Kandie mentioned that she was getting a boob job. I thought it'd be kinda cool to use that as the premise for a game. (Actually, initially the thought was that we'd act like the girl who lost had to get a boob job, but both girls thought that sounded incredible.) I regretted it almost immediately after shooting it, and it's a big part of the reason why that one was published so long after the other episodes from that same shoot. i might not have published it at all, except for two things: what happened to Julie was pretty damned hot, and I felt that I needed to publish it before publishing any new videos featuring Kandie with her new boobs. The smokin' hot game of Earth and Fire that will be Episode 268 has been waiting, gathering dust, begging to be published.

Fact is, I'm a big fan of the natural look. Girls with too many tats, piercings, or surgical augmentations aren't really my type. (I've often been heard to lament, "why must the pretty ones mutilate themselves?") I've been privileged to see a lot of tits, big and small. Firm tits and soft tits, petite tits and fleshy tits, tits with gigantic nipples and at least one set with no nipples at all. But I've never seen a tit that made me think, "Man, that would look much better with a bag of saline solution shoved behind it."

Don't get me wrong, Kandie's new tits look great. But I thought Kandie's old tits looked great too, and if I had my choice, I'd pick Kandie Classic over New Kandie. And as for Julie's... "perfect" is a very strong word, so I'll just say that I wouldn't change a thing and leave it at that. That's one of the things that's been gnawing at me. I know that I'd be pissed if somebody tried to fuck with Julie's tits, and here I was telling people that I might've done just that. I would never.

Anyway. Just wanted to put that out there before more Julie episodes rolled around.

Speaking of more Julie episodes, Episode 266 today brings her back along with Lumen and Fern (who's on track to be 2012 Rookie of the Year, judging from the emails I've gotten about her) to play a game with another snowy forfeit. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Aghh! i wish you hadnt told me the game was rigged. mgs

Red said...

I'm sorry, mgs. Like I said, I've been feeling weird about this one, and also, I'm worried about my credibility. I guess what prompted this post is that I was recently approached (independently) by two couples in very unusual and unique situations interested in playing. I'd like to bring them on, but I also want to be able to tell people what makes these players so interesting, and I want people to be able to believe me.

Anonymous said...

and likewise, i have never looked at a girl and thought... "man, she would look even better with ink injected into her flesh."


Anonymous said...

...as your punishment you shall offer a double update weekend next week....

The Punisher

GreenMonster89 said...

You know Red, even though I had a feeling this game might be rigged, it's all good. You probably did the right thing by coming clean about it. Now your conscience is clean. I have to agree with you about the way we like our women. I also prefer mine without tattoos, a lot of piercings or fake tits. For me, natural is best.

realnot said...

If you want my opinion, I would be happier if you were up front with everything all the time. Pros or amateurs, rigged games or not rigged games, sisters or not sisters. Whatever, I'd rather just know up front so I can enjoy the videos.

I still purchase and enjoy videos, but it always bothers me when I know there's a pro in the shoot and you're letting us believe she's an amateur. Knowing who the real amateurs are makes them that much hotter, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for another great clip.

I was a little worried after the slow counts in the first two rounds, but they soon got the hang of scoring, and the game wound up working very well, I thought.

The forfeit was fun, with lots of shrieking and laughter. The whole clip had a nice vibe, well described by RS and DOB as like a college party that got out of control.

And, of course, the girls are all super cute. I'm glad that Julie isn't suffering from such a distorted body image that she is considering a boob job.

Should Julie be allowed to wear her hair like that? In a stripping game, it seems to me like it practically borders on cheating. :)


Anonymous said...

Red, is there any way we can see a foot tickling forfeit where the winner tickles the winners feet and the first one to give up has to lick the winners feet in the lobby?
- n

Anonymous said...

Great for coming clean red. Hope you feel better about it. Can you make another wam/gunge game like the one a while a go with the apple sauce and tomatoes?

Myself said...

Red. It's not such a big issue. It's even no issue at all to me. I'm just grateful you create these videos. And I think your descriptions of the videos always give me a good indication the clip is to my taste or isn't to my taste. I've never been disappointed. And that is what matters to me.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean red, i was glad when i watched it that julie didnt win. but i avoid most of the games when they are set up from the start. so i probably wont rewatch that clip. (well the game at least, the forfit was fucking hot)agh well, not a big deal when earth and fire is coming out soon. anyway thanks red :)

Anonymous said...

There have been games that I've watched where the outcome seemed predetermined (e.g. one girl wearing twice as many items of clothes or a card game where the cards seemed prechosen). Sometimes it didn't matter, other times it was disappointing.

Your best work probably occurs where the result is left to pure chance - then we get to see those nervous looks from the players when they realize that they will soon be exposed. I love it when a player gives a nervous/horny glance to her opponent when she realizes that the other player is going to get to use and abuse her - priceless.

I would think a strip poker game between two men, where the loser has to take something off his gf or wife everytime he loses, and the ultimate winner gets to abuse the loser's gf/wife would be really hot. Bring on the couples! - but try and keep it real.

I will subscribe through your blog site in the future - and I've been really tempted to buy the clip of Lily loses her bush as well as the follow-up clip.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Correction: I'm thinking of buying the clip where Aurianna is shaved by Lily, and it's follow-up.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Myself... that sounds weird... I agree with the poster named Myself above. It's really no big deal to me, Red, about who is playing and what their pro/am status might be. I really don't even care if the games are rigged or not, as long as the outcome is played well.

I don't buy LostBets games for the reality, I buy them for the entertainment value. And you always provide great entertainment. That's the bottom line. Let's face it, we're here to see naked girls (or guys), your credibility is never on the line with us as far as the entertainment is concerned.

Okay, I might be disappointed if you made a big deal about something being absolutely read and it turns out it's not. But as long as you just describe the game and then show us a cracking good game and forfeit, I'm perfectly happy.

I'm glad you feel better about "coming clean", as you put it. You didn't have to and I wouldn't feel less of you if you didn't. But you're a better man for doing so and it make me respect you all the more.

I wish you continued success.



Anonymous said...

Loved 266. Loved Lumen and her blouse. Although, there were a few down blouse shots, I would like to have seen more. Need to take advantage of those lovely opportunities. As for Julie I love her the way she is. I will never get tired of Julie. Unlike Lily I do not seeing getting to much of Jule. Finally, I prefer the unscripted fair games (equal clothing, no cheating). I too prefer the natural body.


Red said...

@shredder: Right, same here... although after what I had Xena do, I don't feel that I can rightly complain as much about tattoos.

@Punisher: That's fair. It shall be done. That's not the worst punishment handed out by the Punisher.

@realnot: I have sort of the same problem with the word "pro" as I do "hardcore." All of the players are being compensated for their time, which as far as I know makes them professionals. I suppose the words "amateur" and "pro" are used to distinguish paid talent doing it for some extra money vs. paid talent doing it as their primary source of income, but it still seems like a gray area to me. I've never claimed that somebody was an amateur when she wasn't.

@Dex: Glad you liked this one. In the future I'll ensure Julie wears her hair in a more revealing manner :)

@n: I'll give that one a try. It sounds like a great way to combine tickling and foot-worship. One of the challenges I've faced with tickling forfeits in the past is that a surprising number of girls aren't ticklish at all, and do a pretty poor job of faking it. But I'm starting to ask girls how ticklish they are as part of my recruiting process.

@Anon 2:26 (please sign your posts): As a matter of fact, I've got a wet-and-messy game already recorded that I think tops the apple sauce and tomatoes one. It involved ketchup, mustard, relish, and sauerkraut. And something else, too.

@Myself: "I've never been disappointed" is among the nicest compliments these videos have ever gotten. So nice, in fact, that surely you exaggerate... but thank you :-)

@SB Boy: I don't think there's any "probably" about my best videos being ones where the outcome is left to chance, I'm convinced of it. So convinced that I hardly even rig a game anymore, and it takes really special circumstances (such as a girl having decided to get a boob job and wanting to use that to frame an episode) to get me to do it. Consider the recent series with Angel and Brianna, where Brianna went 4-for-0. I really wanted to see Brianna lose at least one of those games. I could've rigged things to make it happen, but I didn't.

One of the thing that I've learned is that if you want actresses, you need to hire actresses, and I'm not hiring actresses. Even the girls who are "pros" are professional models, not professional actresses. And if girls who aren't trained actresses try to look like they don't know what's going to happen when they do, the results usually aren't pretty.

As for a poker game played between males with their girlfriends having to strip, I did something similar in Episode 138, Strip Darts with Johnny, Joe, Kat, and Daisy. But that was awhile ago. Time to do that again, I think.

@JHO: Thanks for the kind words and the reassurance. I'm going to go on trying to keep it real, but it's good to know that if I stretch reality a bit every now and then, you won't hold it against me :)

@Jack: Amazingly enough, I've never specifically set out to take advantage of downblouse shots. Not sure why, especially when I've been known to go for the upskirt angle from time to time. I'm glad we accidentally caught some good ones here. I'll look for them more in the future.

As for Julie, she's about to surpass Ashley as the most-featured LostBets player. I haven't heard even one single person complain that he's getting sick of her. And neither am I.

realnot said...

I could do with fewer Julie updates, honestly. I don't really find her all that attractive, and her nervous giggling is extremely unsexy to me. I guess I'm in the minority here.

Gade said...

I kind of agree with realnot; while I think Julie's very beautiful and sweet, she can spoil some of the more hardcore forfeits by giggling right the way through them

Anonymous said...

As far as reality goes, that's why I loved the slingshot swimsuit videos... There's no way to "fake" walking around in a busy public place wearing that little fabric. I see the post for a micro-bikini and looking forward to it! Amateur or pro, even the most seasoned veteran is going to be anxious and humiliated walking around in public being so over exposed. I do agree with Dave though, a girl that has big naturals would look best in a micro-bikini. More flesh in all the right places plus less fabric in all the right places would be a great combination!


Anonymous said...

Downblouse shots of Lumen FTW ... really enjoyed those too.
This is a great combination of players.. probably will get the whole series.

Any chance of of trying up set up a game where the girls can be tempted to stretching their limits a little? Maybe they can agree on a limited list of forfeits they make up. They can choose things like getting felt over, rubbed in oil , tickling and a little more hardcore like masturbation.
Also make a list for Kyle with some unpleasant ones like shaving, a kick in the nuts, jerk off to match. This way all players know and agree on the possible results for the game.

Next set up a game where Kyle plays aginst the three girls as a team. Beforehand, each girl gets a card and writes down a forfeit for herself and one for Kyle from the lists on hers. Kyle just writes his favorite girl's name on his card.

After the outcome of the game has been decided, Kyle gets first to show the card with the name of the girl he picked. Then that girl reads the card with his reward or punishment. (Someting like "Dear Kyle, our team won/lost so now I ... ")
I like the idea that the guy really has to risk something to get his hands on his favorite girl.

On the other hand, the risks for the girls are somewhat lower.
Will Kyle pick his favorite or the one he hopes to get something more hardcore from?And the girl can have a pretty cool reward of living out a punishment/fantasy on poor Kyle if she was picked and team "girls" win.

A more strategic game would be where each player picked a "punishment' or "fantasy" for himself/herself and the other players have to guess what he/she risk Forfeits ranges from tame to a little more hard core including girl/girl or girl/boy. Agree on the number of losers. In this game each player can ask another player one question about sexual experiences/fantasies/preferences/limits and so on. Then make a guess on a forfeit. Then the other player can ask one question and so on. Wrong guess, strip. If naked , you lose the game, do your forfeit. Right guess is an instant loss for the other player. Maybe give each player the right to strip to pass a guess at the right moment.

A newcomr like Lumen will probably have picked a pretty lame forfeit compared to veteran Julie. New favorite Fern is still unknown what she might risk. On the other hand, risking something hardcore lowers the chances of it getting guessed.

Downside is that risk of a short game if the first guess is right. But it is also a game you can repeat with the same players untill you have a nice shoot (and some b-sides, LOL).

I know strategic games are harder to predict becasue you need players smart enough to trick one another. On the other hand, this could create some interesting questions and interaction/gameplay and suprising forfeit(s) if all works out.

BTW are the girls still reading all of this? LOL


Red said...

@realnot and @Gade: Thanks for reminding me about something important that I try to always keep in mind: what I like isn't necessarily the same thing that everybody likes.

@Fernando: Well, that's why I've been less concerned about pro vs. amateur than I am about real vs. bullshit. Even a seasoned professional fetish model can be embarrassed, and I think some of the best LostBets moments have come when a pro who's seen it all and done it all is nevertheless blushing beet red.

Here's an example of the sort of thing that does gnaw at me, and prompted me to 'fess up about the boob job. My intern, Casper, has a girlfriend, Stella, most definitely not a professional model. She's a sweet girl, and although she's pretty good at the game Hanging with Friends, she's not as good as I am, which she learned to her sorrow when she lost a bet to me. If she'd won, I was going to buy her a Florida vacation, but she lost and now she's going to be in front of my camera today, most likely getting abused by one of her gay friends.

Now, every word of the previous paragraph is the 100% genuine truth, and I'm proud of it. I think there's a good chance this will turn out super-hot, as this amateur girl who's never done anything remotely like this is forced to strip in front of the camera and maybe have a kind of sex she's never had before for all to see. If I know her, she wouldn't be able to help getting really turned on, and may even be forced to orgasm on camera, something she's confessed would embarrass her horribly if it happened in front of everyone. I can't wait. But what's the point, if I could just hire some porn starlet to pretend to be this innocent amateur who's doing this because of a lost bet? Bleah. I hate that. I want to know that if I go to the trouble and have the great luck to get real recruits like these, I can credibly tell you abou them.

@AS: Glad you liked the dynamic these four had. There were a total of five games, but to tell you the truth, I'm planning to skip to #5 for the next one from the series. Not that there's anything wrong with 3 and 4, but they seemed a little more ordinary than the other three games from that series. Your game of trying to guess the forfeits other players picked sounds interesting, but what's incentive do the players have to pick anything but the tamest of forfeits? Even the more daring girls would prefer to do something time to something harder if given the choice.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right.

I figured maybe by picking an unlikely forfeit (eg hard), the other players won;t guess it , since a wrong guess means a strip and that means that oponent is closer to losing. Might be a bit too stratetic. Or one of the girls should have a fantasy she's not willing to admit, but I guess that's just wishful thinking.

First idea should work though, in my opionion, That one's less complicated than it sounds.

I'm sure you'll find ways to get the girls back and each time a little more adventurous and talkative. So far i am really enjoying their games.


RS said...

"If she'd won, I was going to buy her a Florida vacation, but she lost and now she's going to be in front of my camera today, most likely getting abused by one of her gay friends."

Now *that's* hot. That's what sets LB apart from pretty much everything else out there. Will her gay friends also be playing and risking something? They should.

Red said...

@AS: It's not a bad idea, it just needs some tweaking. I think one of the main problems is that there's not much correlation between how daring a forfeit is and how hard it is to guess. I'm sure we can figure out a way to make it work.

And I hope you're right that I'll be able to get the girls to stretch their limits. I'll try, you can be sure of that.

(Oh, and I don't think I answered this last time: I'm pretty sure some of the players still read the blog. I've tried to encourage them to post, but so far, not much luck.)

@RS: You'd better believe the friends will be playing and risking... although to prevent disappointment in some quarters, I should make clear that these are lesbians, not gay men. The initial plan for the shoot was that it'd just be the two of them competing. They'll be here within the hour to get started. Stella will be joining when she's off of work. I wasn't sure (and still haven't 100% decided) whether to make Stella play in the games, or whether to make her the prize in a game, turned over to the winner for her to do whatever she'd like.

Anonymous said...

I think you never had a shoot yet where one girl served as a prize, so i'd say have players compete for her. Also, marking her with a little sign "up for grabs" would be a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I am personally beyond nervous for today. I don't know quite what to expect. What I do know is if I'm thrown into a game, Veronica and Betty better bring it!


Anonymous said...

any chance we can get get a pic on here of stella???


Anonymous said...


Terrific story. You must be almost as happy and excited as Stella is nervous. I hope things go as well at the shoot as they have gone so far.

Re: Julie's hair, you should carefully arrange it to hide her nipples, and shoot a new "I lost all my clothes..." promo from the waist up. Then make her keep it behind her back for future games.


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Thanks for your honesty; I come to Lostbets for plainly true porn and posts like that are great to see.

Great stuff of late--I'm loving Lumen and Fern particularly. I'd echo the earlier poster who called for easing them into masturbation/more hardcore forfeits. Maybe make-outs with each other is a good place to start.

Finally, you mentioned on Feb 4th that Lumen and Fern were looking to "talk their friend into it [lostbets], born during January, 1994." Has there been any word from Ms. 1994, or has she blushed into the woodwork?


realnot said...

Looking forward to seeing Stella! That's exactly the type of thing I come here to see. Models enticed into stretching their limits by betting on themselves in games of chance or skill.

To me, this is the heart of the "pros vs amateurs" issue for me. I don't care if they're pros or amateurs, I just don't like seeing a model pretend she's embarrassed by something when I've seen her doing far, far worse on other sites. If you have a pro who's genuinely put off by losing doing something new or different, I'm all for that!

Anonymous said...

RE: tickling/worship forfeit

Maybe a game with predetermined winner with a dominate model and she writes humiliating things on the loser before she must worship her feet in public and shes led by a collar and leash handuffed and knelt down and the winner tickles her with her with her toes a bit during the worship session. i think this would be cool bc it combines a lot of fetishes

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting here.

What was the experience like? Please let us know.


Anonymous said...

I thought that it wasn't real. Fixing things for the interest of all concerned once in a while is not an issue for me as long I can't tell or the situation is reasonable enough for me to suspend my disbelief. I start to lose interest when it is blatantly not true for obvious reasons.

All in all you and the models do great work, well done for the five year mark, and I hope there will be many more happy anniversaries.

Rotten Rope

Anonymous said...


It was surreal. I was so nervous, but as soon as the cameras started rolling I forgot about being nervous. I had more fun than I imagined I would. It was actually a turn on for me to pose with my friend Veronica and I had anticipated it being more awkward. I would go on but I don't wait to give away any spoilers. Though, I will say that I can see myself posing again. :)


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear it. Thanks for the reply. I would love it if you would post more details after the episodes have aired.


Red said...

Well, first of all, here my own take on what happened with Stella's first appearance. She had to work that day, so while we got started with Betty and Veronica at noon, she couldn't be there until after 5, and when she got here everyone was hungry and it was time to break for dinner. Then when we got started, there were some serious technical difficulties with the game. And the forfeit was really long (not that that's a bad thing.) Bottom line is, there's no "episodes" to come of this, just an episode. But I think it's a good one, and it'll turn out well, and Stella's already said she's interested in an encore. And it's amazing how red she can blush under that cappucino skin.

@Bo: Picture posted. Video pre-game interview coming soon.

@bransoto: The funny thing is, I started shooting "reality porn" primarily out of laziness. It's just so much easier to tell the girls, "Be yourselves, have fun, let your personalities shine through the camera" than it is to come up with a plot, much less a script. But I think it's worked well.

I'll keep trying to coax Fern and Lumen into more daring games. Like I said before, I think Fern's just about there. Lumen is a tougher challenge, maybe even an impossible one. But I'm not ready to give up yet.

Sadly, Lumen and Fern's just-turned-18 friend, after initially seeming interested, chickened out. Alas.

@Rotten Rope: Just keep in mind that not all the ones that you think are obviously faked aren't real. Awhile ago, a fan wrote to me with his guesses about which ones weern't real, and I'm happy to report that most of the ones he thought were fake were completely real. Sometimes the most unlikely things really do happen here.