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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sex with the inanimate

Episode 364, publishing today, is a James/Madison boy-vs-girl game with the loser having to fuck something made of plastic. I really like the way this one turned out. Amateurs are always fun.

Today's featured soon-to-return player, since we've been talking about her, is Ashley, one of our very first players, one of our most prolific and popular, and one of my personal favorites.

As for today's newbie, it's Ashley's friend Richard. She told him that he should get in contact with us and find out if we needed any male players. As it happens, we did. See him making his debut in Episode 367.

What, you wanted to see a female newbie? Fine, then. Meet Maddie.

My girlfriend Morgan thinks she's the spitting image of another Morgan: Debra Morgan, that is. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Lakota, Hannah and Strip High Card with Erica, Fern, and Anastasia are clips which have been reused on the lostbetsgames site.

Anonymous said...

Are there any "I lost all my clothes on lost bets.com?promos coming soon t the blog?


Red said...

@Anon 1:00: Thanks, I've passed that along.

@K: Yes! Quite a few.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Grace wasn't playing the game where the loser had to walk to the drugstore in a teeny tiny bikini top. I would have LOVED to have seen that. The laws of physics dictate the amplitude of harmonic motion of a load placed on a spring is dependent on mass. Or as I like to say... "more bounce to the ounce"!
I like the two-losers game rules you've used more often recently, it seems. It should increase the likelyhood that the girl with the largest natural breasts will wind up naked. Maybe it just seems to this big natural boob lover that it doesn't wind up being the case too often, or something..

Anonymous said...

Madison looks so cute losing!
Can't wait for next week, hope to see Grace being given one.

Anonymous said...

great job with the post forfeit interview. i really like that added touch you've been doing. keep it up.

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

I think the outcry against videos that only appeal to a certain niche comes from the fact that customers tune in each Friday to see what the latest vid is, and if it's something a bit off the beaten path, we know it'll be a week or more before something more mainstream comes along. Plus any vids coming up on the horizon are bumped out yet another week anytime a vid with a focused audience is released. I think you having double-update weekends is a great practice and you should do more of them/ more often, especially as some of the vids get more niche-ey.

Anonymous said...

@RW I knew the outcome of the boys v girls paddling forfeit based on the fact that it is a double weekend. Personally I'd say hardcore and softcore are the two contrasting viewpoints. That's why I like B-Sides. because it allowed one good softcore each week.


Anonymous said...

oh, and Maddie is freaking gorgeous... cant wait to see her in some games

CA Fan

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say the post game interviews are great, they really add something to each clip. Long may they continue.

Red said...

@PublicFan: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I really do. It's totally baffling to me and I just don't understand the why of it. Grace was blessed with such big, beautiful, natural breasts. They're still big and they're still beautiful, but they're no longer natural. She got herself a boob job. I don't get it..

@ Furrychris: Glad you liked the outcome of 364. No spoilers re. 365, but I'm satisfied with the outcome and don't expect many will complain.

@CA Fan: Thanks! We'll keep it up. And Maddie will debut in Episode 369.

@RW: Yeah, I try to do double-update weekend when there's a clip with niche appeal. I don't always do it, but I try.

@K: Having said that, niche appeal wasn't what I was thinking when I decided to do 362/363 as a double update. I'd inadvertently put two spanking episodes back-to-back, and rather than have two consecutive weeks with the same forfeit, I doubled them up. I probably would've done it even if the girls had lost 362.

Johnny said...

Thank you to all who gave feedback regarding the graphics. The people have spoken and we'll skip the graphics on podstomp from now on. Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Grace... got... a... boob... job...? There is no God. :-(

Anonymous said...


I agree about Maddie reminding me of Debra Morgan.

(Not that) Dex

JJ said...

Red, is there any Chance that Bibi will return? If not, do you know if she appears somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Hey Red!

Long time fan here, really appreciate your work and excellent material! I am definitely looking forward to episode 365 (hopefully that pic of Olivia from a few blog posts ago is saying something about who has to do the forfeit!)

Just had a quick off topic question about some of your past episodes: Does Hannah from episodes 304, 298, and 295 have a full/different model name? I remember seeing her on other clips but was wondering if it's the same gal, as I'm trying to find more of her work.

Anyways, thanks again and keep up the great work!


Red said...

@Anon 12:01 (please sign your posts): That was my reaction, too, right after "WHY????" But they are her breasts, after all, and she seems happy with them. Still, though... sigh.

@Dex: After seven seasons of not seeing Deb naked, Maddie is a nice alternative.

@JJ: I'm not aware of any other work Bibi has done, and I don't think I'll be seeing her again. Sorry.

@LordSheep: Thanks very much for the compliments! As for whether Olivia loses 365... well, again, no spoilers. You'll just have to wait.

Fortunately, I have better news for you than I had for @JJ. Hannah's full name is Hannah Perez, and there's more of her to be seen out there. And there will be more of her at LostBets.com, too... there are several games with her awaiting publication.

Anonymous said...

Losbetsgames has done nothing about the repost.

Anonymous said...

Any naturally mega-boobed replacements for Grace in your Rolodex of hotties? When will we see them?
Cincinnati OH.

Updater said...

Anon what do you mean?

we replaced the repost ages ago? what repost do you see and where?

Anonymous said...

Is there more to be found of Maddie out there (and if yes, what is her full name?) or is there more to come with her at Lotsbets?