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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Name the Game

Imagine the following game:

A girl is strapped naked and spread-eagle in the doorjamb cuffs. Targets are drawn on her body: 20 points for the belly, 30 for the boobs, 40 for the hoo-hah, 10 for elsewhere on her body. Two girls then play a stripping game by shooting at the bound girl with darts.

We've tried this game twice recently, and it works well. It's especially good when one girl has much lower limits than the other two; the timid girl can be the target while the braver ones play for high stakes.

What would be a good name for this game? We brainstormed and came up with the following:

  • Target Shooting
  • Firing Squad
  • Shoot the Strumpet
  • Pop the Tart
  • Blast the Bimbo
  • Aim for the Areola
  • Titty Targets
  • Boobseye
I'm not really wedded to any of these names, though. What do you guys think? I'd like to hear if you like any of these, or if you can think of something better. If you suggest a name that's not on the list amd we end up using it, you get a free copy of the first episode, currently on the schedule as Episode 378.


Anonymous said...

I like boobseye but because pussy give more points "clitseye" is better


Anonymous said...

Given that most of those targets are typical for 'money shots' in porn, how about "Shoot Your Load"?

Longtime Stripgame Devotee

Anonymous said...

"One hundred & eighty!"
"Double top strip"


realnot said...

I was gonna say "Skeet Shooting" but it doesn't quite work.

Anonymous said...

something with "parts"?
parts darts
private darts ?!

monsieur e

Anonymous said...

ps: cooter shooter?
ok, I'm sorry for the weird rhymes..

monsieur e

Anonymous said...

I love name games!

Soft target
Easy target
Soft spots
Make your mark
Sweet spot
Throw a' Ho
The human dartboard

Hope some more good ones come in. Also, love some of the harder spanking now.

Rotten Rope

Riggins said...

It's sort of archery, and the target is a woman -- "The Hunt-her Games"?

p13121312 said...

The Privat Parts Darts

Anonymous said...

How about "Body Shots"?

Anonymous said...

Okay. Another Early Friday morning on the member's site; another repeat from before they updated the site. Can we get something new for our money?

Anonymous said...

Hard Target!


Red said...

Some good ideas so far. Of the ones that have been posted, I'm leaning towards either Body Shots or Cooter Shooter. Yeah, the latter one is silly, but it's not like we take ourselves very seriously here.

Of the ones that we came up with, I kind of like Firing Squad because the girls are shooting at a bound, helpless captive. But they take turns firing individually. They're not a "squad" by any stretch of the imagination.

Johnny said...

Sexecution? probably not accurate in several ways.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, I'm really looking forward to see this game. Any chance to get the names of the playing girls?

According the question for a name:

The front of the dart ist the tip, so "nip tip". Or reffering to the lowest score of 10: "Triple niple"

Or a last one: "Shafts of Satyr"


Red said...

@Ola: The first player was Candle, who we all know and love, although we've never seen her risking the particular orifice that was at stake. The second one was Lela. You haven't met her yet, but I love her. She has an uncanny resemblance to Olivia (several people confused them) but a little more meat on her bones. For someone who's new to LostBets.com, I think she'll fit right in.

The target is Heather, whom you also haven't met yet, but she's the kind of girl the word "angelic" was invented to describe. She was much too nice to do more than expose her body (and that only with a rosy blush) but as a target, she was perfect.

Anonymous said...

"I'd hit that"


Anonymous said...

"Bodyshots" wins it.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...


Huh. I don't see my suggestion, so I'll try again.

The term for a woman who is tied up with targets drawn on her naked body so darts can be thrown at her should be dartbroad, so the game should be called Hit the Dart-broad.