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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Pornoversary!

It was exactly five years ago today, on March 7, 2007, that I walked into a suite at the Residence Inn with a camcorder from Circuit City, my friend Aidan, and a baseball bat, just in case something unexpected happened. (Impromptu game of strip baseball, maybe.) There I met two Canadian cuties, Ashton and Mia, who'd answered my Craigslist ad, and my life has not been the same since.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

I'm proud to have reached this milestone, and thought I'd celebrate with some information about a shoot that happened yesterday. First, meet new girl Betty:

And here is Veronica:

They're a couple of young (V=20, B=21) lesbians who came to my attention because Veronica is friends with my intern Casper's girlfriend Stella:

Here's Betty, having lost a game to Veronica and therefore helping to celebrate the pornoversary:

Finally, in case the stills aren't enough for you, here are a few classic promos of the new ladies. And yes, they were filmed outside. As was the game they'd just finished playing. Good times.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there was no B-Side update yesterday. Sorry. B-Side publication will resume normally next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
I have to ask, is that your back yard? Looks like lotsa room and privacy to play games!


Anonymous said...

Always love those Lost Bets' teases.

How come today wasn't a national holiday in honor of Lost Bets? We could have had one of those "Zenra Days" like in the Japanese videos to commemorate this venerable anniversary.

Thanks again, Red. I appreciate what you've done today (!) and over these past 5 years.

Long live LostBets.com!


Red said...

@Gordon: Is it my back yard? No, not exactly... but it is a yard that I have access to, and yes, it'll be great for outdoor games.

@JHO: Thanks :) I figured I'd wait a bit longer before lobbying Congress to declare LostBets Day a national holiday.

Anonymous said...


Happy, uh, Pornoversary, if that's what we're going with. I always love the classic ILAMCOLBDC promos.

I recently came across another game that I think would work nicely as a stripping game. It's called Ubongo by Z-man Games.

Its like Tangrams, if you remember that. Every turn, each player gets a mat with a shape consisting of several squares. Then they roll a die to determine which four puzzle pieces to try to fit in that shape. (The game also comes with a side with only three pieces.) When they do, they call out U-strip. The last person to call out has to strip. Also, there is a time limit. Everyone who can't do it within the time limit has to strip. (The game come with a 45 second sand timer, but you could vary that with an electronic timer, if you wanted.)

Its a game of skill, but some of the puzzles are definitely harder then others, so there is some luck involved and even the best player can lose a round.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of some sunny outdoor shots later this year, Red. I dunno if your 300 will be in the summer or not but I would love to see an outdoor competition that was a little raunchier than usual. Just in general, please make 300 raunchier, just give it a little more sleaze, an edge, a special whipped topping... a two guy bukkake or something, something you can pull off safely but still is special. I mean your stuff is all special but I am pent up to see some hd 1080p facials outside in the sun with some A and B cup brunettes that look terrified like they cant believe they signed up for this but still make out to clean each other up to get paid... argh Red oh man buddy you got me, I got a hook in my cheek you just gotta turn the reel sunny summer porn siiighhhh I love this place -DOM

Anonymous said...

IMHO whatever 300 is it should appeal to a wide audience. Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red. How about an episode guide for the B-side or combining the two. Jack.

Red said...

@Dex: I'll check it out, thanks.

@DOM: I'm putting together my plan for 300... and a few other games I intend to shoot at the same time. Don't get your hopes up too high for bukkake, at least not for episode 300. But if all goes as planned, it'll be something pretty epic. I'd say more about it, but I don't want to jinx it. I might have more to say after the party. Oops, I've said too much.

@Jack, B-side ep guide, it's on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Really like the potential of your beta site. Hopefully, you'll offer it on a monthly subscription basis (or yearly). The ability to search the site by using pictures of the girls is helpful - I've already scoped out one I want to know more about.

The game site added a new episode this week that is the same one they originally posted in November or December. That's confusing.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

Regarding lostbeta.com
Admittedly my laptop is an old piece of junk now (+5 years old) but it would be nice to not need to scroll sideways to read all the text. I think the cause is in the default.css file ( width: 1100px; )