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Friday, August 10, 2012

We be trippin'

First things first: 295. Four cute newbies plus one veteran. Screw-Your-Neighbor. Multi-vibe. Enjoy.

The LostBets.com crew (me, Johnny, Hippo, and our new production coordinator Eva) just got back from an East Coast trip, to visit some old friends and meet some new ones. The old friends included some we haven't seen in quite awhile, some of our most popular players, and some that we've gotten many pleas to bring back. Here's the roster. Any of your favorites on the list?

Alice, Angel, Ashley, Candle, Catherine, Cory, Cyndi, Dre, Isobel, Kimberly, Lakota (who's making her debut today), Lance, Leda, Nyssa, Tiana (now going by Tiera), Tori, and Whitney

The names of the new players probably won't mean much to you, but they were Billy, Caroline, Cheyenne, Dominique, Eve, Grace, Kandii (not to be confused with Kandie), Missy, and Xavier. It's a pretty incredible crop of newbies.

Speaking of newbies, this week's player from the latest party is Buck.

Freakin' cowboys. This brings us to twelve. And still not done.


RS said...

I'm wondering if these promos provide a clue whether the player has lost a game at some point on LostBets.com (or at least wound up naked even if they won their game), or if you film promos with all your players even if they end up winning every game? I suspect the latter (and I suspect you won't answer if it's the former), but just wondering.

Red said...

@RS: I don't want to say whether everybody lost at least one game (since that would be a spoiler), but there are forfeits that require winners to strip as well, like oral, gangbangs, etc. All of the players we've seen so far got naked (and hence "lost all their clothes") at leasqt once.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new girls, I hope you have a bunch more of them.

I also like the way girls look in the doorjamb cuffs. I only own this and last weeks. Anyone want to suggest an older one involving a loser in the doorjamb cuffs.

A suggestion, as a forfeit, as a simple enf forfeit, put a girl in the doorjamb cuffs and invite a bunch of dudes over to hoot at her. One of my all time fav enfs is in a spin the bottle between julie claire and elizabeth. The loser had to stand there and let in her friend and allow him to video her nude body. The whole time she looked like she wanted to die. I'd really like to see something like that again, but in the cuffs.


Anonymous said...

I like enf, but I draw the line at bullying and harasement. One can be embarased and enticed, but hooting is bullying in my books. Jack.

Anonymous said...

The idea of using the "Fetish Series Shock Therapy" on a looser sounds great. It would be new to see electric stimulation.
The pussy pump is also cool but I think you could use suction as forfeit also on other parts of the body boobs, etc. You could by a kit with suction cups. There are many sold on the internet for less than 30 bucks


Anonymous said...

When we suggest some funny sexual toys I have another one you could use a speculum during a gynecological routine which the looser has to endure. Speculums aren't that expensive. You find some here http://www.amazon.com/Mr-S-Leather-Vaginal-Speculum/dp/B002KNJ1GO/ref=sr_1_37?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1344722398&sr=1-37&keywords=speculum
Or if you want to use the speculum anally here:


Red said...

@K: Yes, there's more to come with these five, including our first-ever double slingshot-bikini walk of shame.

And I well remember 088, and how well it worked to have Troy come in with the camera. Doing that with the doorjamb cuffs would be great. Who knows, maybe the lucky guy (or guys) can get in a little groping while the loser is helplessly bound.

@Jack: Well, personally, I'm not averse to a little taunting and jeering by the winners to increase the loser's humiliation, but as you know we're all about variety here.

@assholetickerdude: I'm afraid I haven't gotten to that one yet. I keep forgetting about it. Apologies. I'll try to have it done next time.

@Suctioncupper: Yes, cupping would work. I like what OD 99x said when he suggested the shock probe: fear of the unknown is a great way to motivate genuine nervous reactions from the girls. I need to do a bit more research into how erotic cupping works, but I'll give it a whirl.

@Geko: Actually, by pure coincidence I did a game with a speculum forfeit during my trip. (This is the sort of coincidence that happens a lot around here.) It was a game of Earth and Fire, and it was pitched as whichever girl was unable to hold back her orgasm would have to be spread open so everyone could get a good look at her just-cum pussy. I think it worked pretty well. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE have the double sling shot walk of shame jump the queue!!! And props to Jack for sharing his views. I too abhor bullying. I'm glad you voiced your concern for allow enf to cross the line into severe cruelty. I trust Red to keep it from crossing the line.


Anonymous said...

Red, please, please if there's any chance of getting Sassy to come back, do it. She played in games with hardcore forfeits before but never lost, which is a crying shame.


Anonymous said...

It'd be interesting to have a game made up of only girls who were up for hardcore and lost. Not that there would be a ton of them, I guess.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

I also really liked the the doorjamb handcuffs getting some use in new episodes 294 and 295.
Ashley had another flash of inspiration to make it a perfect forfeit. Maybe its something you can repeat if you do a forced orgasm forfeit again.

My ideal episode would have been a combination of the two above, where Fern (or another popular player) would say "i come for all my fans on lostbet.com". That would be sweet.


Anonymous said...

For me, its no problem if the loser feels humilated. After all,that's the game , so it's OK if the loser is made to feel like a loser. I'm sure all the girls who signed up for it understand it.
Besides, most of the forfeits deal with fantasies/fetishes and Red tries to get it as realistic/believable as possible but there's always still some role play involved.

One of my fantasies is to see a shyish, small breasted girl in the doorjamb handcuffs, getting announced with name, age and cupsize. After that, her boobs are exposed and the crowd can holler, comment,compliment or make fun of her titties as they wish.
Supposed Red was to shoot this scenario (even if there was a market for it), the girls who agreed to it would be confident enough to do it and probably not be bothered too much by it.
So it would be very hard (if not impossible) to have a loser be truly complete embarrassed as her body is criticized. So i don't really worry too much about bullying. All girls know what they're getting into and it is hard enough to get a genuin ENF as it is.

However, 088 did work out great. I think mainly because the forfeit was a suprise for the loser.
I hope some girls will agree to play for a suprise forfeit (within set limits) again in the future and end up in the doorjamb handcuffs, preferably stripped down in front of a small crowd.

just my 2 cents


Red said...

@K: Sure, I'll bump the double-boratkini up a bit, but the soonest I could possibly get it in would be 302. Re. bullying, see response to AV below.

@damndable: Okay, I probably shouldn't say this. It'll get people's hopes up, and there's no guarantee of success. And I hate to disappoint people. But here's the deal: I was finally able, TODAY, to get in touch with Sassy. She's interested in coming back, and she's got a friend who's interested too. (At this point, she's only willing to work with girls and wouldn't be comfortable with b/g, but that's not a huge problem, right?) We're trying to set up a day for them to come in and play. Will keep you posted.

@GWKS: I'm not quite understanding. We've had lots of games with girls who were up for hardcore. What are you asking for?

@AV: I've put those cuffs to a lot of use lately. They work really well. And I'm going to try to get Fern back, maybe with Sassy & Friend. She's hinted that she'd be up for stretching her limits.

Now, on the subject of "bullying", AV summed up my position pretty well. The girls know what they're getting into, and if they end up hanging helplessly naked in the doorjamb cuffs, cheeks burning with shame as a bunch of clothed onlookers gloat and enjoy the view, well, next time they'll try harder to win.

Anonymous said...

As far as "bullying" i think it's hard to say that hooting is bullying on a site where the players are basically gambling their bodies. In fact "I'm willing to show it just don't comment or anything" was one of the more annoying aspects of a recent player.

That said, if boundaries have recently been crossed there was an air-hockey game where it was "loser takes all" gangbang style and i was a little put off by how that forfeit turned out. Seemed to me that the girl was crying by the end of it which seems a bit much, and she was roughed up a bit more than knowingly consenting to the possibility of a forfeit would suggest. At least, i don't remember the forfeit involving getting slapped across the head by the green-haired guy.


Anonymous said...

Red, what I meant was...and it would probably be an impossible game since you don't even seem to keep in touch with a lot of these specific girls...but I'm talking about girls who were up for hardcore and won, so they never had to go through with it. Like off the top of my head would be Sassy who someone mentioned...yeah, she got naked, but she got away with doing a hardcore forfeit. So you get her together with that girl Erica, who was up for hardcore but won. And maybe that one from the twister game, there were three of them and one didn't have to have sex (although she may have given a blowjob in another episode)?

Anyway, you get all of them together for a game. And say they all escaped taking dick the first time, this time someone's getting it. It's be a game of only previous winners.

Anyway, just something I mentioned since someone had me think of it. But probably not doable since it ounds like a lot of them have moved on, or like Erica, escaped and ain't going to try that again!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Another idea for the doorjamb cuffs is an ice oriented forfeit.


Red said...

@PN: Sorry you were put off by how 278 ended. If it makes you feel any better, while the loser may have gotten a bit more than she bargained for, I'm pretty sure she had no regrets. She did stick around, and even came back for the next party. And in all honesty, that particular crowd of players tended to get out of control very easily.

@GWKS: Yeah, that's a pretty tall order. Erica's almost certainly a no-go, and while I have managed to get in touch with Sassy, she's not interested in boy-girl shenanigans. I'm trying to get her in a hardcore girl-girl game (with a couple of other favorites) but I doubt she'll risk a dicking anytime soon.

@K: Man, is that cruel. I love it.

realnot said...

A while back I mentioned how fun it would be to see a model trying to concentrate while being aroused by a vibrator. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks this is a great idea. Here's an unbelievably hot video of porn star Stoya trying to read a book aloud while someone under the table is using a Hitachi on her.


This would be a great contest. Read a book while your opponent uses a vibrator on you, and then vice versa. Whoever gets the farthest without having an orgasm wins.

Anonymous said...

yeah this kind of forfeit would be real hard seeing a girl being vibrated while she must concentrate on reading or on a quiz. If she is unable to concentrate you should have another forfeit for her depending on how long she was able to concentrate.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea. Maybe a nice one for the girls who like to stretch the limits a little if only the face is shown... .

Or as a variaton, put them on the Sybian.


Anonymous said...

BTW , yet another variety is engaging in normal conversation(what have you eaten for lunch, what was the last film you've seen, what did you buy last time you went shopping) and some sums maybe(how much is 13x14) while using the Hitatchi on the loser. Ending the converstaion during orgasm results in an extra penalty.


Anonymous said...

what about the cum on her face roulette forfeit proposed a time ago.

I repeat the idea:

You have two losing girls. Then they have to knee down in front of a guys dick with their eyes and mouth wide open. Now one girl takes the cock of the guy in her hands while aiming it on her opponent. Now she has a decent time to make him cum on the face of her opponent (let's say 30 secs) then a buzzer announces rolechange now her opponent takes the cock into her hopefully for her magic hands while aiming it on her opponent. The girls take alternating tries to make the guy spit his load into the face of the opponent.
This would be much fun to see. Because the girl who has the cock in her hands will try her best to make him cum because if she fails the risk that her opponent does a better job during the next round ist high and she will have a face of cum.
So it would be fun seeing one girl trying to make the guy cum fast while the other hopes she fails and reverse and the buzzer alarms.
What do you think? And what do other people think about the idea?


Anonymous said...

the book reading game sounds good.

Anonymous said...

(Man, I've got a lot of catching up to do, heh. So many good games lately.)

I agree that a concentration forfeit (or game) is not a bad idea. Just have to be careful that she's not reading anything under copyright, of course. Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing a few old faces back in the games! (Kimberly's one of 'em, looks like; I definitely approve.)

— Big Sam

Anonymous said...

Yeah the book reading sounds great. You could also do her some maths or ask her quiz-show questions while the hitachi is used on her. You make a bet with her for example she must read 5 minutes without climaxing or she must answer to 30 Math/quiz questions within 5 minutes correct. If she fails she has to endure another forfeit like being posed and photographed while holding a paper with the text: "I lost all my cloth at lostbets.com" and the photos will be published for promotion somewhere in the www.

P.S. @cumonherfaceroulette I think the idea of having two girls trying to make a guy cum on the opponents face sounds great. I think you could also use it with two guys each girl rubbs one cock while aiming it on her opponent. When the first guy cums the girl who got the load on her face has to satisfy the other guy and letting him also cum on her while the winner of the competition stayed clean.


Anonymous said...

the idea of promoting your site by posting pics of nude girls on the internet sounds great. also the possibility of viewing a totally cum splashed loosers is interessting

and I would also like to see more orgasm denial games the one with the reading sounds good.

another idea for a forfeit:
what about letting the naked looser walk tip toes with a tensed rope between her bare clit perhaps with some knots or vibrators placed on where she has to go over.
Would be real fun viewing the girl trying to avoid the pain of the rubbing of her clit on the rope. The view of her trying to get over a knot would be double fun.

what do you think?


realnot said...

I think a lot of concentration-type games would be great to see while a model is distracted with the hitachi. The word-spelling game with the electronic blocks would be great for this. See how many words a girl can spell before she succumbs to orgasm.

However, the book reading has one advantage in that the model is actually trying to speak the whole time she's being distracted, which is kinda hot to watch. Potentially there's a problem where the contestant is trying to read quickly, and therefore she might skim through incoherently. You might need to provide some failsafe there.

Anonymous said...

a spelling contest while a vibrator is attached to the girls pussy would be also great. Maybe a spelling contest between two losing girls then you take some pics of the ultimate loser and post them on the internet for promotion of your site.

I think the cum on her face roulette is better with two guys, because it is more humilating for a totally cum splashed loser having to let the second guy also cum on her face.

The tensed rope idea sounds also great cause the view of a girl trying helplessly not to touch the tensed rope with her sensitive pussy. Maybe you should have some vibrators where she has to orgasm first before she goes along on her way. During the vibrations on her pussy before she will be even more sensitive so passing a knot will be a great challenge for her overworked clit.

The asshole tickling sounds great too. Cause this part of a girls body is also very sensitive. seeing a girl shaking her ass due to the thrill on her asshole would be a nice view the tickled girl will make very sexy moves i think.


Anonymous said...

I have another idea for a forfeit you tie a girl to a chair with the chairback on her front then you place the hitachi on the midlle of the chair so she has to sit down on this vibrating tool. Now you can change the intension of the vibrations and have a little small talk with her. Ask her about sexual phantasies and so on.


Red said...

@realnot: I have to admit, that was freakin' hot. I can think of lots of ways to adapt the concept to stripping games.

@Ravenfan: Rather than have an "unable to concentrate" threshhold, I prefer to assume that a girl eventually will have an orgasm when the wand is diligently applied and make it a competition of who holds out the longest.

@AV: Wow, I've had plenty of girls tell me they weren't willing to masturbate (or be masturbated) on camera, and I've asked a few, "what if we didn't show your face?" but I've never thought of asking them, "what if we only show your face?" I have no idea how well that will go over.

As for the Sybian, it's still waiting for its inaugural ride(s). I think I know just what to do with it.

@cumonherfaceroulette: I think it's an awesome idea and the only reason I haven't used it yet is that I haven't had the opportunity. I will.

By the way, I think I developed a decent "force an orgasm game" timer. It starts at 20 seconds, then 25 for the next round, then 30, and 5 more seconds each time. I've used it twice so far and it's worked well. Once a girl vehemently denied that there was any chance she'd be able to come with such brief stimulation. I hope the cameras were rolling when she said it, because I'm totally gonna splice that into the beginning of the episode where she ends up cumming her brains out (how do you spell that word?) when the timer was at 1:10.

@Big Sam: I'd already considered the copyright issue, and there is plenty of great literature (not to mention pornographic literature) in the public domain. But you know, if I do this, I think I'll do a different form of concentration than just reading. That was Cubitt's thing, and I don't want to rip off his idea. I'll make use of it, but I'll definitely put my own creative stamp on it :-)

@Promoter and @kinkfan: As it happens, I am planning a shoot right now. Probably my last of 2012, since at this point I'm overwhelmed with footage. I don't want to say who's in it, for fear of jinxing it. But I plan to use both your ideas.

@postreader: That's an evil variant, making the poor loser force herself to orgasm on the rope. How can you be so cruel to these young women, sir?

@Interviewer: Nifty idea, but I need to get someone else to do the interviews, I've determined that I suck. Ashley perhaps.

Say, how do I suspend a tensed rope over an area?

realnot said...

I think the competition has to involve the model trying to accomplish some sort of task while trying to postpone her orgasm. If it's just a question of holding off the orgasm, then she can completely ignore whatever other task is in front of her and focus on preventing her orgasm instead. I think it's way more fun if she's trying to accomplish something else (reading, spelling words, whatever) while the vibrator is doing its work.

raz said...

Might be on to something there.

Anonymous said...

I prefer small talk about about trivial things (like the example above, lunch, films , shopping). It think having the girl to try to cncentrate on trivialities while getiing closer and closer and having to continue the conversation while having an orgasm is hot.

I'd love to see Ashley in a non-playing role more often, she really makes forfeits work better.
Ahley sounds perfect as interviewer. Ashley would also be perfect to announce and undress a hapless handcuffed loser in front of a crowd.

I hope you can make it happen.