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Monday, March 26, 2012

Need your help

LostBets fans, I need some videos that ar:

  • Hot

  • Published within the last year or so

  • Between 12 and 19 minutes long

  • Ideally fairly hard on the forfeit

  • Representative of what LostBets is all about.

Any nominations?


Ozgreg said...

LostBets - 223 - Fuck Em Suck Em Robots with Lily and RyAnne

Lilly really does a number on RyAnne, it would have to be in the top 10 of your more hotter clips..

Carm22 said...

How about 169 - Strip Screw Your Neighbor with Zayda, Kandie, and Cara? That's about as hard as the forfeits get, and it's in the time window.

Gade said...

A personal favourite is 210; Screw Your Neighbour with Zayda, Lucretia, Ashley, Elise and Natalia, mainly because of the way the players go above and beyond the initial forfiet

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post that here, but since this is most recent thread... am following up on your last post.

For the game with 10+ players, I see to hot options at least:
A) Sam Says! Every player has two chances, first miss you strip, second strip you loose. Play until 3 losers. Winners get to gang up on them - losers can either be bound or not.

B) Team A vs B lingerie team sports (choose your pick, grass hockey, flag football, soccer...). Play a 10 minute game, team with most points gets to “punish“ the loosing team in the way you (or they if you decide to give them carte blanche) see fit.

I think option B would be quite different and could give some very interesting results for the forfeit as well!


As for the brother-sister deal.
I'll start off by saying that as many, I am skeptical about the whole thing to be honest. A picture of both players as youngsters together could perhaps convince me. Also since you have not met them and have only had correspondence by email, have you considered perhaps someone is trolling you?

That being said, if a game ever does happen, I think many things can be done. My personal favorite is a slight variation on the first option found on your last blog post. Could be tricky to organize:

- Have two “couples“ over, one of whom is the 2 siblings - ideally the second one are two strangers, one guy one girl. The 2 couples should NOT meet initially and should be kept apart in separate rooms, i.e. each couple is completely oblivious to who is in the other room (although the non-sibling couple should know others are siblings and consent).
Both members of each couple play a game where you can have a point result (duck hunt, darts, pod stomp, etc). Both teams are notified in private of the other team's score, loosing team has to strip and walk over to the winning team nude. Winning team meets loosing couple. Losing couple either has to masturbate for the winners or get fingered/handjobed by winners.

However let me warn you that if you did a losers masturbate for winners forfeit and the siblings lost I would be EXTREMELY suspicious that you rigged the game, and would be somewhat turned off for that reason alone.


As for your last question, I suppose it is related to some for of contest, how about strip jugglbeballs with candie et al (however a bit long... for your request)


Anonymous said...

I would vote for either of the Earth and Fire games for me.


Anonymous said...

I vote for 73 - Lily vs. Aurianna, with the winner vibrating the loser. Great chemistry between those two.

Any chance Aurianna will be coming back to go against other players?

You might ask your fans to film their personal games & forfeits. Homemade games would be really hot.

SB Boy

Anonymous said...

BTW, 223 and would have been perfect if they included close up's of the loser's face during orgasm. Maybe you could add a replay of such moments in the future focussing on the girl's face.

Also it might be nice for a forfeit: show your O face.
The losing girl's face is being filmed close up (maybe by the winner). She has to announce her orgasm (I come/Now) and keep her eyes open an focussed on the cam all the time. Final clip could have some replays of her orgasm like in sports, to see it again from a different angle, or slo mo ect. .


Anonymous said...

I mean 223 and 210, off course.
For instance, would love to see the moment in 210 around the 11:07 mark from a different angle, zoomed in on her eyes.


Anonymous said...

Definitely best episode ever Episode 147 - Strip Memory with Cory, Brittany, and Renna, nice girls (no tattoos) the game is exciting, girls looks like they don't want to loose and hardcore forfeit (69 forfeit).

BTW: IMHO memory is the best strip game yet. Girls can understand it, and they know how to play it, rules are simple but not monotonous (as rock-paper-scissors, estonian roulette). The viewers understand what is going on (not like battlestrip). The game is not so long but not so quick and straightforward.

Maybe some improvements are possible but its my favorite.

Anonymous said...

the game where Kandi got dominated after juggle balls is one of your best, imo.


Anonymous said...

Red, pushing the envelope with the brother-sister thing sounds like a REALLY bad idea. Look up a guy named "Max Hardcore" he's serving prison time for electronically distributing "obscenity" after some of his more edgey videos drew the attention of the authorities. They couldn't pin him to the wall for his most obscene material... But they made it their life's mission to nail him for something, anything, and they eventually did. This kind of thing you're considering can put you under a magnifying glass that you don't want to be under.

puzzlermc2 said...

Sorry for addressing a number of issues from recent posts all under the one heading.

As far as the brother-sister issue is concerned, I think you should be more worried about the possibility of such a pair appearing without your knowing about the relationship. In the present case you can control the situation by setting limits on their activities, but how can you be sure that others are unrelated? I have no idea how you would police it - ask for written statements from each participant stating that they are not related to any other player? It would be a nightmare for you!

I agree with you that Kandie looked good before and I don't know why she wanted to change. In my opinion, anything more than a handful is wasted!

I have mixed feelings when the forfeit involves intercourse. If it's a genuine forfeit, implying an unwillingness to perform, then it's close to rape. On the other hand, they seem to enjoy what they're doing which suggests that it's not really a forfeit or loss.
Don't ask me how to solve that one!

Today's new members' video does not seem to appear in Clips4sale. Is it listed under another name or did I simply miss it?

You seemed quite interested when I wrote earlier about a video strip poker game I had written on Excel, using Kandie's RPS against YOU. Here is a link to the file strippoker.rar for any of your readers who might like to try it - http://www.filesanywhere.com/fs/v.aspx?v=8a6f688c5c6674aeadaf

Please keep up the good work, and I'll be interested to see how you handle the brother-sister (and how they handle each other!).

RS said...

@puzzlermc2 - Sadly, your Excel strip poker game isn't working for me. When I open the file, it pops up the debugger with the error message "Compile error: Can't find project or library." It's highlighting "Sub auto_open()"

puzzlermc2 said...

RS - I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty and I can't really understand it. I opened the file just now to check it and everything worked without a problem. Do you mean that nothing but the error message appears on the screen? Did you download and instal the full rar file? There's a readme.txt file with some info on how to set it up - can you open it? If you still have trouble, you could email me - puzzlermc2@yahoo.com - rather than use up space on Red's blog with our correspondence. Look forward to hearing from you.

puzzlermc2 said...

RS, If you have, in fact, extracted the .rar file then all you should need to do is to rename your folder kandie and everything should work.

I'd appreciate your feedback on whether or not you got it to work, and also your comments or suggestions on the game.

Anonymous said...

Love the one with Julie and Ashley and the stocks. I think its #250