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Friday, March 9, 2012

Double your pleasure

I recently admitted that an episode from a few months back wasn't exactly as genuine as the others. In the comments thread, "The Punisher" suggested that I atone with a double-update weekend. I've never been into that particular comic, but my understanding is that The Punisher typically does his punishing with heavy weapons, so I think I'm getting off light here.

Today: Episode 267, bringing back Ember, Nyssa, Chelsea, and Jessie, for another game that turned into a professionals vs. amateurs match almost by accident. Tomorrow, episode 268 is the long-awaited and long-overdue Earth and Fire with Ashley, Julie, and Kandie.

On the horizon: Dre, Britney S, and Annabelle return in 269 to play Croc n Balls. The losers have to do some yoga poses. Some embarrassingly revealing and frankly difficult yoga poses.

Spisode 270 brings back hapless Angel, with her unbroken losing streak. The day was done with her and Brianna, and Angel's man Lance came by to pick her up. Despondent with her losing record and desperate for a win, she challenged Lance to a game of Fuck-It. If she wins, she'll at least have the satisfaction of not getting completely skunked. She'll also have the satisfaction of an orgasm, as Lance will have to go down on her if she wins. However, if she loses, it's yet another humiliating defeat, and a few rug burns on her knees as she pays off her debt.

Finally, to continue what I talked about in the last blog post, here's a quickie pre-game interview with Casper's girlfriend Stella. Maybe I shouldn't share this just yet, as the video won't be published for quite awhile, but here's the lady herself.


Anonymous said...

I think the names of the girls in order from left to right in Friday's clip doesn't correspond with the image as the girls in the image appear from left to right. I think I noticed that the names in order corresponds to the girls in order in the image. I've always gone by this to figure out who is who. Is this usually the case?


Red said...

You're absolutely correct, T-Jay. The usual practice is to title the video with the players in the order they appear from left to right in the poster frame. Getting this right is the job of intern Casper, and he will be flogged for this transgression. Sorry 'bout that. The correct order should be Nyssa, Chelsea, Jessie, Ember.

RS said...

I think you should let Casper's girlfriend flog him. On camera.

BTW, I emailed you info about the Folsom Street Fair, if you end up going. It's long and certainly not expecting an immediate response, but if it doesn't show up, it may mean I have the wrong email address.

Red said...

I'll tell her that, RS, she's coming over soon. I received your email which looks like it contains a lot of useful info and ideas, but is too long for me to get to right now. The Folsom Street Folks now say "late March" for applications, so I'll keep my eye on their page.

Red said...

Damn it, he fucked up 268 too. What should his punishment be? I think I'll leave that up to Stella.

(he's in the room and he says, "great.")

Anonymous said...

It looks like Kandie is wearing a tiny red bikini in the clip image. Is this the micro-kini I've read about in the blog? I thought the idea was to have the girl overexposed in public? By the way, the names in Clip image in 268 aren't in the right order either. Casper dropped the ball again. Lol.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

on a site they review lostbest.com. I know it isn't yours, but the films are, so maybe fun to read: http://www.thebestporn.com/review/lostbetsgames/


Red said...

@T-Jay: Episode 268 was actually filmed in September, so no, Kandie's attire isn't related to the microkini talk on the blog. However, I'm happy to report that I paid Bikini Beach a visit, and now own seven incredibly tiny bikinis, in a variety of patterns and colors. It's amazing how little cloth it's possible to buy for $30, but I think these will be put to very good use in the future. Stay tuned.

And yup, Casper screwed that one up too. There will be consequences.

@Pete: Thanks!! I hadn't seen that review before and it's nice to see it. I might've hoped for better than 78.0, but at least that's "pretty good". I see they mention other reviews, I'll check those out too.

Anonymous said...

You can see from Kandie's red bikini top that even small bikini tops provide a fair amount of coverage on a girl her size in the breast department. Now on the other hand, if you take a bikini top with triangles the size of a business card and put it on a girl with a pair like Ryanne or someone similar... Now THAT's bound to get the unlucky girl some UNwanted attention, and a lot of real embarrassment in the process too.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you are holding out on the B side with tapes 1,2,23,24,30,34,48,49,51. Will we see them all or are some so bad they are not even good enough for the b side?

Also we need a episode guide for the B side.

Thanks, Jack.

Red said...

@Dave: Yes, and that's even after Kandie's augmentation. I'm happy to report that I'm now the proud owner of several microkinis. More on them later.

@Jack: The B-Sides aren't published in numerical order. Basically, there's a list of games in the log that I flag as B-Sides, Casper edits them and hands them off, and I publish them in whatever order I see fit. Some of those you mentioned won't be published (B023, for example, was actually published as 042 and mistakenly added to the B-queue) but most will be sooner or later.

I'll assign Casper to work on a B-Side episode guide. And yep, I know I'm well behind in updating the episode guide. If you want to see a more up-to-date (but still woefully dated) episode guide, check out http://www.lostbeta.com.

Anonymous said...

I think there's some kind of mistake on the site relating to game 268. The HD version is listed as $16.99, but the standard version, which is the same length, at $28.99

RS said...

You've called Casper your intern, if I recall correctly. Out of idle curiosity, I'm wondering if he's unpaid getting college credit (which would be hilarious), or if he's getting paid. Or if he's just doing it for free to have an excuse to be in a room of naked girls? (I have this mental image that makes me giggle of Casper trying to find a faculty sponsor for his internship.)

Red said...

@Anon 2:33 (please sign your posts): Whoops! I forgot to change the default price that Clips4Sale picks. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

@RS: Sorry if this disappoints, but Casper is an intern only in the colloquial sense of "low-ranking employee who gets all the tedious work nobody else wants to deal with" rather than someone earning actual college credit for this. Although that's an interesting idea...