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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, brother

So a few things to talk about:

1) There's a new update today. In episode 270, Angel tries to in some small way redeem her losing streak by challenging her guy Lance to a game.

2) There was no B-Side this week, as many of you noticed. The production queue for B-Sides has been stalled (Casper's been busy) and the well ran dry. B-Side publication may resume next week but no promises. Within two weeks, almost certainly.

3) Say, just out of curiosity, anyone got any ideas for games/forfeits that would work with really large groups of players, like 10+? This is just to satisfy my idle inquisitiveness and isn't because I've got something epic in the works for eight days from now.

4) Finally, I mentioned in my "confession" post that I'd recently heard from a few folks who were interested in posing for Lost Bets with truly unusual situations. Well, one of them was a gentleman who explained that he had an adventurous streak, and so did his sister. They were interested in playing some games together.

Now, I need to be clear on this: sexual contact between close relatives is a felony in my state, and I'd never abet that. But that still leaves a lot of room to play. The sisterof the couple had these suggestions:

i had a few ideas and wanted to run them by you.
1- me and my brother against another duo. losing couple has to french kiss and then masturbate side by side (or face to face) until completion for the winners.
2- as you mentioned about groping. maybe the losing couple has to wear thin bathing suit or something else and the winners tell them where they have to touch eachother over the clothing or tape.
3- me against my brother. loser has to go down on the person of the same sex as the winner watches.
4- if we lose i have to give a lap dance. if brother gets excited there is another penalty

what you think? maybe run the idea on the website to get an idea what the public would want?

Well, I rarely turn down a lady's request, so I'm running this on the website to get an idea what the public wants. What do you want?


Anonymous said...

I would want some more information to give a better answer. Particularly, what are these two actually willing to do to each other, how does the law in your state define what they can't do to each other.

From there we know the real wiggle room they can play in and come up with meaningful requests.


dac99 said...

Large group game: musical chairs. Don't get a chair, take something off. Have n-2 chairs to speed it up. First 2 or 3 naked do the forfeit. You don't need actual music, just someone mashing a keyboard or strumming a guitar.

Siblings: any way to show proof of their relationship? ID's with the same name?

Red said...

@PN: There can be no "touching of the sexual or other intimate parts" between them. This is why I was thinking those size-zero swimsuits might come in handy. As for what they're willing to do, lets just say that the law, rather than their limits, is the constraining factor and leave it at that.

@dac99: I had already thought of Musical Chairs, but the idea of having n-2 (or even fewer) chairs is a good one. And I do have music, and a Javascript app that plays it for a random interval.

And as for our supposed siblings, the thought had occurred to me that they might not be what they say. I'll need satisfactory proof of their claims before I bill them as such. (IDs with the same name wouldn't prove anything, since it wouldn't rule out a married couple.)

21drinks said...

Large group: Some version of hot potato. I bet you could find a toy version that would work. Or maybe you could use a vibrator.

Siblings: If you don't break the law... and they're willing... why not?

Anonymous said...


Check your e-mail, i sent a follow up.


Carm22 said...

Mafia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia_%28party_game%29) would be pretty funny to see. It would be more of a sudden death type stripping though, with people stripping naked when they "die".

As for forfeits, I don't really know. I guess it depends on the people playing.

Anonymous said...

Brother and sister, oh boy, that'll draw some interest. The overarching question is, of course, how hot is she? This could be pretty damn popular...

The question that occurred to me on reading your state law was, "Are there any nearby states with more relaxed limitations?"

Obviously perverted, AKA Tony A from So FL or ta192

Anonymous said...

A game with 10+ players should move quickly, and the winner(s) shouldn't be wearing much more than the losers. Five articles of clothing each would make 50 articles, and a good game would have 45+ articles removed. A game of chance would probably be better (quicker) than a game of skill - have every turn result in one item removed. Each player should have to stand up and get in front of the camera to take their turn. Maybe strip hi card, low card or something like that. As for a forfeit, depending on personal limits, maybe a wet and messy forfeit with eventually a group shower after.


Anonymous said...

Brother vs. sister - that's hot!!! I like the idea of the two of them playing a game of chance against each other, and the winner gets to make the loser perform a sex act on a third party (#3). Nothing better than a little sibling abuse. I would pay to watch that.

SB Boy

RRFrope said...


I´ll try to help. For game I think High/low card would work, but maybe you could change some rules to make it faster and funnier.
I am thinking about two new rules. 1. all people who have hearts (for example) lose.
2. A bad card. If someone had one specific card (for example 7 hearts) he/she loses 2 pieces of cloth.
3. Of course, all people who have the lowest card losses.

I think that people who get naked would have to lose one more round to be considered loser. It makes the games more exciting (and increase the chance to see more players naked). The game ends when half players are losers.

For the forfeit, and considering that there would be no sexual touching. I would like to see handcuffs (oh, you know I like bondage). When a players loses he/she gets her/his hands cuffed behind back and wait for the other losers.
When half players loses, and they are correctly handcuffed, then begin the second part. The winners will tickled, spank, draw, use ice cubes or food on losers bodies as their pleasure.

P.D. as you know from previous issues, I use to suggests the use of armbinder as a forfeit. If you have bought one by the time of this video, you could use it on the last losers instead the handcuff. It would make the game a little more exciting.

Hope it helps.

See you


dac99 said...

Yes, there is no easy way to prove they are brother-sister.

If the law is the limiting factor: I don't know if a roadtrip to film these episodes is possible, but a bit of research shows that the places to the south and north of you are more permissive with their laws. (I think I remember where you're located; don't know if you want that info in the comments.)

Other large group game: Passing an orange between necks. I don't know if your candy passing/kissing game is scalable up to a large group, but it would mean lots of kissing.

Anonymous said...

i personally would not order a brother-sister game and i find their sexually wilingness twoards each other creepy(unless im misunderstanding). I cant be alone in this sentiment, im all for variety but their cant be much of a market for incest

Anonymous said...

When I wrote high card/low card, I meant a game where one card from a deck is put face up. For example, it's an eight. The next player guesses if the next card flipped over will be higher or lower. They said higher, but flip over a four so they lose. The next player has to guess if their card will be higher or lower than the four. And so on.


realfish said...

I think the musical chairs idea is good, but not interesting enough. What if there was an odd color chair that when the music stopped and you landed in it you had to strip but continue to play. That way you get naked bumping and grinding from others throughout the game. Land on the chair again naked and you have to do some sort of forfeit and remove a non colored chair and yourself. Forfeit should be chosen from a hat like masturbate, streak, etc. that way a player wouldn't take themselves out on purpose and encourages them to get someone else in the chair.

RS said...

With the 10+ people game, a quick game like RRFrope could work, where everyone is dealt a card. Strip if it's a red card, safe if it's black -- unless it's the Ace of Spades, in which case they have to strip completely naked. Play until only a few players have clothes left. But I also love the idea of traditional group kids' games (Red Rover, Freeze Tag, dodge ball, capture the flag, duck-duck-goose, etc.) turned into a stripping game.

As for a siblings -- sounds like they're pretty uninhibited if they're willing to have sex together but also, they're also willing to force same-sex oral sex? How about the siblings play each other in front of two bystanders, one guy and one girl, and the loser has to perform oral sex alternating on both bystanders while masturbating themself to orgasm.

Red said...

First of all, this is to everybody who suggested taking the siblings to a state with less restrictive laws: there may or may not be legal issues with crossing state lines in order to do something which would be a felony in your home state, but for the first time out I'd rather not play with that kind of fire. First time I meet these guys, we'll play by Washington's rules. If they prove popular and there's demand to see them taking bigger risks, I'll get competent legal advice re. my options. I hear New Jersey (official nickname: the Brotherfucker State) has no laws at all on the subject.

@21drinks: Good idea, I'll see what I can come up with.

@Carm22: Hmm! I've heard about that one, and it just might work. No promises.

As for the forfeits, well, remember, this is all hypothetical, but let's assume that just about everybody is willing to fuck or get fucked if they lose. Player mix, a little more than half girls.

@Tony A, I've asked for a picture. Still waiting. And while I agree I'm hoping for a hottie, there's more to a good Lost Bets girl than hot.

@Gordon: If I have 10 players, there's no way I can let each of them wear 5 articles. The game alone would easily take an hour, probably quite a bit more, and that's not even considering the length of the forfeit.

And yep, that's what I thought you meant by "hi card, low card." I bought an 8.25" x 11.75" (210mm x 300mm) deck of playing cards and an easel.

@RRFrope: There's two different things here: a large game, and a game which can't involve sexual touching. The big game can have all the sexual touching we want. Think bigger :)

@dac99: We're not too far from Seattle. I've always been open with that. Orange passing might work. So might a game Stella suggested, called Suck 'n' Blow, involving players passing a playing card around using their lips.

@bd: I'm sure you're not alone in your opinion, but judging from the comments here, a few people would be interested to see it. To me, the appeal is like the appeal of watching a game played in front of a crowd, the added embarrassment. I know I would be utterly mortified to lose a stripping game in front of my sister, as I imagine she would be if she lost a stripping game in front of me, and I hope to God that she never, ever reads this.

@realfish: The way we've always played Musical Chairs here is that you're not out of the game if you can't find a chair, you just lose a piece of clothing. It works pretty well.

@RS: I tried to do Duck-Duck-Goose once. Called it Slut-Slut-Loose. There was an injury and it had to be called off. I'll do it again, once I've had a chance to order gym mats.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see a multi player (6-10) game where there is just one loser.

if fucking is an option for a forfeit, even better, while all the rest get to watch and make wisecracks (or help).
add bondage or a blindfold, better still.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I think the same sex oral sex forfeit for the siblings game might greatly reduce an already possibly limited audience if the brother loses (although I don't see the siblings being an issue for most people). Although it might work to combine the two factors, since I'm guessing most people who would be interested in the male-male forfeit wouldn't have a problem with the sibling game that produced it.

As for the large game, I don't think you've ever had a full on orgy at lostbets. Maybe have the losing girls play an extra game, the loser of which would have to receive the cum of all the guys somewhere on her. It might be unfair to leave the winners of the game unsatisfied while watching the losers take part in an orgy though.

For the game itself, I'm sure a quick and simple card game of some sort is easiest, but I would love to see something like strip dodge ball like RS mentioned.

- Mr. X

Anonymous said...

you could do sibling tickling but then that could cross the line. more tickling in general vid would be nice.

CraigB said...

How about a tweak on some of the other ideas... Deal a card to everyone, red lose an item, black safe, ace is a double lose.

If a player has a black card of the same number as the losing player then they get to do the remove or take part in the forfeit.

Once players are naked if they lose then they take a forfeit card off.a pile (oral, masturbate, fuck, bukkake etc) with the cards pre-sorted so they don't know which one they will get...

Anonymous said...

"1- me and my brother against another duo. losing couple has to french kiss and then masturbate side by side (or face to face) until completion for the winners."

Hey Red, it may not surprise you that this one gets my vote ;)

Keep up the good work

OD 99x said...

Red for ten person plus game a simple game using a deck of cards. Each person gets a card then a card is drawn and whoever has a card of the same color or suit has to strip. That way you get multiple people stripping per round. The five losers have to do an oral sex train, with the first person out having to give without receiving and the last person out getting with giving with the other losers arranged to give and receive. The non losers can grab extra cameras since they’ll be lots of action. This can go till everyone’s done or a set time. You could also have the losers service the winners.

Anonymous said...


E-mailed you a possible forfeit for the siblings game, depends on them having openminded friends but i'm guessing sibs like this would keep such company.

Anon 11:27, WA's law is so broad that tickling would be against the law since 1) they may bump something they shouldn't and 2) it's to turn on each other OR a 3rd party.


Brian West said...

Wish i had a sister like that! like the ideas. Especially her losing and masturbating or kissing someone of the same sex. In the last case you might want to rig the game a little bit. Not many people here interested in 2 boys kissing i assume. Like the idea of RRFrope aswell. Big fan of handcuffs and bondage too and it has been too long since such a forfeit has been. Automatically leads to the question: "when can we expect a handcuffs forfeit or any form af restraint again?"
Still waiting for the doorjam cuffs forfeit which i read about some time ago aswell.
But to end on a positive note:
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hi Red

Great work !
i read your post about the lack of B-side episodes and wonder what ever happened to the last Cody and friends episode that is still supposed to be released on the B sides ?
i think cody is excellent and would really like to see more of her and her doing more daring forfeits any plans on having her back ?


Gade said...

For the large groups games that may go on for longer, how about having the players answer embarrassing questions, truth-or-dare style, every time they remove a piece of clothing, to keep the game interesting?

Old Man said...

I would like to see a group game of chance. The catch would be that the person left clothed would have to strip and perform the forfeit. My prefernce would be two teams of females facing off in this challange.

A game for less players would be a clothes destruction game where a pair of dice is rolled and the high number gets to cut on the other player's clothing first. They then take turns cutting the other's clothing till one is naked.

Anonymous said...

Siblings - I say go for it if they are happy with it. Playing by 'Washington's Rules' initially would be better for them as well if they have not played with each other before and are not prepared for any psychological consequences. If they then want to go further, let's see. In terms of forfiets, spanking the loser whilst he/she masturbates could be a good one. Would like to see more/harder/longer spankings in general.

As for the brother losing and same sex complaints - a double update day could solve that one! ;)Whilst I'm not usually into M/M porn, challenge and loss would be enough of a turn-on for me to give it a go, I'm sure there are others who feel likewise, and I remember seeing comments to that effect and sometimes asking for M/M content around here. If the loser had to go down of both a guy and girl it could also ease some of the aggro.

Regarding large group games, there is a drinking game we play at uni called 'Fuck the dealer', that I think could be ideal as it can be played by large groups and best of all can be very quick. First, you lay a complete suite of cards on the table. Then, the dealer takes the top card from those remaining and asks the person opposite to guess what it is. They have an initial guess, and then a second guess after the dealer states if his hidden card is higher or lower.

If the player guesses right, the dealer has to down their drink (strip completely). If the player is wrong, he/she has to drink that many fingers of the difference between the chosen and true card (or for stripping, take off that many items of clothing). So if the player guessed 7 and the card was a 4, the player would have to remove three items of clothing, therefore being quick. The hidden card is then laid face up on top of the matching card of exposed suite so that it is out of play, which is where strategy comes in. The deck is then passed on to the next player who becomes the dealer for that round. You could lengthen the game in the following ways;

1. have a cap on the number of clothes removed and if the player is right, have several items instead of 'instant De@th'.

2. Have multiple decks as only the face value matters.

Having one loser in a large group of winners would also be good to see at one point.

Rotten Rope

RS said...

Whatever game and forfeit you choose for the 10 player game, I hope it's one where: (1) most players, or at least a majority of them, are naked before the end of the game, (2) the game is structured so that naked players continue to play and may even still be able to win, and (3) the game is energetic enough that naked players won't be able to cover up while continuing to play. Maximal nudity!

Anonymous said...

on an unrelated note:
how about a 2 vs. 2 handjob-race with the guys standing back to back..
their dick pointed at their female team-mates face, while the other girl tries to jerk them off from behind!
the other girl tries to do the same faster, so, when one guy cums, he shoots his load into his girls face!
so the losing girl automatically gets a facial! now there needs to be a punishment for the guy who couldn't hold his cum!
if the girl he gives a facial, if he loses, is also his girlfriend, she may be forced to give the winning guy, who had a better stamina, a BJ! or maybe after this first game, she gets a chance of 30 seconds or a minute to make the winning guy cum by hand, but if she fails and he still manages to hold his orgasm, she could give him the BJ or she must jerk him off in her own face, so the losing girl gets two facials! or if she can't make him cum by hand in 30 seconds or a minute, her team-mate, the losing guys, has to take the load in his face, what might be a little hardcore.. but it would be a big motivation to hold your cum, if the punishment is some guys cum in your own face.. but they're many possibilities to combine some of the ideas!


Anonymous said...

in the 2 vs. 2 handjob-race the girls could of course start dressed, and the losing girl, the one who gets the facial, could strip completely naked for the second round, making it harder for the remaining guy not to cum!


Anonymous said...

Red, I'm a professional video editor, and we've talked before (i'm that youtube guy): if you need an extra person to edit videos for you, I'd be happy to.

Anonymous said...

i love Alex idea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

The laws prohibiting filming blood-related folks doing sexy acts is one thing; but what about laws that may or may not hinder you from distributing such video once it's done? Might that be even more restrictive? Just something to consider.

I saw a large group once play a game of Strip Water Balloon Toss on a beach once. But it was fairly tame since you lost once you were down to your bathing suit. Keep going until you're naked and you have a neat, lively, active game with any number of very wet naked losers that you choose. Every time a balloon drops and breaks, each member of that 2-person team loses an article of clothing. Tosses have to be above the waist to ensure wet results.

Of course, you need to play Strip Water Balloon Toss in an area where you can afford to have some water splashed around. It's an outdoor game, for sure, but it can be played in a large room. All you need to play is water and balloons.

For forfeits, the previous posters have suggested some good ones and, as we once discussed, a naked spanking gauntlet is always good with a large group.


Anonymous said...


I was very interested to see you tell Carm22 that you were considering Mafia - AKA Werewolf. I would love to see it.

I think Mafia should be re-themed as Witch. It would play as normal Mafia/Werewolf with a few differences. All or most of the players would be women. Whoever was cursed by the witches at night would not only be out of the game, but would have to first strip and draw from the curse jar. And whoever was found guilty of witchcraft by the villagers would not only be out of the game, but would first be stripped and given ten whacks with a paddle to force a confession. Then at the end of the game the losing side would face additional punishment at the hands of the winners.

There are also a couple of shorter Mafia-like games you could try if you decide Witch is too long for Clips4sale: Are You the Traitor? and The Resistance. But neither would be as great as the full Witch experience.


Anonymous said...


The way i would run the forfeit is slight different:

Losing girl gets the facial & then fucked by winning girl with strap on while finishing the winning guy with blow job - losing guy gets girl getting fucked

this would be hottest video yet ...


Anonymous said...

For the sibling game, the 2x2 handjob race idea could work - doesn't sound like the law would prohibit the sister getting the brother's facial if she never actually touches him. The losing couple could then face each other on hands and knees, and get fucked by the winning couple (winning woman uses the strapon on the losing man)


Anonymous said...

definitely not boy-sucks=boy.

Sister sucking winning boy while brother eats winning girl would work.

Anonymous said...

brother & sister

put them on a team against another couple or pair.

When girl loses, guy must undress her.