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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Double Paddling

Another double update this weekend! The theme is "Yeowwwch, that hurts!" It's a weekend of paddling, and these two updates feature four (count 'em) losers getting their hides tanned.

It's boys vs. girls in Friday's Episode 362. Representing the fairer sex are Angel and Kandii. Facing them are their dudes Lance and Xzavier. The game is Team Noname, and the losers have to endure a paddling from the winners. And folks, the winners were not kind. The losers ended up with angry red welts on their asses. I felt bad for them, but that's what they get for being losers.

Saturday's Episode 363 features Paige, Katie, and Hollis going at it to two losers, who each must endure a paddling from the winners. All three of these girls are fairly nice, so the winner of this one was quite a bit gentler than the winners of 361. The losers still ended up with cheeks glowing red.

Here's what's coming in the next few weeks.

I bought a Fleshlight awhile ago, but never got around to using it. In Episode 364, James risks being the first one to break it in while Madison watches and laughs at him. Or perhaps Madison will lose and end up on the Sybian, while James gets to watch and enjoy the show. Whoever's got the faster feet will be the winner.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bob did not get treated tenderly the last time he was at at LostBets.com (Episode 273). I felt like we owed him, so he gets to be a spectator as new girls Olivia and Mouna (who I accidentally introduced as Mona) and returning veteran Grace duke it out in Episode 365. The ultimate loser is Bob's to have his way with. You're welcome, Bob. Hope your ass is better.

Looks like we've got two episodes in a row where a dude is present just to be the loser's punishment. Amber and Jennie play a new and kind of fiendish game in Episode 366. Each girl has a bowl of frigid ice water. On Patrick's mark, they have to plunge their hands into the icy bath, and hold them there for as long as they can. Whoever pulls out first has to take something off. The ultimate loser has to go down on her knees and orally pleasure Patrick, lucky guy.

In other news: We added some graphics to show the state of the game in recent episodes featuring Battlestrip (Episode 349) and Pod Stomp (355, and the not-yet-published 364). I asked for feedback on what people think of the graphics, but nobody's said anything at all, either positive or negative. So if you've got thoughts, speak up. It's kind of tedious and time-consuming to add them, and we won't bother if it doesn't make a difference.

Today's returning player promo is the voluptuous Caroline, seen here trying to hide her ample charms from you and looking none too pleased by her situation.

Caroline played with several other girls, among them newbie Star.

Star heard about LostBets.com a few years ago and has been dying to play. We've been swapping emails for a long time, but only recently did things work out for her to get in front of my cameras. I'm sure glad they did!


Riggins said...

Red, this is an awesome lineup of updates to look forward to. Thanks!

Johnny said...

We are finalizing a Pod Stomp game right now. Do you guys want us to keep the graphics in there? Please let us know your preference.

Anonymous said...

I vote don't bother with the graphics


MickB said...

Hi Red,
Great line-up of updates, looking forward to seeing and hearing more about them in weeks to come.

Where are the "graphics" of the state of recent episodes (349,355 & 364) that you describe about?
I have searched everywhere and can't locate them to see them and make a comment either way on them.

Johnny said...

In 359, we are referring to the blue and red dots in the upper left and right corners with the colored timers. For example at 3:04 into it.

In Battlestrip (349) we are referring to the pop up game board in the lower left when the ladies are making their moves. It has explosions and such when there is a successful hit. Personally I think it adds something to Battlestrip, but the pod stomp graphics are fairly superfluous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

WOW! What an amazing lineup you have coming for us! I already really want Olivia to lose!

If I can ask, are Olivia, Mouna and Grace all amateurs? If so, or indeed if any of the three are amateurs, how on earth did you perform the miracle of getting them to take that risk? Even if they're not, I'm still impressed.

Looking forward to what's coming.

All my best wishes,

P.S. I don't think I'll be complaining if Mouna or Grace loses!

Anonymous said...

What a line-up!!!! I'll be buying all of these I think. I was so gutted at the outcome of the last vid, which I was looking forward to for weeeks. But thats the beauty of this site, you never know.

I also think I asked you a while ago, but couldnt remember the episode number. Some footage popped up at the end of Ep 087 (i think!) which shows a bunch of games which never got shown, namely a BJ race involving Zayda. Any chance of that re-emerging?

PS I wouldn't worry about the graphics Johnny. they are not needed



Mismanager said...

Johnny, I like the graphics on Battlestrip and think they help. They add nothing to Pod Stomp so save yourself the effort. Perhaps you could spend the time saved working on some of the B Sides that have been waiting patiently in the queue.

Anonymous said...

any word on the aquisition of that cross 'X' thingy?

and Johnny: the graphics dont do much for me. you can toss them. its all about the forfeit anyway..

CA Fan?

Fox said...

I would love to see a headshave bet again including the eyebrows for the looser.

Anonymous said...

I like the graphics on battlestrip and this line up looks awesome

RS said...

So many of these ones look great!

Just wondering if there's anything in the pipeline for (1) outdoor games and/or penalties; (2) games with an audience -- a real crowd, not just a sole witness; (3) any game-show style games like You Bet Your Ass; or (4) any Dare-Ring style games?

Thank you!

Brian said...

I would love to see Jenny getting fucked from the back and front. I'd say rematch soon. But better use a game of chance. Or even better; girl agaist girl and a guy gets to assist the winner in fucking the loser.
Any news on new games with Ashley? Preferable ones with chance so she can lose. Or any game with Charlie Laine in it? Win, lose doesn't matter; she's hot and cute and has been away for too long. :) I suddenly have a dream: Ashley versus Charlie in a orgasm duel! They play a quick stripgame to see who loses and gets naked first and has the disadvantage. Then they are both naked and take turns getting tied up. The other one teases the tied girl with the massager and the first to come loses. First round is on the couch handcuffs behind their back. 2 minutes massager. Then they tie eachother to hands overhead with the doorjamb cuffs 3 minutes. 3rd round is the legspreader and hands tied overhead or behind their back and maybe blindfolded to heighten their sensitivity and getting vibed by the massager for 5! minutes. By then their will probably be a loser already. The loser of the stripgame has to start tied every time. That will be her disadvantage for losing the first game. If their still isn't a winner Red or the girls will most likely creative enough to make up a round 4 themselves. Anyway, the girl that orgasms first is the big loser of this game. The winning girl probably wants to be relieved herself aswell and gets to be licked by the loser AND gets to do the loser whatever she wants.
That will be a long movieclip but i'd pay anything to see that. It doesn't matter who wins because we would have already seen them both naked and squirm around. A big finale would be the cherry on top.
Ah well, a man can dream, can't he?
Walt Disney once stated: if you can dream it, you can do it.
I'd say: We can dream it and RED can do it! ;)

Anonymous said...

since we are dreaming... Jenny or Fern losing to a gang bang forfeit.

hows that?

Englishman said...

Looking forward to more paddling.... as I've mentioned before it would be good to see some slightly heavier corporal punishment, if you have players who'd be up for it.

You could also have losers doing something like writing out lines on a whiteboard (while nude, obviously ;) prior to getting their paddling. Or get one paddling before and one after.

Also - more rope grinding please :)

dave35b said...

will there ever be more POV or interactive games as I asked last year and said wait 2013 soon be 2014 and nothing :(

Red said...

@Riggins, @TrueS, @Mastachef, @RS: Glad you're looking forward to the new naterial! I hope it lives up to expectations.

@TrueS: I can understand wanting Olivia to lose, but I'm not giving away any spoilers. And besides, I think your postscript is right. As for the girls, no, I wouldn't call them amateurs. I found them while looking at advertisements for models, so I assume that they're at least semiprofessional. (And as you know, Grace has worked for us before.)

@Mastachef: Yeah, sorry the outcome wasn't what you expected for 361, but as you say, that's the way the cookie crumbles. As for the promo at the end of 087, that's You Bet Your Ass, a gameshow-style shoot I did back in 2009, most of hte material from which has never been published. I've been saying this for years but I'll say it again: it will be, someday.

@Mismanager: Johnny never did the B-Sides; he does the fine editing on the material you see published here weekly. The B-Sides were edited by intern Casper, who has moved on. I don't really have the raw material to make more B-Sides anyway.

@CA Fan: No St. Andrew's Cross yet but I've got Hippo thinking about it.

@Fox: Well, that's a pretty tall order. m not really looking to do any headshaving forfeits at the moment but if I do I'll try to get the eyebrows thrown in.

@RS: There's an outdoor forfeit in the pipeline, the one I mentioned earlier: a walk of shame in thong and micro-top to the drugstore and back. And I don't have a game in front of a crowd, but I do have a forfeit in front of a crowd: the losers had to go down to the bar and recruit strangers to watch them do a striptease. Don't have publication dates for either of them yet, though.

And I did do a forfeit where the losers had no idea what they had to do, since their tasks were written on cards that they couldn't see and had to turn over one by one and read aloud. That's sort of DareRing-y.

@Brian: I haven't seen Charlie in years, but the good news is that yes, there are more games coming up with Ashley. Good ones. Now, as for your dream... while I love orgasm duels, I think it'd be very time-consuming for the girls to have to put on/take off bondage gear every round. That would give aroused girls time to cool off. But I can think of ways to work bondage into orgasm duels. Something like Episode 253 could easily be combined with restraints. The Disney quote is very flattering and kind, but I can't always work miracles. I do my best and hope it works.

@Anon 1:32 (please sign your posts): Fern I doubt. Jennie, maybe. She's got a boyfriend but I think they have an open relationship and as long as he gets to watch (or be included) he'd probably be cool with it. I can ask.

@Englishman: Writing out lines, that's a good one! Only problem is that the girl's front would be to the board. I wonder if I could get a clear Lucite dry-erase board or something. Any suggestions for lines to write? "I lost all my clothes at LostBets.com" works but's a bit obvious.

Rope grinding, check.

@dave35b: They're being worked on right now, I swear it. I've got like 50 POVs that just need a bit of editing and we're good to go. By the end of the year, that's still my goal.

Anonymous said...

Jenni vs Amber vs Bella loser gang banged with creampie and headshave finish.

Englishman said...

You can buy transparent whiteboards. Alternatively you could just get a sheet of clear perspex from a hardware store and improvise a stand from something else. You'd need to think about the lighting so that there weren't reflections in the perspex, but I'm sure you could sort that out.

Quite a high stand would be good so whoever is writing lines has to stretch a bit to get to the top...

Alternatively use a regular whiteboard but make it compulsory to do a twirl after each line or something.

For lines - "Losing my clothes at LostBets means taking a paddling" or something else to build up expectations... or "I must not lose all my clothes at Battlestrip"....

Cofo11 said...

Awesome shoot Red, and I'm really looking forward to the new material. Quick question, when can we expect to see the dido gag?

Anonymous said...

i have a game ides a really looking forward to see.

Have 2 couple playing. Let have the girls playing basketball and the guys do the stripping. maybe 5 or 10 scores means the other guy losing one item.

When the first girls hit 50 scores, its means that she have strip the other guy and she start giving head. The other girl keep trying to hit 50.

When the first guy blow his load, this couple lose. the winning couple have their way with losing couple and maybe have som bisex


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, any chance of seen Berenika and the Russian gang again?


the silent majority said...

@red & swedisguy

please keep the site straight and create bisex and strapon fetishes on specialized site (url www.guyspretendingthatplaygamesandtheyarescrewedinbuttandsuckeachothersdicks.com is probably free). It is real turn-off for those who don't like it. I hate spoilers, but because of the possibility of such forfeits i have to read spoilers now:(

Red said...

@Anon 7:51 (please sign your posts): You had me until "headshave". You gotta understand that some of these girls literally spend years growing out their hair, and convincing them to shave it (or risk shaving it) is nearly impossible. I doubt I could get Jennie, Amber, or Belle to take the risk.

@Englishman, good ideas. I'll see about incorporating them into my next shoot (caveat: which may not be for awhile).

@Cofo11: I don't have any of the dildo gag forfeits on the schedule yet, but they're coming.

@swedishguy: Interesting. It's sort of like Episode 252, except with a preliminary game before the girls can start, with the winner of the prelim getting the advantage of a headstart. I'll see about that.

@LondonFan: Haven't seen Berenika in awhile now, but if you like her, you'll probably like Lika. She's Ukrainian rather than Russian, but they've still got a lot in common.

@the silent majority: I'm sorry, but I'm going to keep producing videos on a wide variety of themes with a wide variety of forfeits. As I've said many times before, one of the things I dig about using an a la carte store like Clips4Sale is that people don't have to pay for the clips they don't like.

Anonymous said...


Re: Englishman's suggestion for line writing and the visibility issues, there might be an easier way to deal with that than using transparent boards, and the subsequent lighting and reflection problems that would result. Bring back the full-length mirrors you tried using a while ago, and mount a standard whiteboard between two of them, with the mirrors at a 45-degree angle to the whiteboard: \_/

The whiteboard could be raised or lowered based on the height of the loser, so a camera placed behind the board and mirrors would catch what nudity the board didn't obstruct, while a camera behind the loser would catch a fair portion of the victim's front in the mirrors as well as a full 'rear' view. No need to buy anything additional to make that happen, and there should be plenty of exposure for your fans to appreciate.

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, in the comments to an other thread we talk about gangbangs. You wrote that losing girl "take on 3 guys", i have 2 questions.

1) How many girls play?
2) Take on 3 guys, means real sex or only handjobs?


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather see the effort spent on fancy graphics go toward editing and finishing stuff that's already been filmed. The backlog sometimes spans months. I'd rather see new videos come out a LOT faster.

Anonymous said...

When was that vid coming out that had the precident-setting, epic, public nudity/ overexposure, coming up? Who is in it? What do they do? I must have missed one of your updates, I just see another posting about it... PublicFan

Red said...

@LSD: That's a great idea. Mirrors would definitely help expose the girl without needing to resort to a transparent whiteboard (a clearboard?) which would, as has been pointed out, create visibility and lighting headaches.

@swedishguy: To be honest, I'm not sure I remember which game you're referring to, but if it's the one I think it is, three girls played and the loser definitely has to do more than HJs.

@JP: Duly noted.

@PublicFan: Well, I hope I didn't oversell that episode. It's pretty cool, but it doesn't feature public nudity as such. (I did not want to get the players arrested.) Three girls played. Olivia and Mouna have been introduced on the blog and will make their first appearance in Episode 365. Dakota hasn't been introduced yet but will be soon. There were a few male spectators to the game as well. The two losers had to go outside dressed only in very small bikini tops and LostBets.com thongs and walk to the drugstore, accompanied by the winner and the spectators and stared at by gawking passersby, to buy condoms and lube. As for when it's coming out, it's not scheduled yet. It'll probably be early 2014.

Headshave fan said...

Red you liked the gang bang with creampie but not the headshave finish. How about those same 3 girls but without the headshave finish?

RS said...

I am very much looking forward to the sort of DareRing-y game. :-)

Red said...

@Headshave fan, it's not that I don't like the idea of a headshave forfeit, just that I think it'd be nigh-impossible to pull off. Without the headshaving, it just might be possible. With the headshaving, no hope.

@RS: Well, again, I feel like I have to be careful not to oversell the clip. You asked for something DareRing like, and I was trying to think of anything I had on tap that might come close. In DareRing, the players don't know what they'll have to do until they turn over the cards, and that's pretty much all the game I mentioned has in common with it. It's still pretty good (IMO) but don't expect a DareRing clone.

Fox said...

Thank you for your reply. I assume it is not that easy to find girls willing to cut their hair but I liked the one you did years ago with the headshaving headshaving . Maybe one or the other day you will get e new opportunity. Will looking forward to it . Thank you.

Ostz said...

May be to use not only the clothes cards, but some forfeit cards too?

Anonymous said...

When you think the gangbang game come in the list?


RS said...

Oh, I understand it won't be a clone. But I love it when losers aren't unable anticipate what their punishment(s) will be.

Red said...

@Fox: I'll keep looking for players who'd be willing to risk a headshaving. I'll keep you posted.

@Ostz: I don't have anything on tap with forfeit cards, but I do have several games where I used a "Wheel Of Forfeits" that the loser(s) had to spin to find out what they'd have to do. Worked pretty well.

@swedishguy: No idea, but it's another thing that probably won't show up until early '14. Patience.

@RS: Like I said, I really liked the way it turned out. It was on the softer side, but still pretty embarrassing for the losers.

Brian said...

Hi Red,
firstly thanks for the response and glad to read there will be more Ashley games.
However you and i will have different opions about what are good games. You, of course, look at the games. For me a good game is Ashley losing in a hardcore forfeit.
Seen the history she only loses about l out of 10 games and even then it's mostly soft stuff like doing jumping jacks or doing a lapdance.
So ss the saying goes, i hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Seen the blog comments i kinda figured out the girls would win the spanking forfeit. If you mention the winners showed no mercy it had to be the girls winning because the men simply always hold back a little. As you mentioned in the game last week, Patrick lost because he was trying to be a bit of a gentleman.
I've once see a clip of a girl Gwen Diamond getting pretty hard worked over by Chanta Rose (a very hot and sexy scene) where in the interview beforehand she already mentioned that women were harder and meaner on her (and eachother) than men did and she liked that. I bet Amber would have used the big strapon on Jenny aswell.
With amateurs i'm afraid the girls will always be soft on eachother aswell.
As you wrote on the second clip the girls spared eachother. It doesn't have to be a spanking forfeit but i just would like to see a no mercy scene where the winning boy or girl really, really is rough on the losing girl and show her no mercy, both during the gameplays aswell as especially the forfeit. One doesn't have to feel sorry for the losing girl as a lot girls like it a bit tougher sometimes. I think such a clip would make a great addittion to the already wide variety of lostbets.com clips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Next time a losing girl could show more emotions. She could for example flip the bird at the winner while she has to spread or do a forfeit. This would be great.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Brian, when he likes to see a orgams fight between two girls may be you could use an inflatble dildo for this.

I have anothe idea which is similar to what Brian likes. I call it "The Squirt denial game". You have two girls tied up with a dildo or massager or something else placed at their clit. Now you put it on first girl to squirt loses and has to do anothe forfeit.


Anonymous said...

Any new game with Mika or Kandie?


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a game with a forced-bi forfeit?


Red said...

@Brian: You bet there are more Ashley games, but I'm afraid you can probably forget about seeing her having sex. Ashley's in a committed exclusive relationship, and we wish the two of them luck. She's actually basically retired from modeling, having taken up a career on the other side of the camera, but she agreed to do one more shoot with me for old time's sake.

@flipthebirdonyoud: I'd really appreciate it if you'd pick a name for yourself and stick to it. As for telling the girls to show more emotion, I already have a pre-game spiel I give the players that invites them to really get into the games, to get emotionally involved. Beyond that, I prefer to give the models as little direction as possible. I'm shooting reality and what you're seeing (with, I admit, a few exceptions) are genuine reactions. Some of the girls take their losses more stoically than others.

@squirtdenian: Only a minority of girls even can squirt. The race could go on forever.

@Mikafan: No new games on tap for either, sorry.

@VL: Still want to do it, but still haven't had the chance.

Anonymous said...

I have another idea how to use the idea of the guy who requested pubic hair as last item of clothing.
You have two girls starting nude the game they play against each other is called "How thick is your bush?"
Both get soaped their pubic hair. Then the game begins. Each time a girl loses her opponent can shave one stripe of her pubic hair. The girls go on playing until one girl is completely shaved clean. This girl has to pose in front of the camera (spreading lips, etc.). The fun at the game idea is that we will see one girl completely shaved while the other one will be probably partially shaved.To determine the two nude starters you could make a game with 3 or 4 girls prior the "How thick is your bush?" or you can allow the two opponents to start with bikinis. But once a girl is nude and loses again one stripe of pubic hair gets removed.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Ashley is one of the originals here at Lost Bets, so I imagine all of us wish her well, though we will certainly miss her. Very sporting of her to do one more shoot to tie things off, though.

Been a good October for me ($$$$), so I am catching up on several older clips that I have been meaning to add to the stockpile. (I think the Sybian is becoming my favorite forfeit.) No suggestions to make at the moment, but I am always looking forward to new material.

— Big Sam

Red said...

@That Guy: That's right, I'm going to call you That Guy until you pick something different.As for your suggested game, here's the problem I see with it. If a girl wins a strip game by one round, she gets to keep her panties and some of her modesty. If she wins by two rounds, she gets to keep even more. But what does she keep if she wins your game? A thin strip of pubic hair? The girl would probably consider that worse than being clean-shaven anyway and shave it off herself.

@Big Sam: Yes, I owe Ashley a lot, and was very fortunate that she was one of my first models. She's been in more of my videos than anyone else (I think) and I'll miss her if she doesn't play any more. Fortunately, I got quite a few games featuring her in the shoot I did with her, and there are some really good ones in there.

I'm glad you've had a lucrative October, and it's nice that you're gonna share some of that with me. And if you're a Sybian fan... well, just you wait and see.

Gade said...

Just to let you know, loatbetsgames.com has tried to pass off a repost as a new video again. Second time in three weeks
Sorry to complain, but I'd hate lostbets's reputation to be affected by it, especially as you guys over here have such a great commitment to customers.

Roger said...

Ashley was a nice girl and has done a lot of videos but with an unrealistic rate of only losing 5% of her games. These last few games will have the same patern as the her games: multiple players with just 1 loser (and Ashley won't be it) and if there's a male involved he will be the loser. Mark my words.
That's how Ashley wants it so that's how Red does it.

Red said...

@Gade: Very sorry about that. I'll contact the folks who run that site and tell them to fix it.

@Roger: Believe as you will, but I very rarely interfere with the fairness of the games and I can't recall ever doing it for Ashley. She's smart, fiercely competitive, and also, apparently, lucky. As for her latest batch of games, you'll just have to wait and see, but I promise you she lost more than 5% of them. As she has in her previous games... 5% is 1 in 20, and she's certainly lost more than that. I'm sorry if you're upset that Ashley hasn't lost more often, but that's just the way it's been.

Red said...

@Gade: Got this from the lostbetsgames.com folks:

Well if this happen then its purely by mistake.

what are the repeating videos? can he elaborate more what repeat of what so we can fix/update?


Brian said...

although i understand Roger's frustration it's a bit improper and incorrect. I checked the site for Ashley's games and she played approximately 5 games a year in the last 3 years losing 1 out of 5. That's 20%. Still too low if it's up to me. :)
To reply to Red i don't care she doesn't do sex forfeits. There's plenty of sex video's of Ashley on the web. I just would have liked to see her getting tied (and vibrated). Apart from a superheroine website on clips4sale, you were the only one who could achieve that. I was actually a little upset when you published her previous games half a year ago. There's fan- and your personal favorites Ashley and Candle playing and for some unexplainable reason some guy added. What possessed you to do that? I think you did have some intentions beforehand to do so.
That creates a chance that could (and did) ruin the game. If i was in the position to shoot games i would have casted a Ashley vs. Candle game. Winner dominates the loser (tie her in doorjamb cuffs and use the massager). That would have really been a hot video. I would have bought it whoever would have won. Now the guy loses twice.
Time, money and a great opportunity wasted.
although i think Ashley would never really risk being tied. When she used to have a Formspring account i asked het if she really risked getting tied up in the game against Alexis some time ago. She replied she did but knew in advance she was (by far) the better player at the game. So in theory there's a 50/50% of her losing but in reality only a 5% chance. Red knows Ashley for many years and discusses the games upfront so must have known that Alexis would lose before it was even shot. I don't think the games are rigged but they're not a 100% fair either. That's part of the reason of Ashley's winning streak. Only playing games she's good at.
So i looked liked there was a chance of seeing a fantasy come true for me but in reality it was never there. "So close and yet so far away". And now it will never happen while the chance was here half a year ago if you didn't add the guy. Shame. Also was always hoping to see a repeat of a domme vs domme game with Ashley playing Kendra, Paris or Candle.
I just hope those last games are games of chance because most of the games Ashley lost were because of chance. Also hope they are girl only games. Don't care for the male influence. They are not really playing to win and have no guts or creativity. But in the end it's your site so you are entitled to set up the games as you please. I would have done the same except setting up different rules and tactics.