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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bob's Reward

I can't exactly call it "Bob's Revenge", since JC is nowhere to be seen, but Bob gets to have sex in this weekend's update, Episode 365. It's the least we can do. New girls Olivia and Mouna make their debuts with returning veteran Grace.

Since we were talking about her in the last blog thread, today's featured returning player is Hannah, who previously played a handful of games with Lakota, Siren, and Michelle, and one with Ashley.

Hannah played in a couple of games where the loser had to spin our brand new Wheel of Punishments to determine her forfeit.

As for today's newbie, the adorable young lady below is Conor:

Whoops, my bad. Don't let the long, silky hair fool you, Conor is all dude. Who, I might add, was gifted by his maker with a very long schlong.

As for a female newbie, here's Jordana:

Olive skin, a great smile, and glasses. Who could ask for more? She risked showing it all to a roomful of strangers if she lost.

I was asked in the blog lately if I had any "I lost all my clothes" promos for any of these girls. Why yes, I do. Here's Maddie, introduced last week.


Anonymous said...


FYI, the members site is doing reruns again. The site was changed or updated a couple weeks ago and some videos were pulled down. Now they are being offered to us again as thought they were new. Last week and this week.

RS said...

Yay, Wheel of Punishments! I love a random element of inflicting penalties. Makes it harder for players to brace themselves.

Qaz said...

Red, any chance of Sassy returning? She's one of my favorites - very pretty but with a reserved "normal girl" demeanor. I think she did genuine, non-over-the-top ENF very well

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sassy suppose to have a lost episode where she was tickled in the leg bar?


Anonymous said...

Long time fan but 365 is disappointing, that's pornstar Lance Hart and pornstar alexis grace

Anonymous said...

Yeah anon, but who other than pornstars are going to fuck on camera? lol.

I guess the problem with hardcore sometimes you'll sometimes be able to pick the loser before the game starts.



Anonymous said...

Well I thought it was hot, they were all good looking girls & the game adds something to it of course.

Red said...

@Anon 6:14 (please sign your posts): I'm sorry you were disappointed, but I never said that any of these folks were amateurs. A lot of our most popular and all-around awesome players are professional models. I think one difference between LostBets.com and other works that pros like Bob and Grace have done is that here, they're not cast in any roles other than themselves. They're real people too, with real personalities, and we try to capture them.

Anonymous said...

Which vid number is the last one before Grace was butchered by a scalpel jockey who was a few payments behind on his BMW? Are the public drugstore walk and 365 pre or post her Frankenboobs procedure?
Are there any other naturally megaboobed hotties in your rolodex for vids coming up?
Cincinatti OH

Anonymous said...

Red were you able to contact Amani for a return?


Anonymous said...

I wasn't too into this one...it's the danger of putting on porn stars. Too much fake acting...i.e.

"Oh fuck! FUCK! Nnnnhhyeah nnnnhhhYEAH! FUCCK!"

Eh, what are you gonna do. I think either of the others might have been better because they came off more naturally, but who knows. I think there's a difference between a model who might be dipping into porn and a porn star, where they're not really risking anything since getting screwed is just like Monday. Oh well, just an opinion!

Guy Who Knows Stuff

C. Iulius said...

It's indeed a game I waited for and - as some others here - have been a bit disappointed when watching.
I don't have a problem with porn actors. They have always been a part of the variety of this site. But I don't like scripted games or games which players lose "voluntarily". That's what I suspect here as I'm quite sure that the other two would have to push their limits when they lost. I saw a bit of fear in the eyes of one girl that the result might be different than she and everybody expected (knew) - this "fear", kind of "ENF"-style, was the only part of the game I really enjoyed.

Riggins said...

Yeah, but a little bit of google and a bit of luck will tell you that no one in that game was risking anything beyond their "normal limits." I don't care, Red's videos are always fun.

BTW, Grace still looks really damn good, those aren't just two cantaloupes bolted onto her chest.

Anonymous said...

Riggins, I took your advice and asked Mr Google about Olivia's other work. I didn't have the luck you mentioned. Could you give a hint please? She is a beauty and I'd like to see more of her.

Red said...

I'll be making some more in-depth comments later, but for now, please don't discuss other work that the players have done on this blog. There are folks who'd prefer not to know. If you want to know if a player can be seen elsewhere on the Internet, send me an email and I'll tell you what I know.

Johnny said...

@ J. and C. lulius. 365 was not scripted and the winner was not predetermined. Any of those ladies could have lost, which is why you saw fear in one of the other models' eyes lulius. Bob was happy with the result because he and Grace know each other and he's never been able to have sex with her before. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

And in fairness to Red, it's "Lostbets.com," not "Amateur Lostbets.com." Sometimes they are, sometiems they're not. Sometimes they could be a model but hadn't done videos before. Or a photo model pr stripper who had never done hardcore, so that's amateur in a way. Along with actual amateurs too.

So I don't really mind the porn stars nor do I think it was rigged...don't know why you'd need to. It just didn't quite click for me. I think some of the best were the stuff with Kandie or the circus group. And I think some of them are models or whatever, but it all came off natural and fun. So I don't want to come off too critical, no guarantee we'll like a video...and I always read the spoilers so I know what I'm getting.

Guy Who knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Just wondering if you have any update on the idea of girls choosing to "up the stakes" during games.

That is that a girl who is naked and lost a round can instead of doing the forfeit, opt to get an extra chance it in return for her facing a higher price if she does lose.

This can either be the same type of forfeit but more e.g. 25 spanks instead of 20, or making the forfeit itself change e.g. a tickle becomes a vibration.

I don't know how well this would work in reality - 50/50 games tend to be close but would tend to encourage conservatism since it is outside the girls control - but in a scenario where one girl chooses to up the stakes and it pays off - well you effectively have a bidding war which would result in an excellent clip.

Kevin said...

I could not find your email address, but I have been curious about two girls for a long time. One is Devon I think red haired girl who played a bunch of the group games and Bibi whom we did not see a lot of. Have they been in much elsewhere? I will email if I get an email, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


in episode 365, apart from grace, the other two players are also naked?

Other episodes are they provided with the magnificently mouna?

Red said...

@Anon 9:33 (please sign your posts): I've brought thid to the attention of that site's management. They say they put up three new videos last week to make up for the dupes. Hope that helped.

@J and @C Iulius: Just to echo what Johnny said, 365 was not rigged or unfair in any way. True.

@Cincinatti: Grace (pre boobjob) appeared in Episodes 311, 317, and 322. The girls who are coming up have a wide variety of boob size but I don't know if any compare to Grace. But as @Riggins said, Grace still looks pretty good.

@Jordan: I'm sorry, but I haven't heard from Amani in years.

@Anon 8:17 (please sign your posts): It's a nifty idea, which I'll try to work into my next shoot. Which won't be very long. I really shouldn't say too much lest I jinx it and things fall through, but there will be at least two girls who are complete amateurs who've never done anything like this.

@Kevin: You can reach me at red@lostbets.com.

@Anon 12:56 (please sign your posts): One of the winners of 365 ended up naked, and the other was topless. And yes, there is definitely more of Mouna to come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Red. I've been following your videos for about 3 years now and a big fan. I'm "Anon 8:17". I'll call myself C I guess.

I have another idea for a game you could do.

It's a WAM game. Each girl has (for example) 5 items of clothing, making the game Best of 11. There are also a multitude of forfeit ingredients (Get a really big selection, all kinds of stuff). Each time a girl wins a round, not only does her opponent lose an item of clothes, but she claims an ingredient. At the end of the game, the loser gets coated in the winners ingredients. In this case, 6.

What this system does, is it gives an insensitive for the players to pick the ingredients which they most dislike, because it means they cannot be used on them (Might be worth explicitly stating this at the beginning). This means that the forfeit becomes more undesirable, because the forfeit compromises of the worst ingredients in the opinion of the players, rather than our own subjective opinion of what they don't want.

Gade said...

Red, of the three new videos on lostbetsgames, at least one is another duplicate (Snapper with Lakota, Hannah, Siren and Michelle).
Also anon (9:33) is right about them pulling down the earlier versions in the hopes that people don't notice. 'Dupes' is definitely an appropriate word here.

Anonymous said...

Any news on interactive games?